Friday, November 10, 2006

since i have no classes today, i woke up late. maybe, around 9am. ain't sure. after that, i took my breakfast and opened my laptop. i accomplished my assignment in Theo. then, i went on surfing na. =p

i went to Divisoria with my mom for fitting. i am one of the Bridesmaids on my auntie's wedding on December. She's my mom's cousin. my gown is not yet done, no designs at all. i just went there to fit it then, he will just fix everything na. i really love the color. it's red maroon. i love it coz it's bagay on me. hehe =D maybe, i'll just take some pics of it so that you can see it. hehe =p after that, my mom and i went to National Bookstore to look for the Physics Notebook that our prfessor told us to buy. it was quite annoying coz we had bought one which is the smallest, like the size of a regular notebook but when our prof saw that, he said that it was not the one. he wants the medium one. i don't know what it looks like because i'm used to using the smallest one for Math and all i know that after that is the biggest which is 8.5x11. unfortunately, we haven't found that notebook he was telling us. according to the saleslady, it's out of stock. unlucky!!! maybe, i just let my mom buy it for me. by the way, my mom bought me a popcorn in Bench. hehe =D it was just last week when i found out that Bench is now selling foods. it is called Bench Bytes. yummy. i love the popcorn with peanut caramel flavor. try it.

we went home and i took some rest. then, i asked my brother if we could play Badminton for a while and he agreed. so we played. i need to do lots of body movements for me to lose some weight cz i really gained. and it will also be a preparation for the upcoming wedding of my auntie. i should look a bit thin then. hehe =D

i recommend you to visit my twin sister's blog. she's Dyei. she has a new layout. hehe =D