Monday, July 27, 2009

Since last week, I was like "I'm gonna post an entry to my blog" but whenever I face my laptop, all I get was nothing. I always have random thoughts like today. I couldn't post any sensible entry. And like any other entry I had in the past, this would probably be another random post.

And yes, I'm still a bum up to now, a professional one in fact. I don't know why those headhunters haven't called me yet. Perhaps, they are just waiting for me to turn twenty years old. Oh no! I need to find a job before my birthday so I could treat my family and some friends. But then, I cannot do anything if they don't want to hire me yet. I'm still waiting without any feeling of desperation, swear! I'm still chilling here in the house because I know once I get the job I've yearning for quite a long time, I would probably be busy and may not have time to plurk, tweet and even visit my Facebook account. Haha :))

And besides, many have told me that it's okay if I'm still jobless up to now given my age and also, I have spent 15 years studying. So, I really need to just chill first then go get a job once I'm ready physically, mentally and emotionally. But then again, I'm ready, promise! In all aspects, I'm ready and I'm just waiting for their calls to schedule me for exams or interviews.

Oh, I wanna stop blabbing about job, work, etc. because I'm getting pressured. Kuya Ojie is doing great. I'm so proud of him. We're always together eh. We attended the same schools since elementary and up to college. We're really inseparable. This is the first time that we've been apart, actually. But he actually encouraged me to apply to where he is working now but unfortunately, I couldn't since he's working in a casino, (the biggest one in the Philippines, in fact) which will open this coming August, because I'm only 19 years old and if you're gonna work in a casino, you have to be 21 years old and above. So yeah, I missed an opportunity. Did I mention that his salary is higher than what you'd expect for an entry level position? I envy him but I'm so happy for him, as well.

Last Friday, Letran lost against San Beda by five points. It was a good game, I must say. As much as I wanted to watch it live in the arena, I really can't since no one wants to come with me. Haha :) But it was a good thing also since there was a brawl after the game. Oh well, it's always present. Nothing's new. But I hope, next time, it would be more of a clean game. It was saddening though 'cause the Knights lost against their biggest rival but they shouldn't feel that bad since they gave their very best and exerted all their efforts just to win the game. I was actually surprised with how the Knights played that day. New team. New players. New strategies. They've done great. They didn't give up and it's enough to say that the Knights are really improving.

Another upset happened yesterday when the UP Fighting Maroons defeated the no. 1 team in the UAAP which is the Ateneo Blue Eagles. Who would have thought? Everyone was surprised and actually, Ateneo's defeat made it to Twitter's trending topic. It was the talk of the town. They were like ranting about how Ateneo lost instead of talking about how UP won. It was funny! You know, the Blue Eagles were just too overconfident that's why they lost. It was a lucky game for the Fighting Maroons, on the other hand, since most of their 3 point shots were successful, especially Woody Co, considering that he is not a shooter. Better luck next time. But prior to that major upset, DLSU Green Archers grabbed their second win by defeating Adamson Falcons by 1 point. It was really a close game.

Before I end up this entry, I would like to congratulate some of my friends who were able to pass the nursing board. Joyce, Maxine and Jag, job well done! Cheers! I'm so proud of you. :)

PS. "I get more texts from twitter than I do from my friends" -- and yes, tinamaan ako!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Sebastian Stan and Leighton Meester are burning HOT! :) He's simple, she's sexy! I love them both. I am really excited for Gossip Girl Season 3. I really cannot wait to see Blair Waldorf and Carter Baizen again though they have different love interests in the series. This couple really looks perfect, for me. He's one of my forever celebrity crushes and she's one of my fashion icons that I will always look up to.

Monday, July 13, 2009

So, I'll be getting random again this time. As usual, nothing new about me. I'm still a useless individual here in the house. I'm sick of being a bum but what can I do? Thanks to the cyberworld which keeps giving sense to my nonsense life for how many months now. Though, it is sickening at times. But then again, this has become my life after graduation. I can't go out, watch movie and shop for the main reason that I have no money to suffice my luxuries in life. My savings are slowly vanishing away and the remaining money I have is kept on my pink wallet for emergency purposes.

I am so happy because my cousins are doing great in their respective field like Kuya Wawie found a job already in a company located in Makati, Elaize has also gotten a job in one of the best banks in the country, Kuya Ojie has finally landed a good job somewhere in ParaƱaque (and I envy him) while Kuya Paulo, on the other hand, is continuing his education at PLM taking a Med course. I'm the only one left unemployed and I'm getting all the pressure now. It seems like they're just waiting for me to finally land a good job one of these days. It's quite irritating though because they're just giving me a lot of pressure.

Yeah, I got their point that they just want me to become busy again so I won't be bored here in the house. But finding a job is not as easy as decades ago especially now that we're experiencing global recession. Companies, instead of hiring, are laying off employees. I'm applying online. It's just that I'm still not getting any feedback or call from any headhunter. But I'm still full of hope, there's no way I'm gonna be hopeless and desperate. I'm too young. I'm 19, turning 20 in a few months, and sometimes, I'm thinking that because of my age, they don't wish to hire me yet.

I am extremely happy also because a close friend has finally found a job. I find it really sweet when he informed me first about the good news before anyone else (including his mom). Like me, he really wants to find a job right away though he needs it more - given his age. And when he texted me about it, I couldn't be any happier. He told me that he might ask the HR if there is still available position for me. Sweet, isn't it?

Supposedly, I will be watching Harry Potter in the cinema with friends this coming Friday but my cute little cousin asked me to be with them as they watch the movie which I really could not turn down. I might be watching the movie with them this coming Saturday. Hopefully, it will push through because I really want to watch the Harry Potter in the movie house.

By the way, I watched an NCAA game on TV this afternoon between Letran and Mapua where the prior prevailed over the latter. It is really nice seeing the guys playing well like they used to. It got me quite nostalgic because I missed watching the games in the arena. I missed cheering for my Alma Mater, screaming and inspiring the Knights. I hope to do those things again in the future. One more thing, Kevin Alas is really a prized possession for the Knights.

Random again, I told you. I hope and pray that I will be able to land a better, if not the best, job pretty soon. I'm really missing the busy life. :)

Monday, July 6, 2009

Roger Federer is Wimbledon 2009 Champion. No doubt, he's the greatest tennis player of all time. He just won his 15th Grand Slam title outnumbering Pete Sampras' and his record of 14. He's back on top where he truly belongs.

"He was a legend and now he's an icon." -Pete Sampras

15 Grand Slam titles and still counting...
Sweet, indeed.

PS. Please lead me to where he is. Dang that crazy dream! Hahahaha ;))

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Before anything else, I wanna say that I am in love with Chris Daughtry's version of Poker Face, Kris Allen's version of Heartless and No Boundaries and FM Static's Tonight. Last Song Syndrome, as in.

Wimby Finals later and I really cannot wait. It will be between Roger Federer and Andy Roddick. I admit, I was really surprised when I knew that Roddick defeated Andy Murray for the last final slot. I never thought, super. But then, it happened and again, it will be some sort of rematch. Both players are playing great and I guess, whoever wins, deserves the title. Though, I'm very much vocal that I am still rooting for Roger Federer. Well, he's my idol and I'm one of his fans. He's the greatest tennis player ever.

By the way, Serena Williams won the Wimby title for the Women's division by defeating her sister Venus Williams. I'm not a fan of them so I really don't care that much. Maria Sharapova will always be my favorite.

I really have a super crazy yet funny dream last night. This is the first time that a dream has really stuck in my mind and never wanted to fizzle out. It just so happens that up to this very moment, I'm still kinikilig. Hahaha :))

I just don't want to detail out what my dream was but the most unforgettable thing about it is the guy. I was walking when he suddenly smiled at me and said hi. I smiled and said hi also. But upon hearing him say "Hey babe!" I was pissed and just passed him by. I actually joked myself upon waking up that even in my dream, I am still suplada.

The guy is really good looking, scratch that part, handsome. He has the fair complexion, chinky eyes and a pair of dimples. I just cannot forget about him. Another thing, I haven't seen him in real life. There's a saying that if the image of the person in your dream is clear, meaning, you've met that person already. But in my case, the image of the person was really clear and up to now, he's still circling around my mind and I haven't met him nor crossed paths with him. I really haven't seen him, as in. Strange, super!

I really don't know what to feel but all I can say I'm kinikilig talaga. This is the first time that I had a dream like that and the first time I felt this kind of feeling. So weird! I wanna meet that person. I know his face, it's very clear. If one day, our paths will suddenly cross, I would probably recognize him.

I don't want to believe in what they say as soulmate but if he really is my soulmate, I would really search for him. Hahaha :) But then, I do hope that someday, I will finally meet the guy in my strange dream.

PS. Is he my Mr. Right slash The One? lol

Friday, July 3, 2009

I just want to share Chris Daughtry's version of Lady Gaga's Poker Face. I'm following Chris on Twitter and he tweeted something regarding it and I got so curious as to how he nailed the song. It was the acoustic slash rock version of the song. I was totally impressed and amazed on how he rocked it. For me, it was the better version. No offense to Lady Gaga's fans, I like her version but I love Daughtry's version. :)

Anyways, up until today, I still don't have a job. Yeah, no headhunter is calling me and I am already pissed. Like I've been waiting for quite a long time and I have passed my resume to a number of companies. And when I say a number, a huge one. But still, I'm gonna wait until I'm tired of it. If the time comes that I'm already tired of waiting, I have no choice but to follow my dad.

But this afternoon, a headhunter called me and I was so surprised. He told me that they were in a rush and they needed to fill up the remaining slots. I'm quite interested but the position they are looking for is a Mainframe Programmer (Java, SQL and such). As if I'm good at it though I have a background of Programming, specifically Visual Basic .NET and Java. But then again, it's SQL and I haven't learned anything from my SQL professor before except for the basic codes.

And besides, the guy was really hurrying that I was really not prepared in such a way that I haven't taken a bath that time. It was around 2pm when the guy called, by the way. He kept on persuading me by telling me that he called many applicants already and most of them turned the offer down plus he also told me that I'm not that far from their office. Their office is located in Makati, along Chino Roces and Gil Puyat Avenue.

I just told him that I will just think about it. That was the only reply I could give that moment because first, I am not a programmer and second, I wasn't prepared. He just promised me that they will keep in touch with me when there is a job opening related to my specialization. I just hope they will. *fingers crossed*

Upon ending the call, I had a quick reflection with how I responded to the guy on the other line. There was a part of me that regrets the fact that I turned it down because I believe it is one heck of a good opportunity. The company is a big one but I don't wanna detail more and I won't even give the name. But then, a part of me tells me that I somehow did the right thing because as far as I am concerned, I am really not good in Java Programming though I quite excelled in that subject. Even though there will be a training for that, still, I am not ready for a career shift. I'm still on the technical slash networking side. I'm afraid that I can't make it to their expectations on me. And besides, during the time that they called me, I haven't taken a bath. If I will accept their offer, I need to be in their office at 3:30pm. I calculated the time that I will spend preparing and how long it will take me to their office. I realized I did the right thing because if ever, I will be late.

I know, I missed a great opportunity again and I actually hate the feeling of regret but what will I do. I tried my very best to clear my mind and even encouraged myself but I guess, it wasn't the job for me. How I wish a better opportunity will soon come. I know in God's time but I do hope it will not take too long. I'm bored and staying all day long doing the same thing is sickening.

I'm really crossing my fingers for that great opportunity and I am really asking our God Almighty to help me find the perfect job to which I will be happy and contented, where I can grow and continue to learn. I am still not desperate though but I don't want to come to the point of desperation. I'm hoping and praying that the opportunity I'm asking for will come pretty soon.

Wimby Update: Federer versus Haas; Murray versus Roddick
NBA Update: AI's comeback (I love his tweet I read this morning)
Movie Update: Funny People starring Adam Sandler and others plus Eminem has a cameo role.

PS. I am really crushing on Joel Madden. He is effin' hot! :)