Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Sometimes, we need to forget about the people from our past because there must have been a good reason why they didn’t make it to our future.

JANUARY 27, 2009

Just now, I find time to somehow update my blog by posting something new. I’ve been out for ten days, I guess and I must admit, I missed blogging – something that I am used to do. It has been a tiresome and brain draining two weeks for me because if not, you would be able to read an entry everyday. It’s been really tough for me. Aside from thesis and semwork, our professors used to give us pain in the ass school works and quizzes.

But since I missed this, I will just share to you my weekend experience as we did a troubleshooting video which is apparently a requirement for our thesis. Well, actually, some groups performed the troubleshooting in person but because of lack of time, our professor agreed to the idea of having it videoed.

July 26, 2008

Two groups (mine’s and Rex’s) agreed to perform the troubleshooting at Rex’s house in Muñoz. And since I don’t know how to get there, because I have only been there once in my entire life, Ian and I decided to meet at Monumento station. Our meeting time was 9:30am but I arrived at 10:30am. Yeah, I was late but I didn’t hear any complains. I saw him standing in front of National Book Store with Marco who is a groupmate of Rex. Afterwhich, we walked a little while and rode a jeepney. It wasn’t really a long ride but it was fun.

We reached Muñoz Market and walked. It was quite a long walk. Ian and Marco joked on me that they will run and leave me there because they knew that I don’t know how to get to Rex’s crib. But as what I’ve said, it was just a joke. Then after how many minutes of walking, we arrived at our destination. Rex was setting up all the devices that we need for our troubleshooting. We started installing Windows Server 2003 but experienced a lot of problems.

Kath came next then Niko. That means, we were six SE students working there. We tried our best to solve the problems that we have encountered yet ended up failing. We all decided to call a classmate and asked questions. At first, we weren’t able to solve it but later on, we noticed a bit of progress. While the rest of the crew was watching Pathology, Ian and I still faced the monitors and tried resolving the problem. It was around 7pm when we finally resolved it. Thank God for that. We started recording the video and the entire process ended at around 11pm. That was the only time we took our supper.

After that, we already went home. It was so tiring but amazingly fun. Ian walked me home as instructed by my mom. I arrived at our house at around 1am.

July 27, 2008

I thought everything was okay but I was absolutely shocked when I read the text messages coming from Rex and Ian that the video we recorded last Saturday wasn’t able to play either in the videocam or in the computer. At first, I remained calm thinking that Rex will still find solution for it but after Rex called me, I felt that there was a heavy material fell in my head. I was quite pissed off but it wasn’t anyone’s fault. Good thing, Niko and his groupmates agreed to have their troubleshooting at Rex’s home. That was the time I felt a bit of relief because I know, we can still do something about it.

I tried contacting Ian but I couldn’t get any replies coming from him. Neither did I know that he fell into a deep sleep after talking to me on the phone. So, I just waited for his and Rex’s call if I could go there or not. And as soon as I received a call coming from Rex telling me to go there already, I hurriedly prepared and went off.

It was my first time to go to Rex’s house all by myself. Good thing, I arrived there safe. It was quite horrifying because there were a lot of tambays who would stare and glare at you as if they know you. Some looks were really frightening and I was just so worried. I just walked as fast as I could and be able to reach my destination. I should have texted anyone of them to fetch me at the market. If only I knew that I would experience such things, I should have gone there with Ian and not just all by myself. At least, it was a lesson learned for me. I will never go there alone. As soon as they heard it, they started laughing. They also agreed that I should not go there by myself only.

While Niko’s group started their troubleshooting, Ian and I played jackstone and I beat him. Yey! Then we had our turn and we made it sure that our video can be played again. After doing all the things we need to do, we went home. It was around 11pm when I arrived home.

I can say that my weekend was indeed fun. Though it was really tiresome and quite irritationg we managed to enjoy it. As of the moment, I’m still clueless if the classes tomorrow in Letran will be cut as a preparation for the Letran-Beda match-up. Everyone knows that it is the much-anticipated game of the season and we want to be part of that classic game. I just hope that we could watch the game live. Go for 7-0. Arriba Letran! Beat San Beda!