Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Sometimes, we need to forget about the people from our past because there must have been a good reason why they didn’t make it to our future.

JANUARY 27, 2009

Just now, I find time to somehow update my blog by posting something new. I’ve been out for ten days, I guess and I must admit, I missed blogging – something that I am used to do. It has been a tiresome and brain draining two weeks for me because if not, you would be able to read an entry everyday. It’s been really tough for me. Aside from thesis and semwork, our professors used to give us pain in the ass school works and quizzes.

But since I missed this, I will just share to you my weekend experience as we did a troubleshooting video which is apparently a requirement for our thesis. Well, actually, some groups performed the troubleshooting in person but because of lack of time, our professor agreed to the idea of having it videoed.

July 26, 2008

Two groups (mine’s and Rex’s) agreed to perform the troubleshooting at Rex’s house in Muñoz. And since I don’t know how to get there, because I have only been there once in my entire life, Ian and I decided to meet at Monumento station. Our meeting time was 9:30am but I arrived at 10:30am. Yeah, I was late but I didn’t hear any complains. I saw him standing in front of National Book Store with Marco who is a groupmate of Rex. Afterwhich, we walked a little while and rode a jeepney. It wasn’t really a long ride but it was fun.

We reached Muñoz Market and walked. It was quite a long walk. Ian and Marco joked on me that they will run and leave me there because they knew that I don’t know how to get to Rex’s crib. But as what I’ve said, it was just a joke. Then after how many minutes of walking, we arrived at our destination. Rex was setting up all the devices that we need for our troubleshooting. We started installing Windows Server 2003 but experienced a lot of problems.

Kath came next then Niko. That means, we were six SE students working there. We tried our best to solve the problems that we have encountered yet ended up failing. We all decided to call a classmate and asked questions. At first, we weren’t able to solve it but later on, we noticed a bit of progress. While the rest of the crew was watching Pathology, Ian and I still faced the monitors and tried resolving the problem. It was around 7pm when we finally resolved it. Thank God for that. We started recording the video and the entire process ended at around 11pm. That was the only time we took our supper.

After that, we already went home. It was so tiring but amazingly fun. Ian walked me home as instructed by my mom. I arrived at our house at around 1am.

July 27, 2008

I thought everything was okay but I was absolutely shocked when I read the text messages coming from Rex and Ian that the video we recorded last Saturday wasn’t able to play either in the videocam or in the computer. At first, I remained calm thinking that Rex will still find solution for it but after Rex called me, I felt that there was a heavy material fell in my head. I was quite pissed off but it wasn’t anyone’s fault. Good thing, Niko and his groupmates agreed to have their troubleshooting at Rex’s home. That was the time I felt a bit of relief because I know, we can still do something about it.

I tried contacting Ian but I couldn’t get any replies coming from him. Neither did I know that he fell into a deep sleep after talking to me on the phone. So, I just waited for his and Rex’s call if I could go there or not. And as soon as I received a call coming from Rex telling me to go there already, I hurriedly prepared and went off.

It was my first time to go to Rex’s house all by myself. Good thing, I arrived there safe. It was quite horrifying because there were a lot of tambays who would stare and glare at you as if they know you. Some looks were really frightening and I was just so worried. I just walked as fast as I could and be able to reach my destination. I should have texted anyone of them to fetch me at the market. If only I knew that I would experience such things, I should have gone there with Ian and not just all by myself. At least, it was a lesson learned for me. I will never go there alone. As soon as they heard it, they started laughing. They also agreed that I should not go there by myself only.

While Niko’s group started their troubleshooting, Ian and I played jackstone and I beat him. Yey! Then we had our turn and we made it sure that our video can be played again. After doing all the things we need to do, we went home. It was around 11pm when I arrived home.

I can say that my weekend was indeed fun. Though it was really tiresome and quite irritationg we managed to enjoy it. As of the moment, I’m still clueless if the classes tomorrow in Letran will be cut as a preparation for the Letran-Beda match-up. Everyone knows that it is the much-anticipated game of the season and we want to be part of that classic game. I just hope that we could watch the game live. Go for 7-0. Arriba Letran! Beat San Beda!

Friday, July 18, 2008

Go for someone who is not only proud to have you but will also take the risk even just an hour with you.

The Letran Information Technology Society had a General Assembly today. I don't know if we, fourth year students, are required to come but we did. Well, we came as part of our support for the organization and the course itself. We were told that the assembly will start at 8am that's why we arrived there early, around 8:30am, I guess. But too bad, it started at 9am.

I was able to talk with the PRO of Lapiang Liberal ng Letran. His name is Clarence, a second year Marketing student. He explained to me all their objectives and some of their platform but I didn't listen. Don't blame me, I wasn't in the mood that time. I was just pretending that I was listening but in fact, I wasn't. But it was cool. I might vote for him. He is a good spokesperson. He introduced me to the IT Representative which is Jim Good and he also talked to me. Oh well, I honestly won't vote for him because I have reserved my vote for Jeff Aceron. And it is all because of Eunice. They are friends eh.

Anyway, we really didn't enjoy the program itself but I enjoyed my friends' company. We were hyper, as in. We were all seated at the back of the SC Auditorium and since we are the seniors, we felt that we were superior. Got it? We were screaming loud, trying to joked on the performers, the emcees, the game and some other stuffs. Well, you can't blame us because it was a bit corny and funny. So, we made fun of it. Only few of the Seniors came to attend and yet, we managed to make an impact. Though the entire auditorium was dominated and filled with the Juniors. They were really in the mood and I know that they really enjoyed it. They had the loudest screams, by the way. And the last performers murdered Awit ng Kabataan.

After the assembly, we stayed in the catwalk first. We chatted and laughed like we always do. We had another set of picture taking. By the way, we had lots of pictures during the GA because of boredom, I think. Going back, we planned on what we will do next and we just settled on having our lunch at SM Manila. And I was really looking forward to another bonding moment with them. But Niko, Ian and Rex didn't go with us, instead, they decided to eat somewhere since Rex brought his car with him. We ate at McDonald's and stayed there for a little while after eating. We received a text coming from Rex and inviting us if we want to join on their joyride to Tagaytay. As much as we wanted to come, we really can't because the car is too small for us.

Eunice, JL, Marco and Thea went home after while the rest of the gang stayed at SM Manila. We went to Quantum and played arcades. It was fun. I enjoyed it though I felt a little dizzy. Afterwhich, Dyei, Joanne and I went home while some of them stayed there. This day is tiring but fun.

By the way, I want the hoodie I saw at Solo and I really want to buy it. And another thing, Letran Knights won once again after defeating the mighty UPHS Altas. It was a tough match because Letran never had the chance to lead the game until the last minute of the fourth quarter. As a matter of fact, there was a 20-point deficit favoring the Altas during the Second Quarter. But knowing the Knights, whatever happens, they still have this powerful spirit that always keeps them high. They never give up and they always show the true character of a Knight. With the way they played, I guess they have to practice and motivate themselves a lot more since they'll be facing the Mapua Cardinals on their next game. RJ Jazul did really great once more.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

In the face of true love, you don't just give up, even if the object of your affection is begging you to. ~Chuck Bass, Gossip Girl

During the weekend, including Friday since I don't have classes during Friday, I'm still busy doing school stuffs. Well, not really, since I managed to watch a number of movies. It has been a hobby ever since I discovered underground websites where I can download movies without any costs at all. Though it will take you hours and it really needs a fast internet connection. What I always do is to divide my downloading time since I'm also busy with school. Whenever I need to accomplish something and I badly need an internet connection, I won't download and just continue the next day. It is a matter of time management. It's pretty awesome.

Also, that same day, my mom and I bonded together in a salon. Just like what a mother-daughter always do to relax and pamper themselves. We had hair spa together and it was tons of fun. A moment with my mom is something that I'm really looking forward too since we are always busy. I'm busy with school and she's busy taking care of my cousins. I'm planning of another mom-daughter bonding, perhaps, a massage this time.

I love the fact that our thesis is going well. The letter has been approved by the committee though there are some comments on the paper. We are trying to give our best and exert a lot of effort this time because we don't want to get another Major revision verdict or worst, a Total Revision verdict. Actually, our main goal is get a No Revision verdict on the Final Defense but I know it is quite impossible to happen. But I'm still wishing that we''ll be able to achieve our goal since the defense is scheduled few days before my birthday. And I really want to celebrate and be happy on my special day. And one of the best birthday gifts I could receive would be a passing remark on our Final Defense.

July 14, 2005 was the day Thine Iced was born and made into existence. Dyei, Eunice, Joanne, Kath, Arianne and Dyan have become my best friends ever since I stepped into college though we seldom see Arianne and Dyan for the past years. Thine Iced is actually the very first all-girls group I've been into and I can say that they are the best girls in the entire world. I consider myself lucky and fortunate enough because I have crossed paths with these genuinely beautiful (inside and out) and kind-hearted individuals. Those moments I have with them are surely memories to cherish forever. In this chapter of my life, they are the lead characters. They have brought out the real me. And I'm so grateful because they stayed with me all throughout. They have seen me at my worst and yet, they never leave my side.

And tomorrow, we will be celebrating our three years together and I'm very happy because we've made it this far. And I'm pretty sure that this friendship will continue to grow and nourish until the end of time. I don't know what will I do without them. Oh well, one of the reasons why I'm happy being single (though some of them already have their significant other) is because I have them by my side. I'm one of the youngest in the group yet they have guided me to the right path. They will forever be part of my life. Happy 3rd Anniversary girlfriends! You know how much I love and cherish you.

Oh well, another busy day tomorrow. I know I have to ready myself once again. I used to get a headache whenever I think of those school works that we need to accomplish. And something is really bothering me.


Dyei's Anniversary gift. Cute, indeed. Thanks so much 'tol. Love you.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

There will be times when you will love someone so much that even the simplest gesture is enough to convince you and make you stay in love.

Ever wonder why I seldom update my blog? Oh well, there is only one reason and that is school. We are still busy and I know, it will continue until the end of this semester. I must admit I have to hate it but I can't find reason now to hate it. Perhaps, this is really part of our college life. The last year is the worst and the best year at the same time.

Our thesis is still ongoing. And I'm so happy with what our group has accomplished so far. We are doing really well. After all, we have solved the other half of the problem. Kudos for that! But of course, as the semester goes on, we still going to experience a lot of problems related to our thesis. But I'm pretty much confident that our group will be able to get through it. Hopefully, we could make this thesis a better one, well, as compared to our last semester's. If you still don't know, we have decided to look for another institution where we will be conducting our study. We have a lot of reasons why and one of them is technical difficulty. I just don't want to elaborate more regarding it but right now, we have found a new one already.

Another thing is our Semwork. I just don't like my professor. Period. She's so annoying and she doesn't have any consideration at all. I feel like we are all pressured even though we are not supposed to feel so. She's making it really hard for everyone of us. But this afternoon, she was nicer and she had a really good aura. I hope that everyday, she's like that. She has to loosen up because she's taking everything too seriously. No wonder, she doesn't have a social life. Just pray that we'll be able to pull off a very successful seminar on the 26th of September. We are not asking for the best. I'm just afraid that instead of save the best for last, it will be save the worst for last.

Anyway, he maybe defeated by the world's number two but for me, it is still Roger Federer who deserves to be called as this year's Wimbledon champion. It isn't just my opinion. Actually, almost all people who have watched that very superb and classic match-up said that it was Roger Federer who deserves to grab the title. Yeah, Rafael Nadal is indeed great. He can convincingly beat Roger in many ways. But the game that they had just recently showed that Roger is greater or rather say, greatest. From 2-0 in favor of Rafa, Roger was able to catch up and tied the game. He even pulled himself closer to the title during the 5th set but luck wasn't in his hands that time. He lost but I know he is the most deserving one. Well, Roger is still the world's number one. I'm hoping that he'll win the US Open title. For me, Roger Federer is the best tennis player next to Bjorn Borg and Pete Sampras.

By the way guys, can I ask you a favor? Please pray for the fast recovery of my grandmother (my dad's mom). She's in ICU right now because of mild heart attack. Your prayers will mean a lot to us. Thanks.

And one more thing, please do pray also that the 8.1 earthquake, that is said to happen on the 18th of July, will not occur. It will really be a big disaster. I once received an email regarding that prediction and I admit, I feel scared and worried at the same time. I just can't help but feel nervous. Yeah, they are right that no one can tell if a disaster could happen but let's just take this as a warning. And besides, there's no harm in praying, ayt? God is great and He will really hear our prayers. That prayer will mean a lot not just to me but also to all the people residing here. This is actually one way of saving one's life. Let's pray because we all know that God saves.