Sunday, February 13, 2011

Hello, simple layout

Since I am already a professional now, I have decided to keep the layout of my blog simple but cute. And honestly, I've been so lazy creating creative and colorful layouts so I now present to you the new image of Walkingdoll.

I practically miss blogging. I have been so inactive and just so you know, this blog has been my threshold of thoughts since my freshman year in college. I don't want to abandon this and I still want to write once in a while.

These past few months have been so difficult for me. Well, actually, up to now, but I'm trying my best to divert my attention to other things. But as what I have always said, it has been more than two months and I still feel the same. Nothing has seemed to change. Even if I have already said that I will leave all the painful memories behind and no more dramas this year, still, there are moments that I couldn't help but cry. It is actually driving me insane.

Well, thanks to my friends for always being there. Whenever I need someone to talk to, they are more than willing to listen. I hope I can tell to them everything because I admit, there are some things that I just couldn't share to them, for now.

Of all the advices I have received, the ignore part is the one thing, that I must say, I couldn't do for now. I have been so damn attached and staying away is the least thing I could do. I want to save whatever I can save and besides, it won't change anything if I'll choose to stay away.

All I know is that I just want to be okay. And I know God will help me make it through.


Margie said...

God will always be there for you Cez!
You will be ok, I'm pulling for you dear!

Margie <3
P.S I do like the new layout, nice!

Cez said...

MARGIE: I know that, dear. Thank you so much! :)