Monday, November 6, 2006

whooo. first day of class, i mean, opening of the Second Semester. it seems like its First Day High again because of the implementation of the Free Sectioning. i went to school early. as i stepped into the room, i realized that i was the first one there. so, i just sitted in there and texted Dyei. one of my classmates came but she was a new face for me. hehe =D when she opened the door, she asked me if that was a Theo class and i said Yes, that's why she entered. i was waiting there till Dyei came. and all my "new" classmates started coming one by one. i was surprised with Eunice new hairdo. Bangs. hehe =D but Joanne came in late. first professor was okay. he's nice. i didn't feel comfortable with my classmates in that subject. i felt that they are "epsy". maybe, it was just a first impression. hope to know them more. next subject was Humanities. again, not a terrible professor. it was about Arts Appreciation and i admit, i am not an art lover. English was next and it was like a reunion for us coz some of my former blockmates are my classmates in that subject. no professor seen and we don't know why. we had an hour and a half break then it was our major. lots of A students were present and we really didn't like it. it is just that we don't have any good vibes on them ever since first year. they are really maangas and mayabang. supposedly, on our second break, we were about to meet Dyei's fried but for no reason, it was cancelled. you know, we were all disappointed coz we were in the Underpass already when the guy texted. anywei, Mr. Gee is still our prof in two majors. we had met him on our last subject for the day. and guess what??? A students [mostly boys] dominated the section and it wasn't good. waaaaah. we really don't like them. they are so maepal especially that tall-feeling-gwapo guy.

congrats to those who passed the MCP Exams last October. i wish i could also pass it when my turn comes. anywei, i still don't know what specialization should i get on my third year. i'm still confuse.