Saturday, February 19, 2011

Oh, shopping.

This week has been the toughest one so far. I was given tons of work and I didn't know what to do first. But big thanks to my supervisor for always helping me out whenever I experience problems with my programs. However, she will be leaving for the US soon so I don't know what to expect in the coming months.

Yesterday was somehow a good day. I'm still in the same process. I'm still trying my best to cope up with everything that is happening in my life so far. However, we're still in good, speaking terms. I don't know how we, rather I, manage to do that despite the terrible pain I feel whenever we see each other.

So, to reward myself after a very exhausting week in the office, I went shopping with my mom this afternoon. I haven't shopped for quite a while. It has some kind of therapeutic effect on me. I have bought two new pairs of shoes, blouse and skirt. How I love shoes. I have tons of it though I've worn some of them once or twice only. I have this special love with shoes and I don't know why.

Tomorrow, I don't know if I can have enough rest or what because I'm planning to work on the urgent task that was given to me two weeks ago. It is due on the first of week of March and the program still encounters error. I have to take a second look on it so by Monday, all I need is to test the program.

Wish me luck with the career I have chosen. I have never thought that I would do coding. It never crossed my mind ever since. Aside from that, I want to feel better already.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Hello, simple layout

Since I am already a professional now, I have decided to keep the layout of my blog simple but cute. And honestly, I've been so lazy creating creative and colorful layouts so I now present to you the new image of Walkingdoll.

I practically miss blogging. I have been so inactive and just so you know, this blog has been my threshold of thoughts since my freshman year in college. I don't want to abandon this and I still want to write once in a while.

These past few months have been so difficult for me. Well, actually, up to now, but I'm trying my best to divert my attention to other things. But as what I have always said, it has been more than two months and I still feel the same. Nothing has seemed to change. Even if I have already said that I will leave all the painful memories behind and no more dramas this year, still, there are moments that I couldn't help but cry. It is actually driving me insane.

Well, thanks to my friends for always being there. Whenever I need someone to talk to, they are more than willing to listen. I hope I can tell to them everything because I admit, there are some things that I just couldn't share to them, for now.

Of all the advices I have received, the ignore part is the one thing, that I must say, I couldn't do for now. I have been so damn attached and staying away is the least thing I could do. I want to save whatever I can save and besides, it won't change anything if I'll choose to stay away.

All I know is that I just want to be okay. And I know God will help me make it through.