Monday, November 20, 2006

i had to wake up early coz my first class was 7:30am which was Theology. good thing, my Daddy Carlo was with me on my way to the Colegio. we had a surprise quiz on Theo but our prof was just nice for giving us some time to review and read the lecture. the quiz was not that difficult, it was an essay type quiz. hopefully, i will get high remarks on that. we didn't have any discussion on our Humanities class. our prof asked us to drop by the San Agustin Museum in Intramuros and on Wednesday, we will have a recitation on the Medium of Arts. we got there at around 9:30am and take note, we just walked huh?! though, it wasn't that far but still, it was not a 5-minute walk. anyway, we thought that the entrance fee was 30php according to our prof but to our surprise, it was 50php. we had no choice. it was really great. full of historical things, mostly, about Paintings, Sculptures. in short, Arts. hehe =D we had some picture-taking on the Garden. and finally, decided to go back coz we were already late. sadly, we didn't got the chance to go to the Second floor since we had a next class which was English. we planned to ride a pedicab but sorry to say, we haven't found any. so, we just decided to walk again. we walked hurriedly towards the Colegio because the time was running so fast. we were all exhausted. haaaay =/ but luckily, the prof wasn't there when we entered, meaning, we were not late. hehe =D how lucky!!! just did some wiping for my face coz my face was full of you know, sweat. haha =D i easily get wet actually and i hate that. anywei, we had some discussion and i was really bored, i admit. but i love the Blends. haha =D we will be on the Speech Lab on Wednesday and an assignment was given to us. another cool topic on COMP202 and boring one on COMP201. i hate discussing things like that especially on that time. i really feel sleepy during that subject. another assignment was given. walang patawad!!! haha =D

let's change topic. tonight will be the Elimination Night for Philippine Idol and i'm hoping to see Miguel booted out. he was not good last night and among the five, he is the most deserving to be voted off the competition. a great applause for Mau for such an awesome performance on Diamonds are Forever. but hey, let's not forget Gian for rendering us an electrifying performance as he sang Grease Lightning. i really love it!!! =D at the same time, tonight also will be the 10th Episode of the Amazing Race 10 and hoping to see the Bamas go but i guess, they will not be eliminated.

have to cut this off. lots of things to do pa eh. hehe =D