Friday, July 3, 2009

I just want to share Chris Daughtry's version of Lady Gaga's Poker Face. I'm following Chris on Twitter and he tweeted something regarding it and I got so curious as to how he nailed the song. It was the acoustic slash rock version of the song. I was totally impressed and amazed on how he rocked it. For me, it was the better version. No offense to Lady Gaga's fans, I like her version but I love Daughtry's version. :)

Anyways, up until today, I still don't have a job. Yeah, no headhunter is calling me and I am already pissed. Like I've been waiting for quite a long time and I have passed my resume to a number of companies. And when I say a number, a huge one. But still, I'm gonna wait until I'm tired of it. If the time comes that I'm already tired of waiting, I have no choice but to follow my dad.

But this afternoon, a headhunter called me and I was so surprised. He told me that they were in a rush and they needed to fill up the remaining slots. I'm quite interested but the position they are looking for is a Mainframe Programmer (Java, SQL and such). As if I'm good at it though I have a background of Programming, specifically Visual Basic .NET and Java. But then again, it's SQL and I haven't learned anything from my SQL professor before except for the basic codes.

And besides, the guy was really hurrying that I was really not prepared in such a way that I haven't taken a bath that time. It was around 2pm when the guy called, by the way. He kept on persuading me by telling me that he called many applicants already and most of them turned the offer down plus he also told me that I'm not that far from their office. Their office is located in Makati, along Chino Roces and Gil Puyat Avenue.

I just told him that I will just think about it. That was the only reply I could give that moment because first, I am not a programmer and second, I wasn't prepared. He just promised me that they will keep in touch with me when there is a job opening related to my specialization. I just hope they will. *fingers crossed*

Upon ending the call, I had a quick reflection with how I responded to the guy on the other line. There was a part of me that regrets the fact that I turned it down because I believe it is one heck of a good opportunity. The company is a big one but I don't wanna detail more and I won't even give the name. But then, a part of me tells me that I somehow did the right thing because as far as I am concerned, I am really not good in Java Programming though I quite excelled in that subject. Even though there will be a training for that, still, I am not ready for a career shift. I'm still on the technical slash networking side. I'm afraid that I can't make it to their expectations on me. And besides, during the time that they called me, I haven't taken a bath. If I will accept their offer, I need to be in their office at 3:30pm. I calculated the time that I will spend preparing and how long it will take me to their office. I realized I did the right thing because if ever, I will be late.

I know, I missed a great opportunity again and I actually hate the feeling of regret but what will I do. I tried my very best to clear my mind and even encouraged myself but I guess, it wasn't the job for me. How I wish a better opportunity will soon come. I know in God's time but I do hope it will not take too long. I'm bored and staying all day long doing the same thing is sickening.

I'm really crossing my fingers for that great opportunity and I am really asking our God Almighty to help me find the perfect job to which I will be happy and contented, where I can grow and continue to learn. I am still not desperate though but I don't want to come to the point of desperation. I'm hoping and praying that the opportunity I'm asking for will come pretty soon.

Wimby Update: Federer versus Haas; Murray versus Roddick
NBA Update: AI's comeback (I love his tweet I read this morning)
Movie Update: Funny People starring Adam Sandler and others plus Eminem has a cameo role.

PS. I am really crushing on Joel Madden. He is effin' hot! :)