Wednesday, November 15, 2006

as usual, it is my vacant that's why i have the chance to update my blog. =D we just had a discussion during my Theo class and i was really sleepy coz i don't have enough sleep. =/ discussion again during my Humanities class but i really enjoyed it. lots of arts including paintings and everything were seen in the PPT Presentation of my professor. i love the Find the Hidden Image part. hehe =D it is somewhat a Freudian Psychology. hope to see more of it. i was bored during my English class. i like the subject but i don't like the professor. though, he seems so funny at times but i don't like his way of teaching. after some discussions, he asked as to go to the library to do some research about Communication. after the break, we had our Networking and OS Essentials. good thing, our prof was present. he taught us some things but i was like stupid there coz he made an experiment on my computer and voila, i couldn't use it. damn that.

while waiting for the time, i'm here at Letran's CL2 with Dyei, Eunice, Joanne and Jen. Kath and Cha with the rest of the boys are having their Humanities class right now. along with this, Peenk and Dyei's Joross are also here. hehe =D Peace Dyei. joke lang. funny. hehe =D