Sunday, November 26, 2006

last night, i had a bad dream wherein someone whom a co-Letranite of mine died because of an accident. i really don't know who that someone is but i know for sure he/she is a Letranite just like me. i'm sorry but i have to share this to you to prevent it from happening/occurring in the future. i was just guilty last time kasi because it was three weeks ago, i also had a bad dream which was in connection with death. i thought that it was just nothing that's why, i didn't tell anyone about it. but to my surprise, just two days after that dream, a news came that my mom's nephew died. and i felt guilty because of that. :( and now, i just decided to share it to everybody coz i'm afraid that it might happen. since, nothing will lose if i try, right?

just a short post for today. i just wanna share this bad dream to everyone. i just believe in the pamahiin that if you dreamt something bad and you want to stop it from happening, you have to tell it to others.