Sunday, November 12, 2006

have you watched the pilot episode of the Amazing Race Asia? as a viewer, i can say it was okay for first-timers. hehe. =D have you seen the two Philippine teams who made it to the Final 10. they are Ernie/Jeena and Aubrey/Jacqueline. one of them can be the winner of the first Amazing Race Asia. good thing, Ernie/Jeena came in Second and Aubrey/Jacq came in Fourth. good. =D hope they could make it to the Final Three.

it was like the original Amazing Race but i wasn't satisify with the pilot episode. i was expecting to see tougher stunts and challenges but i was just disappointed. The painting and the pottery challenge was not that tough enough to be part of the Amazing Race. but for first timers, it was just okay but i'm hoping to see more challenging stunts and tougher challenges that will boost out their strengths and conquer their fears. and also, i want to see challenges wherein they can incorporate their minds. but i would still watch this to support the Filipino teams. hehe =D

but Malaysia is such a beautiful place huh?! but looking for a cab is such a difficult thing to do coz the racers find a hard time looking for a cab. to think that it was just the first episode. anywei, i've seen lots of tall buildings and architectures there including the former tallest building in the world which is the Petronas Tower. it's great. i would love to go there. and i want to visit Times Square Shopping Centre. that shopping centre is so tall and big. i would really love to shop there.

i don't have anything against the host Allan Wu but i really don't like the way he delivers his words and doing his hosting job. he is not good as Phil. Phil Kheogan is still the best. but i hope to see him improve.

Congratulations to Mr. Ronnie Alcano for winning the 2006 Philippine World Pool Championship by defeating the former world champion Ralf Soquet. i really watched the game and the title was really meant for him. though, he had made lots of errors, he still manage to grab the title and it is good. it was really unexpected coz everyone believes that Efren Reyes would be the one but Alcano booted Reyes out of the competition. Congratz!!!