Friday, April 24, 2009

If everybody deserves a second chance, would it mean we also have the freedom to waste the first one?

A lot has happened to me during the past weeks. It has been really tough not only to me but also to my family. We have encountered something that tested our relationship as a family. My grandmother (my dad's mom) passed away last week and it was really hard for the entire Medina clan to accept that fact at first.

We were there when she was struggling in the hospital. I saw her face with an oxygen and another tube which was the passage way of her foods and drinks. I saw how she terribly eased all the pain with everything that had been injected to her body. We all witnessed how God took her breathe away little by little. It was hard and painful. We were all bursting into tears. It was a moment when everyone had to comfort each other. We were mourning. We were grieving. We saw everything right to our very eyes that entire scenario when my grandmother was trying to fight for her life up to the moment that her entire face was getting paler and paler and up to the time that we lost her.

But we all accepted the fact that she is now in Heaven beside our God the Father. I know she's happy now that she has already found peace. I know that she's always there, watching and guiding us. I just hope that we all made her happy and proud during her 84 years of existence into this world.

We celebrated Kuya Ojie's Birthday last Monday with a simple gathering in the house. He invited some relatives and college friends. We set aside the feeling of sadness due to the lost of our grandma because we all know that she wants us to be happy and not mourning. We made fun of each other. We had an awards night.

There was a drinking session of course. Supposedly, I won't be drinking because I have a Certification Exam the next day but then, it was a request coming from the birthday boy. I couldn't refuse it. I love my super cousin to bits. Yeah, I drank my first bottle and I was planning not to drink after that. But then, another bottle was given to me so I had no choice. They were making fun of me by telling me that I was lasing already and that I could walk straight no more. But they were all wrong. I was all good by then and I wasn't really lasing. I knew what I was doing and everything was still clear. What I did was to jive with them acting like I was drank and that I was already dizzy. I went home early (around 11.30pm) leaving some of my cousins because I had to prepare for tomorrow's exams.

Last Tuesday was the day for our third certification exam. I was nervous because I wasn't prepared and I didn't review that much. I met up with some friends in Buendia then we all went to MisNet. I took the exam and it was really nerve-wracking. Of all the three exams that we have taken, the third one was the most difficult of all. But then, God was really great because He helped me pass the exam. I wasn't expecting that result. Though I was close to failure. If ever I answered two questions incorrectly, I, for sure, failed it. It was really a day of blessing because that same day was raining really hard.

I went home with Niko and Ian. We, three, bonded in 7-11 near the place since it was raining. We were just fooling around. Afterwhich, we decided to go home with Ian taking the MRT because he was heading to Marikina. Niko and I rode a bus going to Buendia then rode a cab. It was a bit traffic due to rain and some areas were disturbed by the flood. Niko took the LRT when we reached Tayuman and I let the cab dropped me in front of our house.

I'm still a bum up to now and I hate it big time. I should have searched for a job already. I just started today. But I will have an interview in ChinaBank on Monday. Please do pray that the outcome will be great. I don't actually intend to work in a bank but if they will give me a position that I will surely love, why not accept it, right? But for now, I'm still rooting for a job that will let me showcase what I have learned in school (if there's any. :P). I have submitted my resume online to some companies and hoping from calls coming from them.

Today is actually the celebration of Ian's birthday and graduation. I should have been there if only Niko is not heading to Pampanga right this very moment. Errrr. Another birthday celebration of my super partner that I failed to attend. OMG. I was looking for a company the whole day so I could be there but I guess, no one is interested to come. Too bad. I'm getting sadder and sadder whenever I think that Chillax Crew is breaking apart. I don't know. Perhaps, we're already fed up with each other. Oh well. I'm still loyal to my F4 no matter what. I texted Ian already and got no reply. I hope he's not mad and that he would still text me after this day. Sorry Ian. I looked for all the possible ways but still, I will not make it to your celebration. I will make it up to you next time and that's a promise.

Tomorrow will be another party to attend. It is a swimming party to celebrate the birthday of my uncle. It will be held in a private pool in Las PiƱas. It will be another terrific bonding moment with the family. I know for sure that it would be fun.

Please do pray for my interview on Monday that I will do great and that it will be successful. And also, do pray that the outing of the crew will push through even though we're only few. I'm still looking forward to that. :)