Wednesday, May 2, 2007

When someone really loves you, they will never hurt you and if they do, you'll see that in their eyes, they are hurting too. ~Haley J. Scott, One Tree Hill

our supposed check-up today was again moved to Friday because the doctor is still not around. according to my mom, the doctor used to travel out of the country to study. so, hopefully, by Friday, we could have our check-up na coz i want a new pair of contact lenses. my eyes need to undergo check-up so i could have a new pair of contacts and a new pair of eyeglasses.

this day is my rest day coz i didn't go out. yey!!! my back is aching right now coz of so much typing, i guess. well, i used to go online minimum of twice a day. so i guess, my back pain is caused by being an internet freak of mine.

two days ago, there was an error message that popped out on my laptop whenever i clicked the IE icon. i asked for some help and they told me that maybe it was because of my IE. they adviced me to switch to Mozilla. to search for it, i decided to use WinEx but then, the same error message popped out. yesterday, i can't decide if i'm going to reformat my laptop or not. i was afraid to lose some of the software applications i have in my laptop. in the end, i decided to reformat it and i was happy because my laptop's now working properly. but the sad thing is i lost my Visio and VB.Net. tsk. tsk. i don't have any copy of Visio but my PC has a copy of VB.Net.

right now, i have IE and Mozilla on my laptop. and instead of XP Professional, i used XP Home Edition. i just finished reinstalling the software applications i had before and downloading some other stuffs.

have you watched news last night and heard PGMA's speech in front of the laborers? i do hate her so much. she made promises on her speech and it will only be possible if the Team Unity Senatoriable candidates will win the election. that's so UNFAIR. it is another form of VOTE BUYING. actually, we really don't need her promises, what we need now is for her to work by heart and not because of publicity. what should we do with those promises if in the end, they won't keep it. laborers are right, PAKITANG TAO lang ang lahat.

BLAKE LEWIS did great on American Idol by singing his own rendition of Bon Jovi's You Give Love a Bad Name. Go Blake!!!