Tuesday, February 13, 2007

again. today's our PE class. hehe :D a set of Quiz was given to us and a Practical Exam. how good is that?! haha :D we had some Layup. and we were like st*pid coz we don't know the right way of doing that d*mn thing. amf!!! instead of an underhand, we did the overhead which was not the right way. it didn't look like layup coz it looked like a Free Throw shot. haha :P so, by next week, we will be having AGAIN a Practical Exam and by this time, its FreeThrow Shooting. need some practice.

i don't know if we're just lucky or something but our Physics professor is absent. a two-hour break for us. Eunice and i just stayed in the Catwalk and roamed around the campus. haha ;P while Dyei and Joanne, on the other hand went online. they were at the computer shop near the school. before we went to our next class which is SAD, we dropped by 7/11.

we're just so lucky that we re-took the Quiz in SAD. actually, on our part, it was our first but for them they re-took it. yey!!! we didn't miss any Quiz. it was re-took maybe because some got low score. but nevertheless, it was good on our part. sooooo Good. :D according to our sources, the submission of the Machine Problem in VB was moved to the 23rd, i guess. hehe ;D arrrghhh. many were disappointed because they didn't sleep last night just to finish that said MP. so, to some, it was good but to some it wasn't.

i'm planning to give my mom and my grandma boquet of flowers tomorrow. many couples will celebrate tomorrow coz its Valentine's Day but on my part, it will just be an ordinary day since i'm not attach to anybody. but a part of me is sad coz i want to experience celebrating Valentines with the one who holds my heart. but unfortunately, i haven't found him yet. :C