Thursday, November 30, 2006

because of the supertyphoon, the classes today are suspended. but here in Manila, i didn't feel that there is a typhoon or something. the rain didn't pour the whole day even droplets. the wind was just okay, though i felt the coldness but compared to the typhoon we had experienced before, it was nothing. for the whole day, i was just facing my laptop. hehe :p i was just bored and i really don't know what to do. another no class day tomorrow. but on the other hand, i felt glad to know that i have a 4-day vacation. i have some rest. :P

earlier this day, my tita called my mom and told her about the bad news that my cousin's wife Ate Janice lost their baby. she's five months pregnant and all of a sudden, she bleeded and the baby's gone. of course, Kuya Ryan and Mama Lolly cried a lot especially when they knew that the baby was a boy. actually, when the baby was taken out from my Ate Janice' womb thru normal delivery, they baby was still alive but after a couple of minutes, the baby died. how sad?! :( when i knew it, i felt sad also. a baby was lost. everybody is waiting for that baby boy but now, he's gone. what a sad Christmas. everyone is excited for that baby especially Ate Janice's parents that they even bought things for the baby already. :(

because of what happened, i feel guilty again because of the bad dream i had just two days ago. i think, i should have tell that dream to my mom and everyone here but i didn't. i just posted it on my blog and told my brother about it. i wanna cry. :( anothe bad thing happened and it is not good. i had two bad dreams already and two unexpected and bad things happened. :( i hate this feeling.

let's just pray for my Ate Janice's immediate recovery.