Tuesday, February 27, 2007

waaaaah. i have lots of school stuffs to finish. i'm pressured actually. :C this isn't good, you know. our Final Examinations is fast approaching. it will be less than two weeks from now. waaaaah. i can't breathe. haha ;P jowk.

anywei, i will be very very BUSY until next week. tomorrow, we'll be having 2 sets of Quiz. one in Theo and another in Hum. then, i'll be having a Reporting in IRM. i just hope they would listen on the non-sense things i'm going to say.

we were informed this afternoon that our D-Day meaning, Defense will be next week particularly Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. our Thesis isn't done yet that's why we need to finish that before Monday comes. cramming again. haaaayz. i'm starting to feel the nerves. amf!!! :'C

Friday, February 23, 2007

i've been very busy these past few days and it will continue till next week so i can't promise that i can post regularly. Eunice and i just finished doing the Chapters 3 and 4 of our Thesis and another Chapter will be passed on Friday. i have a busy sked right now. on Sunday, we will be having a Practice for the Speech Choir. we need to memorize a poem by Edgar Allan Poe entitled The Bells. the competition will be on Tuesday. just wish us Luck. another VB Defense on Tuesday plus a Quiz. the nerves again are here. waaaaah. :/ on Monday, we will be having a Quiz on IRM. we need to ready ourselves for our report in IRM and Physics.

that's how busy i am right now. how i wish i could finish all of these.

Sunday, February 18, 2007

yesterday's the start of the NBA ALL-STAR Weekend 2007. of course, the Sophomores defeated the Rookies with David Lee of the New York Knicks earning the MVP for the Sophies. :D Congrats!!!

the much-awaited side events were aired this morning and i was able to watch it. on the Haier Shooting Stars challenge, team Detroit captures the crown by defeating team Chicago, team Los Angeles and the 2006 champs, team San Antonio. the team consists of Chauncey Billups, Bill Laimbeer and Swin Cash. it was actually a win by default because team Chicago took its shots out of order in the final round making team Detroit the champs.

Dwayne Wade defended his title as the Playstation Skills Challenge Champ by ousting Lakers' Kobe Bryant, Cavaliers' LeBron James and Hornets' Chris Paul with a final round time of 26.4 seconds, almost defeating the contest-best 25.4 seconds of Steve Nash.

Jason Kapono of the Miami Heat was crowned as the Foot Locker Three-Point Shootout King outlasting Grizzlies' Mike Miller, Mavericks' Jason Terry, Wizards' "Agent 0" Gilbert Arenas and the defending champ Dirk Nowitzki of Mavericks. at first, Arenas notched a first-round high of 23 points but lost to Kapono on second round where Kapono made an incredible 24 points.

the Slam Dunk contest is the much-awaited event of all. Boston's Gerald Green was named as the 2007 Slam Dunk King by defeating Magics' Dwight Howard, Bulls's Tyrus Thomas and the defending champ Nate Robinson of the Knicks including a perfect 50 on his final dunk. what i love most about Green is his green sneakers. haha :P the judges are the former Slam Dunk champs namely: Julius Erving, Dominique Wilkins, Kobe Bryant, Vince Carter and the crown-favorite, Michael Jordan.

tomorrow's the game between the East and the West. for more information, jus visit NBA.

and also, i can't wait to watch the Amazing Race All Star tomorrow. sadly, that will be the last Amazing Race. :C

Friday, February 16, 2007

i was a bit late kanina. our calltime is 7:30am but i came at 8:00am. haha :P sorry for that. before we watch the game, i first, borrowed the book about Photoshop CS2 in the library. only Eunice and i were there. Dyei and Joanne were nowhere to find. haha :p

a bit sad actually coz the PE4-E boys lost on their first game which eliminated them. but they did a good job, it was just that their opponents are too big. hehe :P they played well, actually.

after the game, Eunice and i went to my crib to start the Chapters 3 and 4 of our Thesis. good thing, we finished doing the diagrams except for the Use Case and we will let Sir Gee check it first before we do it through Visio. but it wasn't finished yet, okay. but just a little more. hehe :p

need to do some school stuffs again by tomorrow. actually, i'm a bit lazy right now. geez. :D

Thursday, February 15, 2007

i'll be very busy in the next days coz i'm going to do the Chapters 3 and 4 of our Thesis. arrghh!!! this will not be easy and hopefully, Eunice and i could finish this on time.

anyway, tomorrow, we will be watching the basketball game of PE4-E boys. we have to coz they really supported us when we were doing the Cheerdance. and Eunice will be here tomorrow because we will be doing our Thesis.

i'm excited to watch the Ballet because according to Dyei, the story is Romeo and Juliet. i can't wait. plus.. once you bought a ticket for the ballet, it is equivalent to a ride-all-you-can ticket to Star City. so, i guess, we'll be watching.

camwhore girls

tired but still ready for a pose

during our cheerdance practice

a tiring day but still ready to smile


Tuesday, February 13, 2007

again. today's our PE class. hehe :D a set of Quiz was given to us and a Practical Exam. how good is that?! haha :D we had some Layup. and we were like st*pid coz we don't know the right way of doing that d*mn thing. amf!!! instead of an underhand, we did the overhead which was not the right way. it didn't look like layup coz it looked like a Free Throw shot. haha :P so, by next week, we will be having AGAIN a Practical Exam and by this time, its FreeThrow Shooting. need some practice.

i don't know if we're just lucky or something but our Physics professor is absent. a two-hour break for us. Eunice and i just stayed in the Catwalk and roamed around the campus. haha ;P while Dyei and Joanne, on the other hand went online. they were at the computer shop near the school. before we went to our next class which is SAD, we dropped by 7/11.

we're just so lucky that we re-took the Quiz in SAD. actually, on our part, it was our first but for them they re-took it. yey!!! we didn't miss any Quiz. it was re-took maybe because some got low score. but nevertheless, it was good on our part. sooooo Good. :D according to our sources, the submission of the Machine Problem in VB was moved to the 23rd, i guess. hehe ;D arrrghhh. many were disappointed because they didn't sleep last night just to finish that said MP. so, to some, it was good but to some it wasn't.

i'm planning to give my mom and my grandma boquet of flowers tomorrow. many couples will celebrate tomorrow coz its Valentine's Day but on my part, it will just be an ordinary day since i'm not attach to anybody. but a part of me is sad coz i want to experience celebrating Valentines with the one who holds my heart. but unfortunately, i haven't found him yet. :C

Monday, February 12, 2007

just finished doing my Machine Problem in VB. special thanks to Julius. :P you're such a big help. i don't know what to do without you? hehe :D sobrang thank you talaga. :p bawi ako next time. i just need to study the codes so i could further understand it. its really hard. this just shows that Software Development is not for me. haha ;P i really find it hard to accomplish the MP. but i'm still looking forward to master it. i really want to. though its really difficult, but still i want to master it. arrggh. :P still confuse whether i'll be taking Systems Engineering or Software Development. as of the moment, i still don't know what to take.

anyway, additional school stuffs were given and i hate that. the Poetry Reading in Hum was a success. everyone was laughing because some poems are really funny and entertaining. and oh by the way, we went home early because our profs in our last two subjects which are our majors were absent. and so, we had the time to accomplish our VB MP.

tomorrow, we will be having a Quiz in PE and hopefully we could ask our SAD prof to let us take a make-up quiz coz we missed a quiz when we cut class last Thursday because of the Cheerdance practice. *fingers-crossed*


Saturday, February 10, 2007

i'm still suffering body pains. its really hard for me to make so much movements coz it hurts. arrrghhh!! i wish that this will last till Tuesday so that i'll be excuse from doing the Practical Test in PE. haha :D because this is my PE professor's fault. hehe :P because of that Cheering thingy, i've been suffering these pains for how many days. but on the other hand, i really don't regret joining the Cheering coz i enjoyed it. actually right now, i miss the practices that we've been doing for quite sometime. i miss the kulitan session with my co-cheerdancers and the laughtrip. all in all, i really miss all the things we've been doing for the sake of the Cheerdance. and if ever i'll be given a chance to join another Cheerdancing comepetition, it will be my pleasure to join, not the Pro Cheerdancing but the Bleacher Cheerdancing.

lots of school stuffs to do that's why i can't totally rest. our Machine Problem in VB is scheduled to be passed on Tuesday and as of the moment, it isn't done yet. i don't know what to put on my Code editor. i'm afraid not to finish it. i'm done with the Poem for my Hum class. we will be having a Poetry Reading on Monday. i have to ready myself for the set of quizzes on Monday and Tuesday as well.

Friday, February 9, 2007

wooooh. after a week of practices, now its over. and that's good. today's the competition. i left the house at 6am and arrived at 6.30am. i saw some of my classmates. went to the Soccer field to practice. stretching first. my gosh!!! my body was aching that time, actually, until now. as in my entire body is aching. it's hard for me to make movements because it hurts. but anyway, when all of us were there already, we decided to go to the Gym for Registration. but it wasn't started yet thus we practiced first. we saw another group practicing also. actually, they've been practicing since 5am. well, from the very start, i'm expecting them to win. hello??! their choreographer is the Letran's Cheerleader, the head of the Pep Squad.

the program started and we were all feeling the nerves. we couldn't explain the feeling. we were not expecting anything because we only practiced for two days and we were just praying that we could execute the steps, liftings and everything well. FORTUNATELY, we performed better than expected. many cheered for us especially our very supportive guy classmates. we didn't know that they were that supportive. because before we performed, a guy classmate of ours who is also a part of the basketball team of our section told us that: "Classmates, galingan nyo ah. Di namin alam may pambato pala kami." of course, we were touched by that. now we know that they are all nice. and in return, we'll be watching them play next week. we will cheer for them. hehe :P

when we were performing on the center, our classmates were really cheering for us. as in, shouting to the highest level. hehe :D from the very start of our performance, they were cheering us until the end they still did. they were so consistent. actually, not just them, but also most of the students watching were also cheering for us because of our moves and steps and so, we were too happy that they appreciated our performance. of course, they have to because we sacrificed three subjects for that including our two majors wherein we missed a quiz on one of it.

we ended up Second. :D though we didn't win, still, we're all happy. Thanks to the Mapuans who choreographed us. they're really part of our victory. :D

Sunday, February 4, 2007

been very tired these past few days. lots of things to accomplished. i really hate cramming but we have to. my body is currently aching because of the practice yesterday. but still, we haven't finished it that's why we're afraid with the presentation on Friday. i don't want to be humiliated for the second time. i'm going to cry if something bad happens on Friday. the Cheerdancing that we've practiced yesterday isn't complete yet. no formations at all plus most of the particpants didn't attend the practice. how good is that?! amf!!! this is not easy in the first place. we should have to do this d*mn cheering thingy or else, we will be having failing remarks on Project, Practical Exam and a Quiz. this is not good eversince. just wish us the best of luck. actually, we're not expecting for anything, i mean, awards, but a good execution of steps and a nice performance. wag lang talagang mapahiya at pagtawanan ng audience. solve na kami dun.

still, the Defense isn't finished. we will be having our Defense on Tuesday and as of the moment, i'm nervous. i'm afraid that i might not remove the errors in my codes. in addition, the results of the Practical Exam in Networking will be known tomorrow and i guess, i got failing remarks on that. but i hope, my vibes are wrong. i want to pass it. i really want to. it's one of the Major Subjects and failing it would be another disappointment for me.

guys, just wish us LUCK on our Defense on Tuesday and of course, on our PERFORMANCE on Friday.

Friday, February 2, 2007

i'm so tired today that i'm to lazy to post.
we just had practice for the Cheerdance and tomorrow will be the continuation.
just wish us luck about it. amf!!!
need to finish my Reviews in Humanities and study my Machine Problem for the Defense on Tuesday. i'm so nervous
need to buy costumes for the Cheerdance
i'm so worn out already. my head's aching.