Tuesday, November 28, 2006

we had a PE class today and guess what? we really did the Ball Handling and it was fun. :D i was really early kanina and i had this vibes that we will be playing inside the school, particularly, in the grounds because the players were using the Gym for practice that time. and i was right. :P we went to the room first to take a quiz then our prof told us to go to the grounds. we did the Warm-up Exercises first, some jogging and other stuffs. then, he taught us about the Ball Handling thingy. at first, it was okay because only few people were watching but as the sun started to shine, so many people went out and watched us. what i mean is that, it was 9am then and by that time, the first class is over and so, they had the time to watch us. hehe :P though there were lots of people staring at us, we still continued because after the practice, we will have a Practical Test. there were so many distractions on my part that time and i hate it. what will you feel if someone you like was watching you doing that crazy thing huh?? i didn't know what to do when Dyei told me that he was watching together with his friend. i was like what??? really?? though he was there, i didn't let myself be distracted. i just tried not to look on him and just do my part. haha :P so far, it was good. but when, we did our second practice and i was really serious with what i was doing, this guy, whom i got a crush before passed by and i was really distracted that the ball i was handling slipped off my hands. haha :P how funny!!! but during the practical test, i just felt that i did a good job, i mean all of us did a good job. Congrats!!! :P the boys were really great.

anywei, we just continued the Experiment we had before and after the break, we had some recitation on how to read a Voltmeter and i'm so glad that i answered correctly. our prof in SAD was absent that's why we had no class. but another funny thing happened when Pink [codemane] together with his friend went to the classroom we were staying to tell us that our prof was absent. the funny things was, they talked to my friend, Dyei coz i was pretending that i was busy. haha :D they were talking about this and that and i saw some sign languages. and after that, i joked on her that she was like having a revenge because last meeting, i was sitting beside Joross. hehe :P i was reading my VB book when suddenly, i looked up to the window. actually, i didn't know why i looked to that side but then to my surprise, a guy was actually looking on that window too to see if there were students on the room and it was Nice Voice [codename]. haha :P i had so many fun experiences today.

right now, i'm here at Letran's CLab with Dyei, Eunice, Joanne and Jhen. we are just waiting for our next subject which is Visual Basic. we're just killing the time so that we don't get bored.