Friday, May 25, 2007

Never ever take immaturity for granted. Instead, be thankful that it's there. Because immaturity allows us to love and love allows us to mature.

Detroit Pistons defeated the Cleveland Cavaliers two times in a row in Detroit, Michigan. I'm still not satisfied because the next two games will be held in Cleveland and so, Chauncey and the rest of the boys should really need to play hard because the advantage will be on the Cavaliers. I'm still looking forward for a sweep but then, I know it will be really hard because Cavaliers is a tough team.

On the other hand, San Antonio Spurs also defeated the Utah Jazz for two consecutive games in San Antonio. Way to go for Manu and Tony! I so love Manu Ginobili. hehe :P The Argentinian plays really good. But still, whatever team wins the Western Conference Final is cool with me as long as the Pistons will win the Eastern Conference Finals.

Anyway, I was a bit tired today. My mom and I went to Caloocan to drop off Camille and Cha-cha. While we were waiting for Daddy Cesar to arrive, we just had some videoke to avoid boredom. And then later on, the rain suddenly poured down. haha :P Was it because we sang? Since it was raining really hard and traffic was visible in the streets, Daddy Cesar arrived at around 6pm which was not the usual time. When he got home, my mom and I went off. I was super duper pissed off with the traffic. We arrived home around 7pm which was really irritating. At least, we arrived home safe.