Tuesday, May 22, 2007

A vision without action is a daydream and an action without vision is a nightmare.

the celebration of Sto. Niño and Kuya Roy's Birthday was a blast. everyone really enjoyed it. that was actually the 24th year of Niño and 26th year of Kuya Roy.

to give you a brief background on how this started, well, it all started when Mama Lolly and Tito Paeng, Kuya Roy's parents bought this Sto. Niño for Kuya Roy's 2nd Birthday. he was too young, ayt?! and then, every year, they used to celebrate it but what my lola told me was that before it was just a simple celebration but then, as the years passed by, they adapted the Santacruzan. the first ever Reyna Elena was my cousin, Ate PJ.

i was really tired yesterday, from the preparations up to the said Santacruzan. it was around 9am when we started preparing for the stuffs needed. that was really tiring especially on my mom's part because she was the one responsible for everything and at the same time, she used to go to Inang's house which is apparently, few steps away from ours to help them in preparing other things.

i really wanna thank those people who helped us in preparing my kubol, those who helped in designing and doing it though it rained too hard. i know how much they love me and my mom. i really do appreciate all the things they've done. to Tito Luis, Daddy Cesar, Daddy Carlo, Tito Efren, Tito Pax, Kuya Erwin, Tito Boying, and Kuya Magno thanks a lot.

by the way, Cha-cha was my escort, no, Constantino and he really looked good on his costumes. hehe :P special thanks to my ever loyal brother, EJ. he helped from the designing of the kubol and he was my photographer during the Santacruzan. thanks bro.

actually, i was a bit nervous because it rained too hard and i thought it will not stop but God is still good because He didn't let the rain ruin the celebration. around 4pm when my mom and i went to Kuya Mandy's Parlor for my hair and make-up. as i arrived here in our house, i already saw Charlene since there were two Reyna Elenas. Charlene is the daughter of my dad's twin brother who is now residing in the States.

around 5.30pm when the Santacruzan started. it was so tiring. my feet were aching because i wore a high-heeled step-in. bad move. i should have worn my Havaianas since my gown is long enough and if ever i wear slippers, people won't see it. but my mom didn't want me to wear slippers and so, i really need to wear the step-in. it was tiring that i really felt that i was already sweating, yet it was enjoying. you know, hearing the peoples' compliments on me made me smile because i know that they appreciated everything in me. i received heart-warming compliments from people around and so, i felt glad about it.

i don't know how long we walked but it took us two hours. wow! when i reached the house, i felt so worn-out. perhaps, this would be my last because as what i promised to my mom that i would never engage to stuffs like this once i turned 18y/o.

pics are uploaded on my Multiply. go and check it.

San Antonio Spurs defeated Utah Jazz on Game One of the Western Conference Finals.
Detroit Pistons overpowered Cleveland Cavaliers which makes the series 1-0.
Jeffrey Sebelia won the Project Runway driving off Laura, Michael and Uli.
American Idol Finale on Wednesday. watch out for it. Go Blake!