Sunday, May 20, 2007

Its weird how you go from being strangers to being friends to being more than friends then suddenly, back to being practically strangers again.

everyone's so busy right now. we're busy preparing for the celebration tomorrow. but, we're still experiencing some problems. but we are working on it already. its just that it is so tiring. i know my mom's already tired because she's the one taking care of the things needed plus she's the one responsible for the expenses. a part of me regrets the fact that i joined.

anyway, i want a SE K800i phone. i know its a bit old-fashioned because it was out in the market sometime last year but then, i really love it. supposed to be, my dad would be buying me that phone as a gift on my 18th birthday but then the condition is that i'm not going to celebrate my debut and so, i disapproved. but now, i really wanna have that one. but i don't think i made a wrong decision because maybe, some other time, i could really buy that or perhaps, better than that.

i hate those people bashing Blake Colin Lewis. they're telling that he is not deserving to be part of the Finale. they're telling bad things against him. but hey, if he is part of the Finale, it is not his fault because you, people voted for him. American Idol is about hearing the screams of the people, hearing what they want. if you really want Melinda to be included in the Finale, then you should have voted for her and not Blake. so, don't bash him because it isn't his fault in the first place.

Detroit Pistons versus Cleveland Cavaliers on the Eastern Conference Finals and Utah Jazz versus San Antonio Spurs for the Western Conference Finals. sadly, Phoenix Suns was defeated by the Spurs ending the series with 4-2. i was cheering and screaming like hell but in the end, i found myself a bit upset. well, better luck next time for the Suns. congrats to Dirk Nowitzki for earning the MVP title. still, Detroit all the way!!!

i was really disappointed with the results of the PBB last night. i decided to watch last night because of the Balik-Bahay thingy. what does Kuya trying to convey with that overwhelming result? Wendy got half of the votes and that was so surprising. because if people really like her to stay, they should have voted for her when she was nominated for Eviction. but then, she was eliminated because people didn't want her to stay. but what the hell had happened last night? when can ABS-CBN hear the wants of their audience? when can they realize that people are so sicked of that Bruce-Wendy pair-up? tss. enough of this.

have you heard of the show The Search for the Next Doll? did you know that a Filipina won the said show and she is now an instant member of PCD. her name is Asia and a 1/4 Filipina. but the runner-up is a full-blooded Filipina and her name is Melissa. well, for me, Melissa is way deserving over Asia because she's the total package. she has the looks, the body and the talent, as well. but then, the decision had been made and she's just a runner-up. we should be proud of them because they are both Filipinas. watch out for the Finale on Tuesday 10pm at ETC.