Tuesday, July 8, 2008

There will be times when you will love someone so much that even the simplest gesture is enough to convince you and make you stay in love.

Ever wonder why I seldom update my blog? Oh well, there is only one reason and that is school. We are still busy and I know, it will continue until the end of this semester. I must admit I have to hate it but I can't find reason now to hate it. Perhaps, this is really part of our college life. The last year is the worst and the best year at the same time.

Our thesis is still ongoing. And I'm so happy with what our group has accomplished so far. We are doing really well. After all, we have solved the other half of the problem. Kudos for that! But of course, as the semester goes on, we still going to experience a lot of problems related to our thesis. But I'm pretty much confident that our group will be able to get through it. Hopefully, we could make this thesis a better one, well, as compared to our last semester's. If you still don't know, we have decided to look for another institution where we will be conducting our study. We have a lot of reasons why and one of them is technical difficulty. I just don't want to elaborate more regarding it but right now, we have found a new one already.

Another thing is our Semwork. I just don't like my professor. Period. She's so annoying and she doesn't have any consideration at all. I feel like we are all pressured even though we are not supposed to feel so. She's making it really hard for everyone of us. But this afternoon, she was nicer and she had a really good aura. I hope that everyday, she's like that. She has to loosen up because she's taking everything too seriously. No wonder, she doesn't have a social life. Just pray that we'll be able to pull off a very successful seminar on the 26th of September. We are not asking for the best. I'm just afraid that instead of save the best for last, it will be save the worst for last.

Anyway, he maybe defeated by the world's number two but for me, it is still Roger Federer who deserves to be called as this year's Wimbledon champion. It isn't just my opinion. Actually, almost all people who have watched that very superb and classic match-up said that it was Roger Federer who deserves to grab the title. Yeah, Rafael Nadal is indeed great. He can convincingly beat Roger in many ways. But the game that they had just recently showed that Roger is greater or rather say, greatest. From 2-0 in favor of Rafa, Roger was able to catch up and tied the game. He even pulled himself closer to the title during the 5th set but luck wasn't in his hands that time. He lost but I know he is the most deserving one. Well, Roger is still the world's number one. I'm hoping that he'll win the US Open title. For me, Roger Federer is the best tennis player next to Bjorn Borg and Pete Sampras.

By the way guys, can I ask you a favor? Please pray for the fast recovery of my grandmother (my dad's mom). She's in ICU right now because of mild heart attack. Your prayers will mean a lot to us. Thanks.

And one more thing, please do pray also that the 8.1 earthquake, that is said to happen on the 18th of July, will not occur. It will really be a big disaster. I once received an email regarding that prediction and I admit, I feel scared and worried at the same time. I just can't help but feel nervous. Yeah, they are right that no one can tell if a disaster could happen but let's just take this as a warning. And besides, there's no harm in praying, ayt? God is great and He will really hear our prayers. That prayer will mean a lot not just to me but also to all the people residing here. This is actually one way of saving one's life. Let's pray because we all know that God saves.