Tuesday, November 14, 2006

i'm so happy that Ken was booted out last night in the Philippine Idol. i know that many people were really wishing for him to be ousted. actually, he should have been voted off earlier than Reymond and Drei. he was just so lucky that many people supported him. but earlier than that, i mean, just the start of the show, i was really glad to know that Gian was the first one to be safe. he's my bet, i admit. and i hope that he will be declared as the first Philippine Idol. i'm looking forward to that.

aside from that, i was really happy to see that Tyler/James of the Amazing Race 10 were back in the race. on the last episode, which was aired last night, they were the first ones who completed all the tasks but surprisingly, the race was not yet over according to the clue. i hope that they wouldn't get eliminated next week and hopefully, they would be the winners of the Amazing Race 10. Go Tyler/James!!! =D by the way, Dustin/Kandice was a tough team and hope to see them bid goodbye but i know it's impossible.

today, i have my PE class but we were allowed not to wear our PE Uniforms today but by next week, we should have to. we had some discussions about Basketball and a Quiz. good result for me. =D another discussion in my Physics class and the lesson was difficult. i got headache on that, actually. hehe. =D a simple discussion on our SAD class coz many were late. Eunice and i are still undecided about the system that we have to analyze and use for our Thesis on that subject. during the class, i felt really awkward being with JL, coz my former crushes were there beside him. of course, i was really uncomfortable mingling with him though i'm used to it because there were people around us that are not used to it. actually, i don't want to act that way but he was like pushing it to the limit and i hate it. it was really annoying. honestly, i feel that it is coming back. i mean, the feelings, you know, with Nice Voice [codename], i think, it's coming back and it is not good. i really don't want to have the same feeling again. anywei, i love the Pink Bag of Nice Voice's friend. it was really cute and i love the color so much. i would like to steal it. haha =D i'm just kidding.

anywei, one class to go and i can go home na. yes!!! the next class will be Visual Basic.NET and that subject is really interesting. on this particular subject, Kuya Jie, Kuya Wowie and i are classmates. hehe =D it's funny but true. and tomorrow will be another busy day for us. we will have a quiz on IRM and Humanities. haaaaay =/

i would like to take this opportunity to thank Dyei and his dad for accompanying me till i reach my house. Thank You so much!!! and Sorry for the disturbance. i didn't mean to. Pasensya na po.