Monday, July 13, 2009

So, I'll be getting random again this time. As usual, nothing new about me. I'm still a useless individual here in the house. I'm sick of being a bum but what can I do? Thanks to the cyberworld which keeps giving sense to my nonsense life for how many months now. Though, it is sickening at times. But then again, this has become my life after graduation. I can't go out, watch movie and shop for the main reason that I have no money to suffice my luxuries in life. My savings are slowly vanishing away and the remaining money I have is kept on my pink wallet for emergency purposes.

I am so happy because my cousins are doing great in their respective field like Kuya Wawie found a job already in a company located in Makati, Elaize has also gotten a job in one of the best banks in the country, Kuya Ojie has finally landed a good job somewhere in ParaƱaque (and I envy him) while Kuya Paulo, on the other hand, is continuing his education at PLM taking a Med course. I'm the only one left unemployed and I'm getting all the pressure now. It seems like they're just waiting for me to finally land a good job one of these days. It's quite irritating though because they're just giving me a lot of pressure.

Yeah, I got their point that they just want me to become busy again so I won't be bored here in the house. But finding a job is not as easy as decades ago especially now that we're experiencing global recession. Companies, instead of hiring, are laying off employees. I'm applying online. It's just that I'm still not getting any feedback or call from any headhunter. But I'm still full of hope, there's no way I'm gonna be hopeless and desperate. I'm too young. I'm 19, turning 20 in a few months, and sometimes, I'm thinking that because of my age, they don't wish to hire me yet.

I am extremely happy also because a close friend has finally found a job. I find it really sweet when he informed me first about the good news before anyone else (including his mom). Like me, he really wants to find a job right away though he needs it more - given his age. And when he texted me about it, I couldn't be any happier. He told me that he might ask the HR if there is still available position for me. Sweet, isn't it?

Supposedly, I will be watching Harry Potter in the cinema with friends this coming Friday but my cute little cousin asked me to be with them as they watch the movie which I really could not turn down. I might be watching the movie with them this coming Saturday. Hopefully, it will push through because I really want to watch the Harry Potter in the movie house.

By the way, I watched an NCAA game on TV this afternoon between Letran and Mapua where the prior prevailed over the latter. It is really nice seeing the guys playing well like they used to. It got me quite nostalgic because I missed watching the games in the arena. I missed cheering for my Alma Mater, screaming and inspiring the Knights. I hope to do those things again in the future. One more thing, Kevin Alas is really a prized possession for the Knights.

Random again, I told you. I hope and pray that I will be able to land a better, if not the best, job pretty soon. I'm really missing the busy life. :)