Saturday, November 18, 2006

another no class day because its Saturday. hehe =D i woke up around 9am coz my mom woke me up for no reason. hehe =D i took my breakfast and opened my Laptop to watch the demo made by my VB professor about Modules 1-3. well, i can say, VB is such a difficult subject and while i was watching the demo, i was like what? i couldn't understand all the things in Module 3. i need to study more and maybe, watch the demo over and over again. for some review, i took some screeshots of that demo so that i can scan it once more. haaayz. hope to master the subject. it is very interesting yet hard. amf!!! help me. hehe =D

i was sad last Thursday coz Ernie/Jeena were eliminated from Amazing Race Asia. haaay. they're my bet yet they were the first to be eliminated. i was rooting for them coz they're good in physical games and they prepared a lot. stupid driver!!! everything was the driver's fault. amf!!! enough of this. i accepted it, though. from a reality show to another reality show. Philippine Idol's theme for Sunday is Broadway Musical and Movie Themes. contestants should sing two songs each. hoping for Gian's good performance. i don't want to see him bid goodbye. and hopefully, Miguel will be booted out of the competition. he's not deserving and he should have been eliminated before pa.