Thursday, November 30, 2006

because of the supertyphoon, the classes today are suspended. but here in Manila, i didn't feel that there is a typhoon or something. the rain didn't pour the whole day even droplets. the wind was just okay, though i felt the coldness but compared to the typhoon we had experienced before, it was nothing. for the whole day, i was just facing my laptop. hehe :p i was just bored and i really don't know what to do. another no class day tomorrow. but on the other hand, i felt glad to know that i have a 4-day vacation. i have some rest. :P

earlier this day, my tita called my mom and told her about the bad news that my cousin's wife Ate Janice lost their baby. she's five months pregnant and all of a sudden, she bleeded and the baby's gone. of course, Kuya Ryan and Mama Lolly cried a lot especially when they knew that the baby was a boy. actually, when the baby was taken out from my Ate Janice' womb thru normal delivery, they baby was still alive but after a couple of minutes, the baby died. how sad?! :( when i knew it, i felt sad also. a baby was lost. everybody is waiting for that baby boy but now, he's gone. what a sad Christmas. everyone is excited for that baby especially Ate Janice's parents that they even bought things for the baby already. :(

because of what happened, i feel guilty again because of the bad dream i had just two days ago. i think, i should have tell that dream to my mom and everyone here but i didn't. i just posted it on my blog and told my brother about it. i wanna cry. :( anothe bad thing happened and it is not good. i had two bad dreams already and two unexpected and bad things happened. :( i hate this feeling.

let's just pray for my Ate Janice's immediate recovery.

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

this is another busy day for me. we just had some discussions during my Theo class. though most of us were just talking and chatting, our prof didn't mind it. hehe :P he has lots of patience. we had a quiz on our Humanities and i am so glad with the results. :D my friend, Joanne has a crush on this guy who has been a classmate of ours in Humanities and PE. he is also the same person who checked my quiz in PE. while our prof in Hum was setting up the Laptop, he let us review the lessons. Joanne and Eunice were waiting for him to arrive. i never thought that Eunice will like him also because the first time she saw him, she exactly said to Joanne, "Di kaya. Yan? Crush mo yan?" and to our surprise, she likes him also. haha :P the quiz started but he was nowhere in sight. he arrived during the middle of the quiz. so, he just sit at the back and didn't take the quiz. after the class, we were like stalkers then when we waited for him outside te room. when he went out and walked a little bit and went to his next room, we followed him. good thing, our Speech Lab was just near his room. haha :P we had a reason to stay there also. we waited outside for a while coz the guard was still checking the Speech Lab. we did nothing during our English class and that wasn't good. :( my Networking class is always okay but our IRM class is always boring. just like kanina, my friends and i felt like we were just sit-ins that time because my prof's attention was just focused on the people in front and it wasn't good at all. actually at first, we really felt that it will go that way because our classmates are really annoying and ma-epal. unlike before that we were really nice to our classmates. this time, it's different and i hate it. i love my SAD class more than my IRM class. :(

NO CLASSES TOMORROW!!! it was declared by the president because of the supertyphoonthat the country is expected to come by tomorrow. not good at all for me. a part of me feel happy because there will be no classes, no quiz in VB and of course, i will have a long break since i don't have classes on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. it will be a four-day vacation for me. :P but another part of me feel a bit sad coz i won't be receiving money tomorrow and for sure, there will be make-up classes and i really don't like that. :(

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

we had a PE class today and guess what? we really did the Ball Handling and it was fun. :D i was really early kanina and i had this vibes that we will be playing inside the school, particularly, in the grounds because the players were using the Gym for practice that time. and i was right. :P we went to the room first to take a quiz then our prof told us to go to the grounds. we did the Warm-up Exercises first, some jogging and other stuffs. then, he taught us about the Ball Handling thingy. at first, it was okay because only few people were watching but as the sun started to shine, so many people went out and watched us. what i mean is that, it was 9am then and by that time, the first class is over and so, they had the time to watch us. hehe :P though there were lots of people staring at us, we still continued because after the practice, we will have a Practical Test. there were so many distractions on my part that time and i hate it. what will you feel if someone you like was watching you doing that crazy thing huh?? i didn't know what to do when Dyei told me that he was watching together with his friend. i was like what??? really?? though he was there, i didn't let myself be distracted. i just tried not to look on him and just do my part. haha :P so far, it was good. but when, we did our second practice and i was really serious with what i was doing, this guy, whom i got a crush before passed by and i was really distracted that the ball i was handling slipped off my hands. haha :P how funny!!! but during the practical test, i just felt that i did a good job, i mean all of us did a good job. Congrats!!! :P the boys were really great.

anywei, we just continued the Experiment we had before and after the break, we had some recitation on how to read a Voltmeter and i'm so glad that i answered correctly. our prof in SAD was absent that's why we had no class. but another funny thing happened when Pink [codemane] together with his friend went to the classroom we were staying to tell us that our prof was absent. the funny things was, they talked to my friend, Dyei coz i was pretending that i was busy. haha :D they were talking about this and that and i saw some sign languages. and after that, i joked on her that she was like having a revenge because last meeting, i was sitting beside Joross. hehe :P i was reading my VB book when suddenly, i looked up to the window. actually, i didn't know why i looked to that side but then to my surprise, a guy was actually looking on that window too to see if there were students on the room and it was Nice Voice [codename]. haha :P i had so many fun experiences today.

right now, i'm here at Letran's CLab with Dyei, Eunice, Joanne and Jhen. we are just waiting for our next subject which is Visual Basic. we're just killing the time so that we don't get bored.

Sunday, November 26, 2006

last night, i had a bad dream wherein someone whom a co-Letranite of mine died because of an accident. i really don't know who that someone is but i know for sure he/she is a Letranite just like me. i'm sorry but i have to share this to you to prevent it from happening/occurring in the future. i was just guilty last time kasi because it was three weeks ago, i also had a bad dream which was in connection with death. i thought that it was just nothing that's why, i didn't tell anyone about it. but to my surprise, just two days after that dream, a news came that my mom's nephew died. and i felt guilty because of that. :( and now, i just decided to share it to everybody coz i'm afraid that it might happen. since, nothing will lose if i try, right?

just a short post for today. i just wanna share this bad dream to everyone. i just believe in the pamahiin that if you dreamt something bad and you want to stop it from happening, you have to tell it to others.

Saturday, November 25, 2006

i can't think of a good post as of the moment that's why, i just answered this. by the way, this was also the post of Avila.

01. televison show: The Amazing Race
02. drink: Water
03. color: PINK
04. sport: Volleyball
05. mall: So many to mention
06. music: Hip-hp, RnB, Alternative
07. food: Italian
08. season: Summer
09. animal: Fish
10. city: Paris

01. hometown: Manila
02. hair color: Black/Dark Brown
03. hair length: i dunno. i don't measure it eh.
04. hair style: any will do
05. eye color: Dark brown
06. shoe size: 7
07. mood: Happy?? Emo?? :P
08. orientation: ???
09. available?: Yes
10. lefty/righty: Righty

01. love or money: Love
02. hard liquor or beer: Beer will do.
03. spaghetti or lasagna: Lasagna
04. one night stands or relationships: Relationship
05. televison or internet: Internet :D
06. pepsi or coke: Coke
07. wild night out or romantic night in: Romantic night :P
08. colored or black and white pictures: Coloured
09. phone or in person: In person
10. aim or myspace: Neither

01. have you ever been caught sneaking out: not yet. :P
02. have you ever skinny dipped: Nope.
03. have you ever done something you regret: Yeah. most of the time. :D
04. have you ever bungee jumped: not yet but i would love to.
05. have you ever been on a house boat: nope
06. have you ever finished an entire jawbreaker: nope
07. have you ever wanted someone so badly it hurt: I guess so. :(
08. have you ever went out without your parents permission: not yet. :P
09. have you ever regret something so much that u want to erase it if you could: yeah. :(
10. have you ever been caught by your parents doing it?: nope. i'm a good daughter. hehe :P

01. are you missing someone right now: yeah. :P
02. are you happy: yes.
03. are you talking to anyone right now: Yes.
04. are you bored: Sort of.
05. are you german: No.
06. are you irish: No, of course. :D
07. are you french: Nope but i want to. hehe :D
08. are you Italian: nope.
09. are your parents still married: Yeah and i'm glad with that. :D
10. do you like someone right now: YEAH. :D 'I LIKE HIM!!!' :P

Thursday, November 23, 2006

it was a sh*tty morning for me but this day ended up quite good. i left the house at around 9:45am and i reached Divi at around 10:00am. i was really glad coz i was early and i still have 30 minutes to drive from Divi to Letran. but my gladness turned to madness because of that d*mn traffic there. the jeep i was into was stucked there for 20 minutes and that was so terrible. amf!!! i was really praying that time not to be late because time was running so fast. i really hate that traffic. i reached the Colegio 5 minutes before the time. i hurriedly swiped my ID then, went upstairs. i was really in a hurry that time that i almost run. hehe =D i used the stairs near my room and the sad part there was, our room is located at the 4th Floor and going up was a hussle. but i had no choice, no elevators eh. hehe =D when i reached my room and i took a glimpse on the window there if there was a professor and unfortunately, there was. but i was still lucky because the class wasn't started. no attendance and no prayers. and there were only few people there. yey!!! i was really worn out that i was really gasping for air. then, i started telling them what really happened.

anywei, we just had an experimient on our Physics class and i was kinda confound with the lesson. at first, i couldn't get it but as our prof explained it, finally, i got it. another discussion during the SAD class and we transferred room. he discussed the Chapter 1 of our Thesis and my gosh, i think i couldn't finish it. haaay =/ the first chapter is long enough. haha =D but i'm still seeking for strength to be able for us to finish it. good thing, Eunice is my partner. we just need to work hard for us to accomplish it. another discussion on our VB class but our professor was absent again but there was a sub. criticizing the Jay-of-Cueshe-look-a-like, i prefer the substitute prof last Tuesday than him. maybe because, she was just better. then, it was dismissal.

here are some of the pics with my girlfriends. want some pics? you can visit my Multiply site. it is WALKINGDOLL.MULTIPLY.COM

i really love these girls!!!

Tree of Life?! hehe =D

at San Agustin Museum

Monday, November 20, 2006

i had to wake up early coz my first class was 7:30am which was Theology. good thing, my Daddy Carlo was with me on my way to the Colegio. we had a surprise quiz on Theo but our prof was just nice for giving us some time to review and read the lecture. the quiz was not that difficult, it was an essay type quiz. hopefully, i will get high remarks on that. we didn't have any discussion on our Humanities class. our prof asked us to drop by the San Agustin Museum in Intramuros and on Wednesday, we will have a recitation on the Medium of Arts. we got there at around 9:30am and take note, we just walked huh?! though, it wasn't that far but still, it was not a 5-minute walk. anyway, we thought that the entrance fee was 30php according to our prof but to our surprise, it was 50php. we had no choice. it was really great. full of historical things, mostly, about Paintings, Sculptures. in short, Arts. hehe =D we had some picture-taking on the Garden. and finally, decided to go back coz we were already late. sadly, we didn't got the chance to go to the Second floor since we had a next class which was English. we planned to ride a pedicab but sorry to say, we haven't found any. so, we just decided to walk again. we walked hurriedly towards the Colegio because the time was running so fast. we were all exhausted. haaaay =/ but luckily, the prof wasn't there when we entered, meaning, we were not late. hehe =D how lucky!!! just did some wiping for my face coz my face was full of you know, sweat. haha =D i easily get wet actually and i hate that. anywei, we had some discussion and i was really bored, i admit. but i love the Blends. haha =D we will be on the Speech Lab on Wednesday and an assignment was given to us. another cool topic on COMP202 and boring one on COMP201. i hate discussing things like that especially on that time. i really feel sleepy during that subject. another assignment was given. walang patawad!!! haha =D

let's change topic. tonight will be the Elimination Night for Philippine Idol and i'm hoping to see Miguel booted out. he was not good last night and among the five, he is the most deserving to be voted off the competition. a great applause for Mau for such an awesome performance on Diamonds are Forever. but hey, let's not forget Gian for rendering us an electrifying performance as he sang Grease Lightning. i really love it!!! =D at the same time, tonight also will be the 10th Episode of the Amazing Race 10 and hoping to see the Bamas go but i guess, they will not be eliminated.

have to cut this off. lots of things to do pa eh. hehe =D

Saturday, November 18, 2006

another no class day because its Saturday. hehe =D i woke up around 9am coz my mom woke me up for no reason. hehe =D i took my breakfast and opened my Laptop to watch the demo made by my VB professor about Modules 1-3. well, i can say, VB is such a difficult subject and while i was watching the demo, i was like what? i couldn't understand all the things in Module 3. i need to study more and maybe, watch the demo over and over again. for some review, i took some screeshots of that demo so that i can scan it once more. haaayz. hope to master the subject. it is very interesting yet hard. amf!!! help me. hehe =D

i was sad last Thursday coz Ernie/Jeena were eliminated from Amazing Race Asia. haaay. they're my bet yet they were the first to be eliminated. i was rooting for them coz they're good in physical games and they prepared a lot. stupid driver!!! everything was the driver's fault. amf!!! enough of this. i accepted it, though. from a reality show to another reality show. Philippine Idol's theme for Sunday is Broadway Musical and Movie Themes. contestants should sing two songs each. hoping for Gian's good performance. i don't want to see him bid goodbye. and hopefully, Miguel will be booted out of the competition. he's not deserving and he should have been eliminated before pa.

Friday, November 17, 2006

as what we had planned yesterday, Eunice and i went to my former school, Manila Cathedral School to ask if we could analyze their current Library System. as usual, Eunice came late. hehe =D but it's okay. after some preparations, we hurriedly went to the school. at first, i was hesitant to approach the guard there but after some time, i asked him about Sir Barbs and he let us in. i saw Mr. Bautista there making some visit. he is my former Physics teacher way back fourth year high school and now, he is a Physics professor in Metropolitan. we went inside and Sir Barbs asked as to go to the office and talk to the Secretary. thanks to Meann, one of the officers for accompanying us to the office. then, as we went in, i saw and greeted Mrs. Llabres and Mr. Maur. i greeted them Good Afternoon when i saw Mr. Tagorda, my former General Science teacher beside the Secretary. when i gave the letter to the Secretary, Mr. Tagorda did some interview. hehe =D he asked me about the purpose of my surprise visit, what course i'm taking up and where i'm studying. when i said that i'm taking up IT, he said very good. hehe =D that means, i took up a good course. Mr. Macato, my CLE teacher for two years was also there. he asked me about my year level. since, the principal, Mrs. Bulotano was doing something outside the office, the Secretary decided to went out and let the principal read our letter and she said that it was approved that we can go up to the Library and talk to Mrs. Samonte, the Librarian. she was surprised to see me and good thing, she entertained us well. i was so thankful coz she was not snobbed. we just asked her sbout some things and then, we went back here at my house.

after taking our lunch, i opened my Laptop and copied the Demo about Visual Basic on Eunice's flash. we surfed the net and checked our Friendster. we saw lots of cute guys there. haha =D then, we chatted a lot. we talked about boys, of course, our friends, subjects, professors and much more. hehe =D mostly, we talked about our you know, crushes. hehe =D

now that we had a system already, i hope, no, we hope that this proposal will be approved by Sir Gee when we pass this on Tuesday. this particular thing is very difficult compared to the projects and activities before. so, i guess, this will talke lots of hardwork and perseverance for us to accomplish this.

good luck to Dyei, Joanne and Jen tomorrow. they will be searching for a system to analyze by tomorrow and i hope that they could find one. we just envy you coz you're three in the group. hehe =D

Thursday, November 16, 2006

i woke up early coz Eunice and i had to meet. our letter had been printed already. then, we went upstairs to our room. Physics again. actually, i was lazy during my Physics class coz of the unlucky thing that had happened just this morning. anywei, our prof just discussed Ohm's Law and it sucks. i mean, i really don't like the topic. it is really difficult plus he just gave us a couple of examples and after that, exercises. waaah =/ a surprised Quiz during our SAD class. when Eunice and i entered the room, Gizang surprised us with a bad news that we will he having our first quiz on that subject. i didn't review nor read. he had given us a short time to read the module then, its Quiz time. hate it. good thing, i have so many answers but i hope they were all right. haha =D just wish me luck. hehe =D i don't wanna fail the first quiz on my major subject. one subject to go and we will be dismissed. can't wait. hehe =D

tomorrow, Eunice and i will be going to my former school for our SAD thesis. we will be analyzing their Library System which is run manually. we will be proposing a computerized Library System and hopefully, Sir Gee will approve our proposal.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

as usual, it is my vacant that's why i have the chance to update my blog. =D we just had a discussion during my Theo class and i was really sleepy coz i don't have enough sleep. =/ discussion again during my Humanities class but i really enjoyed it. lots of arts including paintings and everything were seen in the PPT Presentation of my professor. i love the Find the Hidden Image part. hehe =D it is somewhat a Freudian Psychology. hope to see more of it. i was bored during my English class. i like the subject but i don't like the professor. though, he seems so funny at times but i don't like his way of teaching. after some discussions, he asked as to go to the library to do some research about Communication. after the break, we had our Networking and OS Essentials. good thing, our prof was present. he taught us some things but i was like stupid there coz he made an experiment on my computer and voila, i couldn't use it. damn that.

while waiting for the time, i'm here at Letran's CL2 with Dyei, Eunice, Joanne and Jen. Kath and Cha with the rest of the boys are having their Humanities class right now. along with this, Peenk and Dyei's Joross are also here. hehe =D Peace Dyei. joke lang. funny. hehe =D

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

i'm so happy that Ken was booted out last night in the Philippine Idol. i know that many people were really wishing for him to be ousted. actually, he should have been voted off earlier than Reymond and Drei. he was just so lucky that many people supported him. but earlier than that, i mean, just the start of the show, i was really glad to know that Gian was the first one to be safe. he's my bet, i admit. and i hope that he will be declared as the first Philippine Idol. i'm looking forward to that.

aside from that, i was really happy to see that Tyler/James of the Amazing Race 10 were back in the race. on the last episode, which was aired last night, they were the first ones who completed all the tasks but surprisingly, the race was not yet over according to the clue. i hope that they wouldn't get eliminated next week and hopefully, they would be the winners of the Amazing Race 10. Go Tyler/James!!! =D by the way, Dustin/Kandice was a tough team and hope to see them bid goodbye but i know it's impossible.

today, i have my PE class but we were allowed not to wear our PE Uniforms today but by next week, we should have to. we had some discussions about Basketball and a Quiz. good result for me. =D another discussion in my Physics class and the lesson was difficult. i got headache on that, actually. hehe. =D a simple discussion on our SAD class coz many were late. Eunice and i are still undecided about the system that we have to analyze and use for our Thesis on that subject. during the class, i felt really awkward being with JL, coz my former crushes were there beside him. of course, i was really uncomfortable mingling with him though i'm used to it because there were people around us that are not used to it. actually, i don't want to act that way but he was like pushing it to the limit and i hate it. it was really annoying. honestly, i feel that it is coming back. i mean, the feelings, you know, with Nice Voice [codename], i think, it's coming back and it is not good. i really don't want to have the same feeling again. anywei, i love the Pink Bag of Nice Voice's friend. it was really cute and i love the color so much. i would like to steal it. haha =D i'm just kidding.

anywei, one class to go and i can go home na. yes!!! the next class will be Visual Basic.NET and that subject is really interesting. on this particular subject, Kuya Jie, Kuya Wowie and i are classmates. hehe =D it's funny but true. and tomorrow will be another busy day for us. we will have a quiz on IRM and Humanities. haaaaay =/

i would like to take this opportunity to thank Dyei and his dad for accompanying me till i reach my house. Thank You so much!!! and Sorry for the disturbance. i didn't mean to. Pasensya na po.

Sunday, November 12, 2006

have you watched the pilot episode of the Amazing Race Asia? as a viewer, i can say it was okay for first-timers. hehe. =D have you seen the two Philippine teams who made it to the Final 10. they are Ernie/Jeena and Aubrey/Jacqueline. one of them can be the winner of the first Amazing Race Asia. good thing, Ernie/Jeena came in Second and Aubrey/Jacq came in Fourth. good. =D hope they could make it to the Final Three.

it was like the original Amazing Race but i wasn't satisify with the pilot episode. i was expecting to see tougher stunts and challenges but i was just disappointed. The painting and the pottery challenge was not that tough enough to be part of the Amazing Race. but for first timers, it was just okay but i'm hoping to see more challenging stunts and tougher challenges that will boost out their strengths and conquer their fears. and also, i want to see challenges wherein they can incorporate their minds. but i would still watch this to support the Filipino teams. hehe =D

but Malaysia is such a beautiful place huh?! but looking for a cab is such a difficult thing to do coz the racers find a hard time looking for a cab. to think that it was just the first episode. anywei, i've seen lots of tall buildings and architectures there including the former tallest building in the world which is the Petronas Tower. it's great. i would love to go there. and i want to visit Times Square Shopping Centre. that shopping centre is so tall and big. i would really love to shop there.

i don't have anything against the host Allan Wu but i really don't like the way he delivers his words and doing his hosting job. he is not good as Phil. Phil Kheogan is still the best. but i hope to see him improve.

Congratulations to Mr. Ronnie Alcano for winning the 2006 Philippine World Pool Championship by defeating the former world champion Ralf Soquet. i really watched the game and the title was really meant for him. though, he had made lots of errors, he still manage to grab the title and it is good. it was really unexpected coz everyone believes that Efren Reyes would be the one but Alcano booted Reyes out of the competition. Congratz!!!

Friday, November 10, 2006

since i have no classes today, i woke up late. maybe, around 9am. ain't sure. after that, i took my breakfast and opened my laptop. i accomplished my assignment in Theo. then, i went on surfing na. =p

i went to Divisoria with my mom for fitting. i am one of the Bridesmaids on my auntie's wedding on December. She's my mom's cousin. my gown is not yet done, no designs at all. i just went there to fit it then, he will just fix everything na. i really love the color. it's red maroon. i love it coz it's bagay on me. hehe =D maybe, i'll just take some pics of it so that you can see it. hehe =p after that, my mom and i went to National Bookstore to look for the Physics Notebook that our prfessor told us to buy. it was quite annoying coz we had bought one which is the smallest, like the size of a regular notebook but when our prof saw that, he said that it was not the one. he wants the medium one. i don't know what it looks like because i'm used to using the smallest one for Math and all i know that after that is the biggest which is 8.5x11. unfortunately, we haven't found that notebook he was telling us. according to the saleslady, it's out of stock. unlucky!!! maybe, i just let my mom buy it for me. by the way, my mom bought me a popcorn in Bench. hehe =D it was just last week when i found out that Bench is now selling foods. it is called Bench Bytes. yummy. i love the popcorn with peanut caramel flavor. try it.

we went home and i took some rest. then, i asked my brother if we could play Badminton for a while and he agreed. so we played. i need to do lots of body movements for me to lose some weight cz i really gained. and it will also be a preparation for the upcoming wedding of my auntie. i should look a bit thin then. hehe =D

i recommend you to visit my twin sister's blog. she's Dyei. she has a new layout. hehe =D

Thursday, November 9, 2006

this is just the first week but it seems like a month has passed by coz of lots of school stuffs we need to finish. most of our professors are really diligent that even in the first day of class, they already taught us some lessons and that was very boring, of course. it was kinda funny to know that my ex-crushes are my classmates in one subject which is our major. i feel really awkward and uncomfortable coz of the fact that they are sitted right in front of me. hehe =D well, for me, it is just okay that we are classmates coz my crushness on them fizzled out already but the fact that they are just near me seems so discomfited. of course, i can't talk to them coz we aren't close and i also feel that there's a feeling of hesitation on their part. well, enough of this. hehe =D

Dyei has so many boylets and Eunice too. haha =D *peace* in every class that we are in to, Dyei has partner/s. haha =D it is because Eunice used to tease her. and Eunice, her ex-crushes [??] are also our classmates in some subjects. only Joanne has no partner. good for her. hehe =D

we will be doing our baby thesis on our major under Sir Gee. my partner is Eunice and still no idea who will be the third person in the group. i know it will be very difficult that's why, we have to think of a good topic as early as possible. haaaay =/

but you know, i can't say anything wrong regarding my professors. they are all good. until now, i'm still undecided on what specialization i'm going to choose next year. it is hard to decide especially now, that i don't know where i excel among the four specializations.

have to end this up. i still need to do my assignment in PE and Theo. by the way, i might not post regularly coz for sure, i will be very busy in school but i'll try to find time.

Monday, November 6, 2006

whooo. first day of class, i mean, opening of the Second Semester. it seems like its First Day High again because of the implementation of the Free Sectioning. i went to school early. as i stepped into the room, i realized that i was the first one there. so, i just sitted in there and texted Dyei. one of my classmates came but she was a new face for me. hehe =D when she opened the door, she asked me if that was a Theo class and i said Yes, that's why she entered. i was waiting there till Dyei came. and all my "new" classmates started coming one by one. i was surprised with Eunice new hairdo. Bangs. hehe =D but Joanne came in late. first professor was okay. he's nice. i didn't feel comfortable with my classmates in that subject. i felt that they are "epsy". maybe, it was just a first impression. hope to know them more. next subject was Humanities. again, not a terrible professor. it was about Arts Appreciation and i admit, i am not an art lover. English was next and it was like a reunion for us coz some of my former blockmates are my classmates in that subject. no professor seen and we don't know why. we had an hour and a half break then it was our major. lots of A students were present and we really didn't like it. it is just that we don't have any good vibes on them ever since first year. they are really maangas and mayabang. supposedly, on our second break, we were about to meet Dyei's fried but for no reason, it was cancelled. you know, we were all disappointed coz we were in the Underpass already when the guy texted. anywei, Mr. Gee is still our prof in two majors. we had met him on our last subject for the day. and guess what??? A students [mostly boys] dominated the section and it wasn't good. waaaaah. we really don't like them. they are so maepal especially that tall-feeling-gwapo guy.

congrats to those who passed the MCP Exams last October. i wish i could also pass it when my turn comes. anywei, i still don't know what specialization should i get on my third year. i'm still confuse.

Saturday, November 4, 2006

still, i'm not yet ready to enter school again and face those professors and accomplish their never-ending requirements. but i should be happy coz i'll be receiving money again. haha =D but i'm in the tipid mode right now and i should keep all the money i have for Christmas. anywei, i've been loaded last night and finally, i was able to text my friends. i was texting Dyei, Eunice and Niko. well, i just miss them especially the kulitan session. Eunice asked me to share some stories, you know, what's the latest but since, i didn't have load the entire sembreak and i just used to face the computer all the time, i wasn't able to share some. well, nothing new about me, it is just that i gained weight. yeah, i really gained lots of weight in just a month and i hate that. i should take diet again. no rice policy again. i need to lose weight.

by the way, NBA Season just started and i'm satisfied with how the Philadelpia 76ers played their first two games. their next opponent will be the Miami Heat. have you watched how the Chicago Bulls defeated the Heat in their first game? whatta shame on the part of the Heat. a defending champ was defeated on their first game with the Bulls having the big lead. kinda funny. hehe =D bad opening for the Detroit Pistons as they were defeated also on their first game.