Wednesday, November 4, 2009

My family had a great Halloween blast last November 2, 2009. We first went to the cemetery to visit our departed loved ones. I was able to see my cousins again. As far as I can remember, the last time we saw each other was August and it was really nice seeing them once more. I’ve been close to all of them ever since. We prayed first then my aunties brought some foods and then picture taking, as always.

After which, we headed to Trinoma for our dinner to celebrate Claudine’s 12th Birthday. It was a simple get-together and family dinner at Lamesa Grille. We actually occupied a room because we’re 30 all in all. Lots of yummy Filipino dishes were served and we were so loud that time.

After dinner, we stayed in Trinoma for quite a while and we had some picture taking. Knowing the family, we are certified camwhores. It was all fun, pure bonding and enjoying moment with the family. Hope to do that again with them pretty soon.

Dyei and I have been very busy in the office since last week. Actually, we had a 3-day off but since our websites encountered some problems, we still worked at home. The only break that we had was last Monday. But good thing, the sites are now fixed, up and running.

I’ve been enjoying my working girl status right now. Though most of the time, laziness strikes me and the thought of not going to the office enters my mind, still, I’m enjoying it. This is something new to me and I’m so happy that I’m adapting to the changes that are happening in my life right now. What makes it happier is that I have friends like Dyei, Eunice and JL in the office.

Last Saturday, I was able to catch up with my super friends, Ian and Rex. It’s been quite a while since we last updated each other about everything. I’m so happy to be able to chat with them again. I missed them and I hope we can go out pretty soon. Well, not with Rex though because he’s in the States right now.

I’ve been dealing with this childish little girl craze since I first stepped into our office, you know, the crush thing. I’ve been crushing on an officemate of mine which is not really good for some reasons. But since he’s on a graveyard shift and we won’t be seeing each other, I feel that it’s an advantage. So yeah, I must stop liking him. I really must.