Sunday, December 27, 2009

The pictures will tell it all. I'm too lazy to create a wordy post so here are some pictures which will serve as proofs that I had a super fun December '09. By the way, Merry Christmas to all.

With Ej and my mom during his 16th Birthday last December 7, 2009 held at Shakey's - Port Area

The Raitsco Family during our Christmas Party last December 20, 2009 held at Skyland Tower in Makati

I've finally got my Starbucks Planner

Adrian's Birthday celebration last December 25, 2009 held at Bazzo Bar, Bluewave

PS. More pictures on my Multiply.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

My family had a great Halloween blast last November 2, 2009. We first went to the cemetery to visit our departed loved ones. I was able to see my cousins again. As far as I can remember, the last time we saw each other was August and it was really nice seeing them once more. I’ve been close to all of them ever since. We prayed first then my aunties brought some foods and then picture taking, as always.

After which, we headed to Trinoma for our dinner to celebrate Claudine’s 12th Birthday. It was a simple get-together and family dinner at Lamesa Grille. We actually occupied a room because we’re 30 all in all. Lots of yummy Filipino dishes were served and we were so loud that time.

After dinner, we stayed in Trinoma for quite a while and we had some picture taking. Knowing the family, we are certified camwhores. It was all fun, pure bonding and enjoying moment with the family. Hope to do that again with them pretty soon.

Dyei and I have been very busy in the office since last week. Actually, we had a 3-day off but since our websites encountered some problems, we still worked at home. The only break that we had was last Monday. But good thing, the sites are now fixed, up and running.

I’ve been enjoying my working girl status right now. Though most of the time, laziness strikes me and the thought of not going to the office enters my mind, still, I’m enjoying it. This is something new to me and I’m so happy that I’m adapting to the changes that are happening in my life right now. What makes it happier is that I have friends like Dyei, Eunice and JL in the office.

Last Saturday, I was able to catch up with my super friends, Ian and Rex. It’s been quite a while since we last updated each other about everything. I’m so happy to be able to chat with them again. I missed them and I hope we can go out pretty soon. Well, not with Rex though because he’s in the States right now.

I’ve been dealing with this childish little girl craze since I first stepped into our office, you know, the crush thing. I’ve been crushing on an officemate of mine which is not really good for some reasons. But since he’s on a graveyard shift and we won’t be seeing each other, I feel that it’s an advantage. So yeah, I must stop liking him. I really must.

Friday, October 30, 2009

Meet my officemates

Cez, Eunice, Dyei, Jonie and Jeared

Dyei, Cez, JL, Eunice and Sir Moe

Cez, Eunice and Dyei

Happy Halloween! :) We had fun in the office last night. Since we know that next week, those Halloween decorations will be replaced by Christmas decors, we made it a point that we have souvenir pictures with it.

Before Dyei and I went home, we had some picture taking with our officemates. It was one heck of a fun night. How I wish the rest of the agents were there so we can have pictures together. Hehe :))

Another thing, next week, the schedule of the agents will be different and we won't be seeing JL that often. Well, I hope, on December the schedule will be more considerate to the agents because most of them are complaining about it.

The sad part is that I won't be seeing my 'Chuck Bass' anymore because he has the same shift with JL. Well, the question is, will he still come back to the office? Because right now, the seniors can't contact him. Oh well, I just wish him the best of luck.

With the new schedule and new faces to meet, I hope to befriends with all of them. I will surely miss the laughing session every evening before we go home.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Cez, Eunice, JL and Dyei

Can you see that uber giant pizza? Oh well, it was a treat from Jeared and D2. It was really huge, a monster one in fact. Haven't seen the giant pizza of Shakey's though. For those who are craving for giant pizza with a cheaper price, Jugno's is the best pizza store to call. :)

Till the next giant pizza. :))

Oh, by the way, the agents will be having shifting schedules for the coming month. Good thing, Dyei and I will be sticking with the same schedule. Lucky, indeed! :D Eunice will be in the morning shift and JL will either be in night or graveyard shift. I won't be seeing 'Chuck Bass' anymore. :(

Friday, October 23, 2009

Serena, Georgina and Blair

My sisters: Eunice and Dyei. :) They're my tweetmates in the office. Dyei is actually my partner.

Monday, October 12, 2009

This is my first post since my birthday. Spare me for being hiatus for more than a month. A lot of things happened, both good and bad. So yeah, I will tell you now that posting an entry won’t be as regular as before. You’ll know why in the next paragraphs.

After my birthday, nothing really productive happened. I still did the same old routine everyday – waking up, eating breakfast, watching TV, eating lunch, browsing the net, taking a bath, watching TV, taking dinner, browsing the net while watching TV and sleeping. It was like the usual routine of any bum or fresh graduates who are unemployed. It was sickening, I must admit. If you only knew how pain in the ass it was, well, literally. Perhaps, without the internet, I would have been a crazy girl in the house with nothing left to do. And yes, I hate being bum. You wanna know why? It’s because it’s the reason why I gained a lot of weight. Bumming for the past six months, who wouldn’t gain weight?

September 27 of this year marks one of the worst day in the Philippine history as the tropical storm Ondoy devastated Metro Manila and some other areas near it. The countless rains and heavy wind made every Filipino scared of what might happen next. It was like first time in two decades. Water was everywhere. Areas had been flooded; in fact, it reached a level that no one expected it can reach. Several homes were devastated. A lot of families lost their homes, belongings, and worst, a part/s of their family. It was really heartbreaking. And I really can’t digest the fact that it did happen.

Imagine, our area is not really the kind that gets flooded but yes, water level continued to rise and it even reached the first floor – knee level. Things were all wet including beds. But despite of what happened, I still believe that my family is lucky enough to survive that kind of disaster. We didn’t need to move out of the house and evacuate. We stayed in the house, watched TV and be updated of what was happening.

I pitied those who were greatly affected. I used my social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr to spread the word, update everybody and ask them to help those who are in need. I know I don’t have much money to give but I know, with that simple act, I already made an impact. However, I thought that spreading the word wasn’t enough. I donated goods – which was my own way of reaching out. As much as I wanted to volunteer, my mom won’t allow me and in case Daddy Carlo was available that time, it would be quite impossible because some places were still not passable.

After Ondoy, Pepeng came and it was the time that I kept on informing those whom I can reach how strong the latter is. It was stronger than Ondoy and many have told that it was as strong as Hurricane Katrina. Who wouldn’t get scared? Up to now, several homes, lands and even means of living are being ruptured by Pepeng. I just hope that Filipinos are strong enough to accept these kinds of challenges and emerge as survivors in the end.

For me, it is a message from God telling us to restore the beauty of the world that He created. He wanted to warn us that if we don’t do it now, worst things will happen in the future. It’s like a lesson that we need to learn. We just have to open our eyes, minds and hearts to fathom what it’s all about.

Moving on, after six months of being a senseless individual, I finally landed a job. Well, Dyei and I are trainees of a newly-established IT company. A big thanks to Eunice for referring us to the big boss. It was a funny experience at first. I was invited for an interview and right then, I was given a task to do to be submitted the next day. Dyei, my friend, was given the same thing.

I received an email inviting me for another interview last Monday. I felt like it was the final interview. He asked me to review the materials that he sent. I dressed to impress. Upon reaching the 21st floor, I was surprised to see Dyei sitting outside the office. So yeah, both of us were scheduled at 12nn. Big boss came and talked to us. Afterwards, we’ve just found ourselves in front of the PC, doing the tasks given to us. The expected interview turned out to be something different.

The next day, we came back as instructed with the question in mind if we’re already hired. It was like a guessing game. But at the end of that day, Dyei finally took the initiative to ask and luckily, we got a positive response. We’re already trainees and we’ll be receiving allowance. The question is, when can we call ourselves as regular employees? Hmmm.

Today is Monday and you are right, we survived the first week of work. As a matter of fact, I’m here in the office while typing this entry. Just wish me and friend, Dyei the best of luck here. Thanks!

And yes, that explain why I seldom update my blog. Please bear me with me. But I will never ever abandon this blog. I will still update but not on regular basis as before. Don’t worry, I still do visit this everyday. So, till my next post.

By the way, this is my 530th post.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

First of all, happy birthday to Mama Mary and to me, as well. :)) I just turned twenty and time to edit my profiles. Though many people have told me that I look way younger than my age. They used to say that I look like a sixteen-year old high school student. I don't know if I should take that as a compliment or not. But it makes me feel flattered a bit. :)

I slept late last night, waiting for the clock to strike at 12 midnight expecting that my BBF will do the same thing I did during his birthday but he didn't. I admit, I was disappointed. Plus, I was really expecting that he will greet me first just like last year but he didn't. I actually thought that he forgot my birthday but good thing, he didn't. He texted me during lunchtime. He seems so busy because he is working right now.

I attended the 6am mass with my mom. I thank God for another wonderful year He has given me. I hope this would be as memorable and colorful as my past years. I also wish that God would give me and my family all the blessings we deserve. And of course, I wish that God would bless me with the work I'm yearning for a long time.

I'm also touched with Dyei for greeting me in Twitter, Tumblr and Plurk. She did text me, as well. I so love you, BFF! :) Thanks for everything. Although, we don't see each other that often, I know you're always there. You'll be turning twenty too in a few days. :)

Another friend surprised me by calling me here in the house. Actually, I haven't heard anything from him lately and I was actually curious as to where is he now. I missed him and our long conversations over the phone. Whenever he calls, everything is spontaneous. We talk about anything and everything under the sun, random topics and all that. Glad to be able to converse with him today.

There is another guy friend whom I thought forgot my birthday because I was expecting that he will greet me at midnight but he didn't. I missed him because we haven't exchanged messages for quite a while. I was touched because when I told him that I thought he forgot my special day, this is his reply: "Ako pa! Hindi ko kaya makakalimutan birthday mo." He's already working. I asked him to drop by here but he's too far from Manila and his duty ends at 6pm. If only my house is close to his, he will surely come here, that's what he said.

I feel like I'm left behind already because most of my close friends are working already. I hope I will be able to land a good job pretty soon. I really can't wait because I'm so bored here in the house. I know better opportunities will soon come my way. I just have to wait, pray and think positive.

And to everyone who greeted me today in Facebook, Plurk, Twitter, Tumblr and those who texted, called and greeted me personally, thank you so much! :) I'm so touched because you all remembered my special day. I'm well-loved and I thank you, guys for everything. You all made me happy. I love you all. <3

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Happy Birthday Mommy! :)

PS. Everything is finally okay.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Family is somehow one of the best gifts God has given to mankind. They are the only persons who understand, love and care for you no matter what. They will always be there for you when the rest of the world leaves you. And I am so thankful because God has endowed me the best family whom I can say is my inspiration in everything I do.

But yesterday, my mom cried in front of me and I can't just endure the pain whenever I see those liquid crystals flowing from her eyes. She's hurting. I don't wanna detail out what really happened but it's between her and dad. I have only seen them fight once. It was hard for me to digest all those words that my mom uttered because I am a daddy's girl ever since. I was hurting too and yes, I cried. I can't help it. Whenever I see her crying, I cry, as well. Just to give you a little information, it has something to do with money. So yeah, if the entire world is in recession right now, my family is experiencing it too.

Last night, I was chatting with a friend whom I consider as my Best Bud. I opened up. You know what I asked him? "Bakit pa kasi nauso ang financial problem eh?" I'm just too glad because I have friends like him, Dyei and Unjeh whom I can open up all my problems with. He was just telling me that maybe my dad was just stressed out or pressured. He assured me that everything will be okay so I have to cheer up. You know what I really like about him is that whenever I need him, he's always there. I don't know if he has this so-called spider sense but I'm so happy that he's around. For the past weeks, we have never kept in touch that's why when he buzzed me last night, I was surprised. Perhaps, he felt it.

I may not have the perfect family but I consider them as the best. With all those sacrifices and hardships that they had in the past just for them to give me the good life, I guess, it's time for me to return the favor. I must look for a job already. I want to give them a good life, something that they truly deserve. I want to take care of my parents the way they took good care of me and my brother.

I hope the problem between my parents will be settled down as soon as possible. Though I know my dad a lot. He will never let the problem pass by without solving it. He is a family man and I know how much he loves us especially my mom. I just hope and pray that everything will be okay. I just can't wait for it because my mom's birthday will be on Tuesday.

I also wish that once I turn twenty, several opportunities will finally come my way. I can't wait to work. I'm excited, in fact. I have plans for my family and for myself and I want to fulfill all of those very soon.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

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Monday, August 24, 2009

Ate Pj, Claudine, Erika, Charlene, Celine, Cez, Ej, Kuya Chet, Jasper

With cousins during the double birthday blowout of Kuya Chester and Charlene. Just so you know, Kuya Chet is now part of the U.S Army. Proud cousin here. :) The party was held last Saturday at the Ozeano Fusion Restaurant in Manila Ocean Park.


PS. New and official watermark.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

It has been my routine everytime I'm getting online to first check the Yahoo! headlines, my Yahoo! Mail, Plurk, Twitter, Multiply and Facebook. While I was reading the headlines of Yahoo a while ago, a news caught my attention with the title "U.S. News' rankings of America's best colleges."

And yes, Harvard University in Massachusetts and Princeton University in New Jersey are America's best colleges of 2010. Two of the eight Ivy League schools are tied for the first place. Ranking in third is another Ivy League school which is the Yale University.

Know what, it is really my ultimate dream to study at any of the eight Ivy League schools. I guess, it is everyone's dream but only few are privileged enough to study in those world-renowned universities. And I know that I will never have the chance to study at any of the Ivy League schools. It will remain as a dream forever.

Actually, right now, I am very confused. I actually don't know what I really want to do. I've been reflecting lately and the idea of becoming a pre-school teacher suddenly popped out. I love kids ever since. Although I easily lose patience but when it comes to them, it is really a different thing. I would love to bond, teach and play with them.

You might be confused as well because I finished college with a degree in IT and yet I want to pursue a career related to child development. Even me, I really don't know what's going on my mind. Perhaps because I've been a bum for many months now. Another thing that really bothers me is the fact that I want to go to school again not to pursue a Master's Degree in IT but with a different course.

I want to do a lot of things. I want to try new things which include careers with no relation at all. I want to become a Systems Engineer (IT-related), pre-school teacher and even establish my own clothing line and restaurant. It's just that I don't know what I really want and if I wanna pursue all of those, I don't know where to start. It is really confusing.

Perhaps, I need some time to reflect on what I really want but most likely it's either becoming an IT professional or a pre-school teacher. And yes, my mom didn't like the idea of me becoming a teacher. Hehehe :))

PS. Twitter is addicting. Just follow me here.

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Saturday, August 8, 2009

I was away for one week but not really away, actually. I was in Las Piñas for a vacation and to tutor my two cousins, as well. Nothing much happened except for non-stop bonding and laughtrip. I had good times with Mama Lolly, Daddy Rap-rap, Ninang Carina, Reina, Celine, Claudine and Stephen.

Last night, we were in SM Mall of Asia to meet Celine's best friend. We strolled around MOA with Issa. Afterwhich, we met the rest of the guys at Racks. We went directly to Fields because Ninang Carina and Daddy Rap-rap were inquiring about the condo unit. So yeah, we just stayed there for quite a long time while hearing our stomachs producing unwanted sounds. Hahaha :))

After that, we dropped by Team Manila and Ninang Carina bought us tote bags. Thanks for that! :D We had our super late dinner at North Park. We actually arrived home at around 12am because of traffic. Hays.

Today, we first dropped by the cemetery to visit Inang, Amang and Tita Helen then off we went to Kuya Jojo's new house. It is his birthday today, by the way. He had a mini celebration. Yummy foods. :) I really had a good conversation with Ate Alex. Too bad, we went home early.

And now, I'm back in Manila. I missed my family, the place, my laptop and everything. :) Ninang Carina is actually encouraging me to extend my stay but unfortunately, I will go to Quezon City on Tuesday. And yes, they will be here on Tuesday and she was asking me if I want to go with them again. I'm still thinking about it.

Sweet, isn't it? And yes, I'm kinikilig again. Hahaha :) I dunno why I always get kilig whenever I see pictures of them. Perhaps, because they look so good together. :)

Anyways, do wish me the best of luck on Tuesday. Hope everything will be fine. :D

Monday, July 27, 2009

Since last week, I was like "I'm gonna post an entry to my blog" but whenever I face my laptop, all I get was nothing. I always have random thoughts like today. I couldn't post any sensible entry. And like any other entry I had in the past, this would probably be another random post.

And yes, I'm still a bum up to now, a professional one in fact. I don't know why those headhunters haven't called me yet. Perhaps, they are just waiting for me to turn twenty years old. Oh no! I need to find a job before my birthday so I could treat my family and some friends. But then, I cannot do anything if they don't want to hire me yet. I'm still waiting without any feeling of desperation, swear! I'm still chilling here in the house because I know once I get the job I've yearning for quite a long time, I would probably be busy and may not have time to plurk, tweet and even visit my Facebook account. Haha :))

And besides, many have told me that it's okay if I'm still jobless up to now given my age and also, I have spent 15 years studying. So, I really need to just chill first then go get a job once I'm ready physically, mentally and emotionally. But then again, I'm ready, promise! In all aspects, I'm ready and I'm just waiting for their calls to schedule me for exams or interviews.

Oh, I wanna stop blabbing about job, work, etc. because I'm getting pressured. Kuya Ojie is doing great. I'm so proud of him. We're always together eh. We attended the same schools since elementary and up to college. We're really inseparable. This is the first time that we've been apart, actually. But he actually encouraged me to apply to where he is working now but unfortunately, I couldn't since he's working in a casino, (the biggest one in the Philippines, in fact) which will open this coming August, because I'm only 19 years old and if you're gonna work in a casino, you have to be 21 years old and above. So yeah, I missed an opportunity. Did I mention that his salary is higher than what you'd expect for an entry level position? I envy him but I'm so happy for him, as well.

Last Friday, Letran lost against San Beda by five points. It was a good game, I must say. As much as I wanted to watch it live in the arena, I really can't since no one wants to come with me. Haha :) But it was a good thing also since there was a brawl after the game. Oh well, it's always present. Nothing's new. But I hope, next time, it would be more of a clean game. It was saddening though 'cause the Knights lost against their biggest rival but they shouldn't feel that bad since they gave their very best and exerted all their efforts just to win the game. I was actually surprised with how the Knights played that day. New team. New players. New strategies. They've done great. They didn't give up and it's enough to say that the Knights are really improving.

Another upset happened yesterday when the UP Fighting Maroons defeated the no. 1 team in the UAAP which is the Ateneo Blue Eagles. Who would have thought? Everyone was surprised and actually, Ateneo's defeat made it to Twitter's trending topic. It was the talk of the town. They were like ranting about how Ateneo lost instead of talking about how UP won. It was funny! You know, the Blue Eagles were just too overconfident that's why they lost. It was a lucky game for the Fighting Maroons, on the other hand, since most of their 3 point shots were successful, especially Woody Co, considering that he is not a shooter. Better luck next time. But prior to that major upset, DLSU Green Archers grabbed their second win by defeating Adamson Falcons by 1 point. It was really a close game.

Before I end up this entry, I would like to congratulate some of my friends who were able to pass the nursing board. Joyce, Maxine and Jag, job well done! Cheers! I'm so proud of you. :)

PS. "I get more texts from twitter than I do from my friends" -- and yes, tinamaan ako!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Sebastian Stan and Leighton Meester are burning HOT! :) He's simple, she's sexy! I love them both. I am really excited for Gossip Girl Season 3. I really cannot wait to see Blair Waldorf and Carter Baizen again though they have different love interests in the series. This couple really looks perfect, for me. He's one of my forever celebrity crushes and she's one of my fashion icons that I will always look up to.

Monday, July 13, 2009

So, I'll be getting random again this time. As usual, nothing new about me. I'm still a useless individual here in the house. I'm sick of being a bum but what can I do? Thanks to the cyberworld which keeps giving sense to my nonsense life for how many months now. Though, it is sickening at times. But then again, this has become my life after graduation. I can't go out, watch movie and shop for the main reason that I have no money to suffice my luxuries in life. My savings are slowly vanishing away and the remaining money I have is kept on my pink wallet for emergency purposes.

I am so happy because my cousins are doing great in their respective field like Kuya Wawie found a job already in a company located in Makati, Elaize has also gotten a job in one of the best banks in the country, Kuya Ojie has finally landed a good job somewhere in Parañaque (and I envy him) while Kuya Paulo, on the other hand, is continuing his education at PLM taking a Med course. I'm the only one left unemployed and I'm getting all the pressure now. It seems like they're just waiting for me to finally land a good job one of these days. It's quite irritating though because they're just giving me a lot of pressure.

Yeah, I got their point that they just want me to become busy again so I won't be bored here in the house. But finding a job is not as easy as decades ago especially now that we're experiencing global recession. Companies, instead of hiring, are laying off employees. I'm applying online. It's just that I'm still not getting any feedback or call from any headhunter. But I'm still full of hope, there's no way I'm gonna be hopeless and desperate. I'm too young. I'm 19, turning 20 in a few months, and sometimes, I'm thinking that because of my age, they don't wish to hire me yet.

I am extremely happy also because a close friend has finally found a job. I find it really sweet when he informed me first about the good news before anyone else (including his mom). Like me, he really wants to find a job right away though he needs it more - given his age. And when he texted me about it, I couldn't be any happier. He told me that he might ask the HR if there is still available position for me. Sweet, isn't it?

Supposedly, I will be watching Harry Potter in the cinema with friends this coming Friday but my cute little cousin asked me to be with them as they watch the movie which I really could not turn down. I might be watching the movie with them this coming Saturday. Hopefully, it will push through because I really want to watch the Harry Potter in the movie house.

By the way, I watched an NCAA game on TV this afternoon between Letran and Mapua where the prior prevailed over the latter. It is really nice seeing the guys playing well like they used to. It got me quite nostalgic because I missed watching the games in the arena. I missed cheering for my Alma Mater, screaming and inspiring the Knights. I hope to do those things again in the future. One more thing, Kevin Alas is really a prized possession for the Knights.

Random again, I told you. I hope and pray that I will be able to land a better, if not the best, job pretty soon. I'm really missing the busy life. :)

Monday, July 6, 2009

Roger Federer is Wimbledon 2009 Champion. No doubt, he's the greatest tennis player of all time. He just won his 15th Grand Slam title outnumbering Pete Sampras' and his record of 14. He's back on top where he truly belongs.

"He was a legend and now he's an icon." -Pete Sampras

15 Grand Slam titles and still counting...
Sweet, indeed.

PS. Please lead me to where he is. Dang that crazy dream! Hahahaha ;))

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Before anything else, I wanna say that I am in love with Chris Daughtry's version of Poker Face, Kris Allen's version of Heartless and No Boundaries and FM Static's Tonight. Last Song Syndrome, as in.

Wimby Finals later and I really cannot wait. It will be between Roger Federer and Andy Roddick. I admit, I was really surprised when I knew that Roddick defeated Andy Murray for the last final slot. I never thought, super. But then, it happened and again, it will be some sort of rematch. Both players are playing great and I guess, whoever wins, deserves the title. Though, I'm very much vocal that I am still rooting for Roger Federer. Well, he's my idol and I'm one of his fans. He's the greatest tennis player ever.

By the way, Serena Williams won the Wimby title for the Women's division by defeating her sister Venus Williams. I'm not a fan of them so I really don't care that much. Maria Sharapova will always be my favorite.

I really have a super crazy yet funny dream last night. This is the first time that a dream has really stuck in my mind and never wanted to fizzle out. It just so happens that up to this very moment, I'm still kinikilig. Hahaha :))

I just don't want to detail out what my dream was but the most unforgettable thing about it is the guy. I was walking when he suddenly smiled at me and said hi. I smiled and said hi also. But upon hearing him say "Hey babe!" I was pissed and just passed him by. I actually joked myself upon waking up that even in my dream, I am still suplada.

The guy is really good looking, scratch that part, handsome. He has the fair complexion, chinky eyes and a pair of dimples. I just cannot forget about him. Another thing, I haven't seen him in real life. There's a saying that if the image of the person in your dream is clear, meaning, you've met that person already. But in my case, the image of the person was really clear and up to now, he's still circling around my mind and I haven't met him nor crossed paths with him. I really haven't seen him, as in. Strange, super!

I really don't know what to feel but all I can say I'm kinikilig talaga. This is the first time that I had a dream like that and the first time I felt this kind of feeling. So weird! I wanna meet that person. I know his face, it's very clear. If one day, our paths will suddenly cross, I would probably recognize him.

I don't want to believe in what they say as soulmate but if he really is my soulmate, I would really search for him. Hahaha :) But then, I do hope that someday, I will finally meet the guy in my strange dream.

PS. Is he my Mr. Right slash The One? lol

Friday, July 3, 2009

I just want to share Chris Daughtry's version of Lady Gaga's Poker Face. I'm following Chris on Twitter and he tweeted something regarding it and I got so curious as to how he nailed the song. It was the acoustic slash rock version of the song. I was totally impressed and amazed on how he rocked it. For me, it was the better version. No offense to Lady Gaga's fans, I like her version but I love Daughtry's version. :)

Anyways, up until today, I still don't have a job. Yeah, no headhunter is calling me and I am already pissed. Like I've been waiting for quite a long time and I have passed my resume to a number of companies. And when I say a number, a huge one. But still, I'm gonna wait until I'm tired of it. If the time comes that I'm already tired of waiting, I have no choice but to follow my dad.

But this afternoon, a headhunter called me and I was so surprised. He told me that they were in a rush and they needed to fill up the remaining slots. I'm quite interested but the position they are looking for is a Mainframe Programmer (Java, SQL and such). As if I'm good at it though I have a background of Programming, specifically Visual Basic .NET and Java. But then again, it's SQL and I haven't learned anything from my SQL professor before except for the basic codes.

And besides, the guy was really hurrying that I was really not prepared in such a way that I haven't taken a bath that time. It was around 2pm when the guy called, by the way. He kept on persuading me by telling me that he called many applicants already and most of them turned the offer down plus he also told me that I'm not that far from their office. Their office is located in Makati, along Chino Roces and Gil Puyat Avenue.

I just told him that I will just think about it. That was the only reply I could give that moment because first, I am not a programmer and second, I wasn't prepared. He just promised me that they will keep in touch with me when there is a job opening related to my specialization. I just hope they will. *fingers crossed*

Upon ending the call, I had a quick reflection with how I responded to the guy on the other line. There was a part of me that regrets the fact that I turned it down because I believe it is one heck of a good opportunity. The company is a big one but I don't wanna detail more and I won't even give the name. But then, a part of me tells me that I somehow did the right thing because as far as I am concerned, I am really not good in Java Programming though I quite excelled in that subject. Even though there will be a training for that, still, I am not ready for a career shift. I'm still on the technical slash networking side. I'm afraid that I can't make it to their expectations on me. And besides, during the time that they called me, I haven't taken a bath. If I will accept their offer, I need to be in their office at 3:30pm. I calculated the time that I will spend preparing and how long it will take me to their office. I realized I did the right thing because if ever, I will be late.

I know, I missed a great opportunity again and I actually hate the feeling of regret but what will I do. I tried my very best to clear my mind and even encouraged myself but I guess, it wasn't the job for me. How I wish a better opportunity will soon come. I know in God's time but I do hope it will not take too long. I'm bored and staying all day long doing the same thing is sickening.

I'm really crossing my fingers for that great opportunity and I am really asking our God Almighty to help me find the perfect job to which I will be happy and contented, where I can grow and continue to learn. I am still not desperate though but I don't want to come to the point of desperation. I'm hoping and praying that the opportunity I'm asking for will come pretty soon.

Wimby Update: Federer versus Haas; Murray versus Roddick
NBA Update: AI's comeback (I love his tweet I read this morning)
Movie Update: Funny People starring Adam Sandler and others plus Eminem has a cameo role.

PS. I am really crushing on Joel Madden. He is effin' hot! :)

Saturday, June 27, 2009

I had fun last night, super! When the buzz about the sequel of the Transformers has come out months ago, I promised to myself that I would watch that film in the movie house no matter what. It's not only about Shia and Megan but also about BUMBLEBEE! :) I got more excited when the trailer of Transformers II: Revenge of the Fallen has come out all over the internet and even on television.

That's why, when a friend invited me to watch the movie, I said yes right away. And yes, we were only three last night who watched it but we had a whole lot of fun. We did enjoy the movie.

I went to Caloocan first to drop off the kids - Camille and Cha. I stayed there for a couple of hours waiting for their parents to arrive. Afterwhich, Daddy Cesar walked me to the bus stop, where I could ride a bus going to SM North Edsa. By the way, we watched at Trinoma.

Kam and Ian were already there, falling in line to buy tickets for the three of us. I went all the way up to the Cinemas and bewildered with the huge crowd. The lines were really long and I couldn't see my companions. They were all buying tickets for the movie Transformers. It was really jampacked. I quite expected that though but not that huge.

We ate first since the scheduled time was at 10:30pm. It was my first time to watch a movie in a movie house that late. We had no choice but to grab it. The seats in the earlier time were all occupied already and if there were unoccupied seats, it was located on different areas. It was dinnertime so even the food chains were full of people. We went to the foodcourt and just waited for a table to be vacated. We were just chit-chatting and laughing around.

It was around 10pm when we decided to go directly up the cinemas. We were just checking out some coming soon movies like Harry Potter, New Moon, Up and many more. When we entered the cinema, it was close to being full already. Good thing, Kam chose a good place.

Two thumbs up! The movie was really great and I predict that there would be Transformers III. I can't wait for that. Megan Foxx is super hot and Shia too. Bumblebee is really cute plus I thought Optimus Prime would die. Good thing, he didn't. The effects were superb. Comedy plus action-packed film directed by Michael Bay. Job well done.

The movie ended at around 1pm. Kam was fetched by a friend while me and Ian took a cab. It was so tiring but absolutely fun.

"I rise, you fall." - Optimus Prime
"Give me your face." - Optimus Prime

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Wimbledon 2009
June 22, 2009

No Rafael Nadal. He won't be able to defend his title while Roger Federer, on the other hand, is set to reclaim the Wimbledon title. This is another exciting tournament.

While I am busy looking for jobs and waiting for the calls from the employers, I would just enjoy watching the games. But then, I need a job asap because my remaining money isn't enough to suffice my needs. Hopefully, I will be hired by July. Please, pretty please. I'm really crossing my fingers to it. And besides, I'm fed up of being a bum. I'm just doing the same activities everyday and I'm getting sick of it. So yeah, I'm truly missing the busy days and my student life. I might go back. But for now, work-slash-job is all I really need.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

NCAA Season 85 at the Araneta Coliseum on the 27th of the month, 2009.
"Winning Drive @85"

Arriba Letran!

Monday, June 15, 2009

First and foremost, I wanna congratulate the Los Angeles Lakers for being this year's NBA Champions. I guess, you deserve it though I am very vocal that I'm more of a Orlando Magic fan. So yeah, the series was good though I failed to watch Game 6. Stupid me!

After lunch, I decided to go to Letran to get my diploma and graduation pictures. Today, also, is the first day of classes in Letran that's why I wasn't surprised to see students everywhere. I was informed ahead of time by Ian that the body temperature will be checked before entering the institution because he went to Letran also.

As I arrived, a slip was given to me by the guard. I had to fill it up and let the nurses check my body temperature. After being cleared, I was already allowed to enter the campus and let my slip be stamped. They were asking for my registration form but since I am no longer a student (*insert a sad face here*), I told them that I'm an alumnae. The guy stamped a "clear" mark on my slip and I was already allowed to roam around the campus.

For the first week, students are allowed to enter even though they are not wearing the Letran uniform so I saw lot of students in their civilian clothing. While I was taking a glimpse at the Registrar's Office, I saw Jam, rather, Jam saw me. We talked for a while. Happy to know that she's with her friends this semester.

Since I saw a long line in the Registrar's Office, I decided to drop by ICRO first. I saw some students staring at me and I don't know why. :) When I entered the office, I was surprised to see Ian entering the office too. He got his diploma first. I love my graduation pictures. Hahaha :D The one in toga was put into a frame. I wanna display it in my room replacing my high school graduation picture.

Afterwhich, Ian accompanied me to the Registrar's Office to get my diploma. The line wasn't really long but the woman in front of the line was the one who took a long time talking to the one's in charge in the Registrar. I don't know what they were talking about but I admit, I was quite pissed. Good thing, Ian was there. I have someone to talk to and share stories with. I'm happy because he stayed there even though he already got what he needs to get. It took me around 30 minutes before I finally claimed my diploma.

We already went out and waited for Kit because I ordered Letran shirts from him. We waited for around 15 minutes then we went home. Good thing, Ian was really heading there though we didn't talk at all about it. It's just that when I texted some of my friends this morning, he was the only person who replied and told me that he was on his way to Letran. So yeah, we shared a lot of stories as if we didn't see each other for a long time. Hahaha :D

Anyways, I really wanna work na. Please help me find a job. And one more thing, I'm gaining weight already and I don't know what to do so I could lose weight. Please do help me find ways to lose some weight. Hahaha :) Thanks! :D

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Finally, Orlando Magic came back with a vengeance. Howard, Turkoglu, Pietrus, Alston, Lewis, Lee and the rest of the Magic players and coaching staff came there to win and made a history. I was astonished and amazed with Howard's dunks and blocks, Turkoglu's plays and field goals, Pietrus' shots, Alston and Lewis' three-pointers and Lee's guarding style. It was a Rookie versus Veteran game because we all know, experience wise and age wise, Lakers has all the advantage. Admit it, dude! Lee did great by guarding the Lakers' main man, Kobe Bryant and preventing him from making good shots. Plus, Howard just blocked Kobe twice with Kobe making a good acting job on the second. But karma strikes as he missed his first free throw.

I am not expecting that Orland Magic will win it all after the playoff seasons because I know Lakers is really hard to beat in relation to championship experience and for being a veteran team in the major league. But then, all I want is for them to win all the remaining games in Orlando and give Lakers good games so they won't go home with the title easily. They should make it hard for them. But then again, if Orlando Magic will win this year's Finals, I would be very happy.

Celebrities were also present like Ludacris, Tiger Woods, Chris Brown and Omarion.

Hedo Turkoglu is Love! :)

Credits: 1 && 2

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

I never wanted to see you unhappy. I thought, you wanted the same for me.

So, yeah, French Open slash Roland Garros 2009 has come to its end. Roger Federer has become this year's champion besting Soderling, who, apparently defeated Roger's nemesis and clay court king, Rafael Nadal. He also tied Pete Sampras' record of 14 Grand Slam titles, Ival Lendl's 19 Grand Slam single finals appearances and became the 6th man in the tennis history to win all the Grand Slam single titles (Australian, French, Wimbledon and US Open). He did that in just seven years.

For me, he is the greatest tennis player ever. He is truly exceptional, versatile and destined to succeed in the tennis world.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Do not push someone away from you 'cause if you do, she/he might find someone who will pull him/her totally from you.

On Monday, June 8, classes in Letran will officially start and by this time, I am no longer a student of that said institution. Know what, as of press time, I do miss my student life. I miss falling in long lines for enrollment, going back at Letran to pay for my oh so huge tuition fee and of course, going to school not just to study but to have fun with my professors and friends. I truly miss Letran and all the memories I have in there.

I'm planning of going back to school by enrolling into a post-graduate course. I would love to earn a Masteral Degree in IT. But I am not doing it now, perhaps, once I have already the enough money so I could send myself to school again. Letran doesn't have a post-graduate course in IT so, I only have two choices left, either Ateneo - non-thesis or La Salle - with thesis. But of course, I am still not sure with that because I haven't found a good job.

I'm still a bum and I can't wait to step into the gates of a huge IT company and begin my career in the corporate world. I am still looking for a great job. Well, it is not about being choosy but it is all about the sense of contentment once you start working there. I want to grow and learn more.

Today, I was supposed to go to Letran to get my graduation pictures and diploma but unfortunately, it rained. So, I guess, I have to try tomorrow. I hope I could see Mr. Sunshine tomorrow. But I am starting to love the rain. :)

Since, I am a full time bum, I kill my time and ease my boredom by going online and watching television. And because of that, I am now hook and a fan of Boys over Flowers - Korean' version of Meteor Garden. Just so you know, I am an avid fan of the original version and I so love Dao Ming Si and Hua Ze Lei. I also believe that it is and will always be the best version. Though Korea's BOF is still amusing. I find all the characters cute most especially, Woo Bin aka Kim Joon.

For me, he is the cutest and most gorgeous out of the four though Kim Bum has the cutest smile. Most of you won't agree to me because I know you all adore Kim Bum but at least, only few likes Kim Joon and it's an advantage. He is a member of a Kpop group named T-max. He is a rapper and a dancer, as well. BOF is his first acting experience. Did I mention that he looks like a doll? And many have noticed that he looks like Korea's most handsome actor. Gorgeous, much?

To let you know, I am a frustrated tennis player. But I really love the game so much. Maria Sharapova got ousted so the only bet I've got now is Roger Federer. I do hope and pray that he'll be able to grab his first Roland Garros title. After all, Rafael Nadal has just beaten by Soderling and Novak was out of the game, as well. *fingers-crossed*

On Friday, Superman will meet The Black Mamba. NBA Finals will finally start. I wish Orlando Magic the best of luck. Everyone anticipated a The King-The Black Mamba match-up so who would have thought that Superman will make it to the finals? I think it's quite a mismatch but I hope they will give them a better, if not the best, game. I predict that LA Lakers will be this year's champs but I am still rooting for the Orlando Magic.

So, yeah, it is all random post. It's just the result of my boredom. Oh my! My first job, I'm waiting for you. I need you now. :)

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Knowing that you've been loved by someone makes every morning worth getting up for.

I'm so fed up with doing the same routine everyday but I don't have the right to change it or what. Why? You wanna know why? Well, I'm still a bum up to this very moment. And now, I am a professional bum.

Its been two months (almost, actually) since my graduation day and up to now, I haven't found a job. No, it's not about being lazy but it is just really difficult to find a job nowadays due to the financial meltdown and most IT companies require a minimum of one year experience.

I don't want to enter the field of call center. I'm neither against the type of business nor the agents but it's not the job I want. Receiving calls from clients is not the type of job suited for me. And besides, I don't wanna risk my health for the sake of money or work. Plus, I know I can't work on a graveyard shift.

But I badly want a job now. I have been applying online since April and only got a few calls. I have attended exams and interviews and yet, I haven't received any calls coming from them regarding my application. Many have told me to wait because it is still too early. That is what I am doing now - waiting for nothing. But then, I'm still applying. It's kinda frustrating because some of my friends and batchmates have their respective jobs already and working on some reputable companies while me, still unemployed.

I have applied on one of the best companies here. I passed the phone interview and took the exam but until now I haven't received any calls coming from them. Know what, that company is my dream workplace. When I first stepped into their office, the feeling was really different - a feeling that I haven't felt on other companies I went to. And I said to myself, "I really wanna work here."

I keep on praying that God would allow me to work there. It is the company I would love to work with. I hope God would answer my prayers. It will really mean a lot to me. And guys, please do pray that the company I am talking about will hire me real soon. It's my dream company, swear. Thanks!

Anyway, I am quite pissed for the defeat of the Denver Nuggets just this morning. They were defeated by the Los Angeles Lakers with a 4-2 playoffs record. I'm friggin' sad because I am an anti-Kobe ever since. :) But then, I still have Orlando Magic on the other side, still fighting to win the Eastern Conference Finals over the Cleveland Cavaliers.

I am not a Magic fan ever since not until I watched how great Hedo Turkoglu in shooting. I am always attracted to guys who play Basketball well, most especially, shooters, point and shooting guards. And Dwight Howard is cool, as well. Orlando Magic, I think, is the coolest team in the NBA. I hope they will be this year's champ 'cause I know how hungry and thirsty they are for the crown.

By the way, I have read this news in Yahoo!:

"Eminem, who was born 2-1/2 years after the Beatles broke up, is the only artist who has sold more albums in this decade than the fabled foursome. Eminem's new album Relapse sold 608,000 copies this week, lengthening his lead as the artist who has sold the most albums in the 2000s. The rap superstar has sold 31,127,000 albums since the first week of January 2000. In second place: The Beatles, who have sold 27,591,000 albums in the same period. (That's not bad for a group that broke up in 1970.) The Beatles have done better in this decade relative to the competition than they did in the ‘90s, when they were the #5 album-selling act.

Eminem, 31,127,000. First charted: 1999. Eminem, 36, is the top male artist and the top rap artist so far in this decade. His 2000 album The Marshall Mathers LP is his best-seller. It has sold 10,178,000 copies."

To let you know, I am a big fan of the White Rapper, Eminem. :)

Monday, May 25, 2009

I'm not saying that I'm in love, I'm just saying that lately, he's all I think about.

Since I am too lazy to create an entry, I will just share some pictures of me, being part of a Santacruzan. It was also a celebration of the Anniversary of Sto. Niño and birthday of my cousin, Kuya Roy. I'll do a post next time. Now, pictures galore muna. :)

Reina, Celine, Cez and Camille

Camille, Cez, Celine, Reina, Zachee and Erika

Cez and Kuya Roy

Multiply Updates:
One, Two and Three
By the way, pictures are for contacts only.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

There are a lot of people who call you by your name. But there is only one person who can make it sounds so special.

Yes, indeed. I was able to watch the much awaited concert of the year - Davids Live in Manila. It was really the concert that I have been waiting for a long time. I really can't afford to miss the opportunity of seeing David Cook in person and hear him sing live. I have been wanting for this event to come and yeah, it did happen.

I really have no plans of buying any ticket at all because I know Kuya Ome, my cousin, would be there as part of the security. Just so you know, he is also part of the security of some famous bars in the country namely Embassy, Prince of Jaipur, Ascend, Temple Bar and such. When I first heard of the concert, I immediately asked my mom to text Kuya Ome regarding the concert 'cause I really know he will be there and I'm so right.

I have been a David Cook fan since day one of American Idol and I am really impressed about his performances every week until he was named as the American Idol. I have downloaded all the songs included in his first and second-slash-major album. Aside from having that beautiful face, I also love his cool smile which mesmerizes me everytime I look at him on TV or Internet. His smile is really captivating.

If only I knew he had a mall tour in SM North Edsa, I might have a picture of him with me. Kuya Ome told me that some of his bouncer friends were there as part of the security and he could let me have a picture of DC. Oh! I just missed a great opportunity.

Yesterday morning, I was like undecided if I'll be going to Mall of Asia to watch or not. The reason was because Kuya Ome still didn't know by that time if he could let us in. I've been reflecting and thinking that if I will go there and he couldn't let us in, it will be a big disappointment for me but if I will not go and yet there will be sure spots for us, I will surely miss a lot. My mom called my cousin telling him that I will not come anymore but he said that we should because he will do his best for us to be able to watch the concert. Yeah, we went there and I was truly excited.

I went there with Ej and Jasper. We arrived at around 6:30 and we went directly to the backstage as instructed by my cousin. We, three, were super excited to see the two Davids perform on the stage. We may haven't had the seats but standing there for quite a long time was indeed worth it. We watched first the fireworks display. Ate Meryll arrived followed by his brother.

At around 8:30 when the concert started. David Archuleta performed first and everyone was screaming at the top of their lungs. He was cool. He did great. I never thought that he performs better during live than on TV. He was smiling all the time. He sang songs from his album.

After DA, we waited for a couple of minutes because they were fixing the stage for DC. We watched first a 15-minute fireworks display as part of the event. And then, the next part started. The intro of The World I Know was played with David Cook rising up from below. I hope you can picture out what I am talking about. Anyway, he nailed the first song so as to the rest of the songs he sang. He greeted everyone "Magandang Gabi!"

David Cook was really amazing, great, superb, terrific, one of a kind, unbelievable, excellent, outstanding, marvelous, tremendous, exceptional and in fact, words are not enough to describe how great he was that night. He showed that he is indeed the American Idol. I just can't help but smile to the fact that David Cook was really in front of me, singing and performing. It was really incredible. He rocked it. Everyone was hyper and screaming out loud.

Some of the Filipino words he said aside from Magandang Gabi were Mabuhay and Salamat Po. And it was funny because he also said "Salamat Po so much."

After the concert, we felt how tiresome it was. Our knees, legs and thighs were aching. I really can't believe that I watched their concert. I had an amazing night, as in. I hope David Cook will come back here and perform again. And if that day happens, I will surely buy the most expensive ticket just to watch him again perform live.

Pictures and videos will be uploaded in my Multiply. Just check it out.

Monday, May 4, 2009

You must feel sorry for those who broke your heart because one day they will just wake up and realize they had the world but they let it go.

For the past few weeks, rather months, I have been dealing with the certain gap or conflict that our crew has encountering. This is not the first time that our friendship has been tested but I know, for sure, that this is the worst.

During the early years of our college life, we were really inseparable. We wanted to do things together, hang out together and they even persuaded the other members of the crew, including me, to join them on every activity that they planned to do. That was the peak of the beautiful friendship we built since first year.

It was really overwhelming that even though some of the crew chose a different specialization and that we haven't gotten the chance to see each other more often, still the friendship is there, alive and kicking. Text messages were the only bridges for us to communicate especially during semestral and summer vacations. We maintained it and despite the distance, we were able to nurture our friendship.

When we reached our junior year, we became closer than ever. It was actually the most enjoying year of the Chillax Crew, I must say. We shared a lot. We used to do things together. We hanged out often. We bonded like hell even after dismissal. We stayed late and went to different places just to be with each other and enjoyed every minute together. It was fun. We were all happy. I've gotten the chance to become close to everybody and the feeling was really different. I've come to know the real them and I am so glad with it. They taught me a lot of things that I could never forget.

I thought our friendship is long lasting. I thought it will stand the test of time and that it will continue to grow despite the fact that we will barely see each other. But I guess, I was wrong. Totally wrong.

The start of our Senior year was also the beginning of the conflict, of the problem, of the worst scenarios ever. I must admit, the year started out very good until something happened. It brought a lot of problems. And I felt that it was the time that our friendship was starting to fall apart. You know it was hard because I've become really close to every one of them and I just can't choose on who I want to be with.

But then not all things are meant to last forever. There are things that you have to let go even though you want to hold on until you can. You just can't force them to do something that they don't want to do. That's a desperate move. Though we tried to fix every single problem, every single conflict, still, nothing changed. We tried really hard. But it was too tough. We have never been completed since then. In short, laging may kulang.

I thought that everything will be back to normal after Retreat but it didn't. Still, they've made it worst. I don't know, maybe, they are all fed up seeing the same faces everyday. Our friendship is tearing apart. It's all broken and damaged.

On every text message that we sent, no one wanted to reply. On every invitation that we gave, no one is interested to come. I guess, this is the end. Or maybe, a beginning of a beautiful friendship with my F4. I have never been one of the boys not until they catch me when the rest of the world left me. It was unbelievable. I never expected that we will be this close and that I will be able to share to them everything including my problems.

I know that I have been really nice to everybody. If only I could give them everything I have, I will. I let them see the generous part of me. I may not be a perfect friend, but still, I tried to be. Perhaps, I talked behind their backs but eventually, I realized my mistake. I've never bullshitted them. I've never traded them unlike what they are doing now. I've never searched for their replacement. I even tried to make this friendship work even though it is impossible. I tried my best, I really tried but they never appreciated it. They have never seen my worth.

What now? Am I a suspect? Am I the one to blame? Do they hate me? Or are they just jealous for the all out attention given by my F4 to me? Oh well, I don't want to think that they are jealous or insecure but I can't help. After all, they are letting me see their true colors, their real persona. So what if they don't talk to me, if they talk behind me, if they hate me? I have real friends beside me who chose to stay with me than to bullshit me.

But then, I don't hate them for that. They have become my close friends. I have wonderful memories with them that will be cherished no matter what. Hating them is the least thing that I can do and I won't do it just because they are treating me like this. No, it's not me. I still love them despite the attitude that they are showing.

And now, I can finally say, Chillax Crew is gone. It fell apart. It was ruined and will never be whole again. Some of the parts are missing. It's too impossible to bring it back again. Forgetting is somehow a solution for them, avoiding us is what they do but I don't think I could forget them. After all, they have been nice to me before. That was before. No more Chillax Crew. No more.

People come and go so choose those who are willing to stay. How I wish my F4 (Ian, Niko, Rex and Marco), Dyei and Eunice are more than willing to.

Friday, April 24, 2009

If everybody deserves a second chance, would it mean we also have the freedom to waste the first one?

A lot has happened to me during the past weeks. It has been really tough not only to me but also to my family. We have encountered something that tested our relationship as a family. My grandmother (my dad's mom) passed away last week and it was really hard for the entire Medina clan to accept that fact at first.

We were there when she was struggling in the hospital. I saw her face with an oxygen and another tube which was the passage way of her foods and drinks. I saw how she terribly eased all the pain with everything that had been injected to her body. We all witnessed how God took her breathe away little by little. It was hard and painful. We were all bursting into tears. It was a moment when everyone had to comfort each other. We were mourning. We were grieving. We saw everything right to our very eyes that entire scenario when my grandmother was trying to fight for her life up to the moment that her entire face was getting paler and paler and up to the time that we lost her.

But we all accepted the fact that she is now in Heaven beside our God the Father. I know she's happy now that she has already found peace. I know that she's always there, watching and guiding us. I just hope that we all made her happy and proud during her 84 years of existence into this world.

We celebrated Kuya Ojie's Birthday last Monday with a simple gathering in the house. He invited some relatives and college friends. We set aside the feeling of sadness due to the lost of our grandma because we all know that she wants us to be happy and not mourning. We made fun of each other. We had an awards night.

There was a drinking session of course. Supposedly, I won't be drinking because I have a Certification Exam the next day but then, it was a request coming from the birthday boy. I couldn't refuse it. I love my super cousin to bits. Yeah, I drank my first bottle and I was planning not to drink after that. But then, another bottle was given to me so I had no choice. They were making fun of me by telling me that I was lasing already and that I could walk straight no more. But they were all wrong. I was all good by then and I wasn't really lasing. I knew what I was doing and everything was still clear. What I did was to jive with them acting like I was drank and that I was already dizzy. I went home early (around 11.30pm) leaving some of my cousins because I had to prepare for tomorrow's exams.

Last Tuesday was the day for our third certification exam. I was nervous because I wasn't prepared and I didn't review that much. I met up with some friends in Buendia then we all went to MisNet. I took the exam and it was really nerve-wracking. Of all the three exams that we have taken, the third one was the most difficult of all. But then, God was really great because He helped me pass the exam. I wasn't expecting that result. Though I was close to failure. If ever I answered two questions incorrectly, I, for sure, failed it. It was really a day of blessing because that same day was raining really hard.

I went home with Niko and Ian. We, three, bonded in 7-11 near the place since it was raining. We were just fooling around. Afterwhich, we decided to go home with Ian taking the MRT because he was heading to Marikina. Niko and I rode a bus going to Buendia then rode a cab. It was a bit traffic due to rain and some areas were disturbed by the flood. Niko took the LRT when we reached Tayuman and I let the cab dropped me in front of our house.

I'm still a bum up to now and I hate it big time. I should have searched for a job already. I just started today. But I will have an interview in ChinaBank on Monday. Please do pray that the outcome will be great. I don't actually intend to work in a bank but if they will give me a position that I will surely love, why not accept it, right? But for now, I'm still rooting for a job that will let me showcase what I have learned in school (if there's any. :P). I have submitted my resume online to some companies and hoping from calls coming from them.

Today is actually the celebration of Ian's birthday and graduation. I should have been there if only Niko is not heading to Pampanga right this very moment. Errrr. Another birthday celebration of my super partner that I failed to attend. OMG. I was looking for a company the whole day so I could be there but I guess, no one is interested to come. Too bad. I'm getting sadder and sadder whenever I think that Chillax Crew is breaking apart. I don't know. Perhaps, we're already fed up with each other. Oh well. I'm still loyal to my F4 no matter what. I texted Ian already and got no reply. I hope he's not mad and that he would still text me after this day. Sorry Ian. I looked for all the possible ways but still, I will not make it to your celebration. I will make it up to you next time and that's a promise.

Tomorrow will be another party to attend. It is a swimming party to celebrate the birthday of my uncle. It will be held in a private pool in Las Piñas. It will be another terrific bonding moment with the family. I know for sure that it would be fun.

Please do pray for my interview on Monday that I will do great and that it will be successful. And also, do pray that the outing of the crew will push through even though we're only few. I'm still looking forward to that. :)

Friday, April 10, 2009

Never give up on love, you never know when you might get a second chance.

Last April 6 was the celebration of Tita Tessie's 65th Birthday. We had a swimming party at somewhere in Parañaque. The place is really cool, perfect for intimate family gathering. It is a private pool, by the way. It was a surprise party organized by Tita Tessie's two daughters and their respective husbands. I was waiting for this event because I couldn't wait to hit the pool. I enjoyed the entire day with some of my relatives. It was a bonding time for us, most especially, my cousins.

Last April 8, I was supposed to have an exam in Chinabank at eight o'clock in the morning. The venue was in Makati and supposedly, my dad, mom and brother would accompany me there since I am not familiar with Makati though I have been there for how many times already. We waited for a cab. It took us a lot of time and yet, we couldn't find one. So I decided not to go anymore. My mom was really pissed. I know, it was my fault. I was the one who canceled it. I just texted the one who called me and asked her to just re-sched my exam and fortunately, she agreed.

We just decided to take our breakfast at MXT Tea House in Sta. Cruz. We ate lugaw, pork siomai, sharksfin and siopao. Afterwhich, we went directly to SM San Lazaro. It was still early and the mall was still close. Good thing, Starbucks was open and we decided to stay there and have some coffee. We were the first set of customers. Dad and mom ordered brewed coffees, I ordered an Iced Caffe Mocha and my brother ordered a Mocha Frap. We were just laughing around. We were also finalizing the Subic Trip.

When the mall opened, we strolled for a little while. Dad bought my brother a pair of shoes in Artwork and he also bought me a pair of sandals in Von Dutch. Then, we were off.

Yesterday, we went to Subic. We met up with Kuya Jojo at Shakey's-Monumento. We had a long drive from Manila to Subic but was absolutely fun. We watched movies of Julia Roberts since it was the only DVD Kuya Jojo had in his car. We went there to visit the fish pond owned by the Medina Family. It was my first time there and I was surprised with how huge the pond is.

They prepared lots of sumptuous foods for us and everything was seafood. From fishes to crabs to shrimps, just name it. And they were all delicious. We were there, relaxing and feeling the fresh air that we don't have here in the city. Picture taking was, as always, present. We watched them catch fishes in the pond. It was so cool.

We went home at night. Indeed, it was really a fun trip. I will surely go back there. I will drop by Zoobic Safari and Ocean Adventure and that's for sure. Probably, this year also.

* I wanna hit the beach.
* I badly want to watch Fast and Furious in the big screen.
* I wanna see David Cook's concert on o5.16 with a friend.
* I really need to look for a job already.
* I still need to finish pending tasks given to me.
* I wanna go shopping.

Pics in my Multiply.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

There’s nothing wrong in showing you care for someone, what’s wrong is expecting him to do the same.

It was a dream come true for all of us. It was a momentous event that we will never forget. It was a gracious occasion that everyone celebrated. It was a moment of joy and sadness. It was the much awaited event in our lives, our Graduation Day.

After how many years of being cared and cradled by our dear Alma Mater, they finally let us go with all the values they instilled and knowledge we gained all throughout our stay in our beloved Colegio de San Juan de Letran.

We made it through. Our student life is over and bigger challenges now await us as we step towards the hardest stage of our lives and that is to face the real world. By this June, we are no longer students. We will not fall in several lines once the enrollment period started. We will not freak out about how long the process will go. We won’t be meeting our professors. We will not take quizzes, midterm and final exams. There will be no semestral breaks and summer vacations. And the worst part, no more hangouts after school and the precious time with friends will be lessened.

As I entered the doors of PICC yesterday with my parents, I started to feel the excitement of the idea of me, marching the aisle of the reception hall of PICC , going up the stage and letting Fr. Lana transfer my tassel. But at the same time, sadness filled the entire me.

I saw my friends in the line as we prepared to march. The dream of ours to be able to finish our bachelor’s degree in our chosen field has finally come true. And we knew how proud our parents were as they saw us going up the stage and being declared as official graduates of the Colegio. It was fun-filled. I was extremely overwhelmed.

After the ceremony, it was the time of picture taking with family and friends. Our smiles were not as big as you could imagine because the thought of parting ways just kept on popping out. I didn’t cry but I was lonely. I don’t want to put an end to one of the most wonderful stages of my life but I have to, we have to.

We parted ways as we started to leave PICC one by one. We still exchanged text messages and I let them know that our friendship doesn’t end there. It will still continue, alive and kicking no matter what. We may seldom see each other but what we have started four years ago will always be there despite the time and distance. I already insisted of a monthly lunch or dinner with the crew and I hope it will push through. We may not be complete but the idea of seeing your friends once in a while is such a good feeling. I will truly miss them, our laughing trip, tambay moments in every part of Intramuros, our kulitan, hangouts and our what-to-do-next moments.

My F4 (Ian, Niko, Rex and Marco), thanks for everything. I learned a lot from you. I never thought that we will be this close. You’re the best people ever. I won’t search for another F4. Thanks for treating me so special all the time. Marco, thanks for all the good times. It will forever be cherished. Rex, thanks for being my super friend. You’ve done a lot and I truly appreciated everything. All the things I received from you will be kept forever. Don’t forget about me. I know you’ll stay in US for quite a while. Be back, ok? Niko, thank you for being one of the best people I have crossed paths with. You are truly amazing and I’m always thankful for having you as a great friend. And Ian, thanks for always being there for me, for all the care and support, and for all the joy you continue to bring. I may not be that expressive, I hope you know that you are very special to me. Whatever we have now is something that I will treasure until my last breath.

Thine Iced (Kath, Joanne, Dyei and Eunice), my sisters, thank you for everything. Kath, thanks for being a good friend. We may not be that close, I know in our hearts we’re sisters. Take care of your baby. I’m always here for you. Joanne, thanks for sharing your college life with me. We’ve come so far and we made it all through. Dyei, thanks for being my best friend for eight years now. It has been tough for us but still our friendship remains. Eunice, you are truly amazing and I am thankful to God for sending someone like you to me. I will forever be your friend.

And for the rest of the Chillax Crew (Cha, Jhen, Gian, JL, Kel, Rey, Paul and Juls), thank you for making my college life even more memorable and unforgettable. It is truly the best stage of my student life. Whatever we have shared from the time we met will always be valued. I hope to cross paths with you too soon. We have a lot to share, ok? Despite the time and distance, I know we will make it through.

Our student life maybe over but our friendship is still there. As we grow old, it will also grow and mature and it will not be forgotten. I know it will stand the tests of time. I will miss you [always]. I love you. :)

Monday, March 30, 2009

It's better to say something direct to the point that to keep someone guessing. Because, maybe, what his/her interpretation will be different from what you want to say.

Nineteen years ago, I have started to see how beautiful this world is. I was being loved and cared by everyone around me, most especially, my parents. They have given me everything that will make me happy. I have received all the wonderful things life can offer. I have gotten everything that I wanted. I was the cute little girl whom everyone adored, loved and admired.

As I started to grow, special attention was given to me. People liked me, they even loved me. I was always the favorite girl, being carried and cradled. I used to get what I wanted. I used to see all the amazing things around me. I traveled from one place to another.

Fifteen years ago, I started my pre-school year. I was enrolled in a public school. I wasn't really a regular student but considered as one. I have done well in school. I know how proud my parents were. Though I can hardly recall everything, I know how happy they were seeing me in front and being awarded.

Fourteen years ago, my mom enrolled me in a private school where I started my first grade. I was supposed to take an exam for preparatory but was given a first grade exam and fortunately, I passed it. I met my best friend. I met several friends and just trusted a few. My elementary days were absolutely fun. I have met my genuine friends which until now, I still treasure.

Eight years ago, I stepped a year higher. I have started my secondary education in the same school as my elementary. This has been a special part of my student life. Several things happened, from good to bad, from happy to sad - meaning, a lot with different emotions and scenarios. I have new set of friends but I still have my elementary friends beside me. I have learned new things, met special people - true friends and experienced a lot of new things. This stage of my life, I can say, was really exciting and fun-filled.

Four years ago, I entered the gates of Colegio de San Juan de Letran. It wasn't my school of choice. I have a lot of choices in mind and Letran was not one of them. I really didn't know how I ended up here but all I know, I didn't regret it. I have my high school best friend with me when the first day of my college life began. We decided to study in the same college.

My college days were really fun, enjoying and as a matter of fact, words are not enough to describe how enjoyable my college life was. I have met new faces with different personalities but ended up as my trustworthy and cool friends - Thine Iced and Chillax Crew. They have been with me all throughout. We shared a lot of things, name it, school works, personal problems, financial problems and the like. I love them to bits.

I have experienced a lot during this stage of my life and my friends were there with me. I have tried new things and learned a lot from them. My trust, feelings, emotions and everything in me have been tested and managed to get through it. My college life has been the most exciting and terrific stage of my book. It taught me a lot of things which I will carry until the end of time. Letran instilled values that I will bring as time goes on.

Finally, after fifteen years of struggles and hardships of being a student, it has come to its end. It's mixed emotions, I swear. Excitement fills me as the day draws nearer but there is also sadness inside of me. I will miss a lot. For sure, I'm gonna look for it from time to time.

After graduation, I will start looking for jobs. The real world is indeed huge. I don't know if I could find a job right away. There's this what we call, financial crisis. I will be very busy and them as well. Looking for free times is not as easy as I could imagine. It will be very hard for us to meet and catch up. I will miss my friends to the max. As in. Super.

And my friends? They will forever be cherished and treasured. I know that they will always be there for me no matter what happen. Our friendship will never end. It is always there, growing and nurturing despite our distance and busy time.

By the way, can I ask a favor from you? Can you just include in your prayer that my dad will get well soon. He's sick right now and we don't have any idea as to where his fever comes from. Please. We really need it. Do pray for his immediate recovery. Hope he gets well pretty soon. Thank you so much!

Friday, March 20, 2009


The saddest part about purposely ignoring someone, is that when you decided to notice and acknowledge his presence again, the person effortlessly pays no attention.

Its been a while since I last updated my blog. I didn't purposely do it. Actually, I am not really that busy but I just cannot find time to post an entry and update you, guys, about me and my crazy life. Oh, by the way, this is my 500th post. As you notice, this blog has been existing for quite a long time and I am really proud because it is still alive and kicking.

Anyway, I will just give you a little update about me during the past weeks. This is my first post for the month of March and I actually hate myself because I couldn't find time updating this one. The first week of March was actually spent in school, most of the time. We were not really busy preparing for the upcoming Final Exams the next week, instead, we were busy doing our own stuff. I was part of the boys troop because my girl friends were too busy playing Call of Duty in a computer shop near our school. I admit, it sucked a bit but then, I have found a different kind of companionship with the boys.

Second week of March was spent again in school in which we were about to take the last sets of examinations as students. I didn't study or even read my notes because we didn't have any. One of the best parts of that week was during the time we took our exam in one of our major subjects. It was a Wednesday, if I am not mistaken. I was passing my exam papers when I noticed that I was the only girl left in the room. My girl friends left me without any word and thank God, my supermen were there. I had no choice but to join them once more. I have been living this one-of-the-boys life since last month, actually. We food tripped and laugh tripped. We were just in front of 7/11 till night. It was fun though.

And by the way, my dad is here in the Philippines for a vacation and of course, to attend my graduation. We fetched him in the airport last March 12. I am extremely happy to see him once again. We went to Duty Free afterwards.

Few days left and I will be marching down the aisle of PICC and received my diploma. I am having mixed emotions. I can feel the sense of excitement because finally, I have achieved something. But then, I am feeling sad because I know we'll be parting ways. I don't want to think of it but it is a fact. I know, we will still be seeing each other but not all the time. I will miss everything in them. All the things that we have shared, I will miss them all. I wanna cry both in happiness and sadness. But I will never ever let this friendship be ruined by the distance. I know we could still catch up and meet anytime we want. It is just that we will become busier since the real world is not as easy as I imagined.

And one more thing, do create a Facebook Account. It is fun. Hahaha c: You've got to add me there. I'm getting hooked on that. It is much interesting and fun than Friendster.

Cez is happy, absolutely happy.