Sunday, February 4, 2007

been very tired these past few days. lots of things to accomplished. i really hate cramming but we have to. my body is currently aching because of the practice yesterday. but still, we haven't finished it that's why we're afraid with the presentation on Friday. i don't want to be humiliated for the second time. i'm going to cry if something bad happens on Friday. the Cheerdancing that we've practiced yesterday isn't complete yet. no formations at all plus most of the particpants didn't attend the practice. how good is that?! amf!!! this is not easy in the first place. we should have to do this d*mn cheering thingy or else, we will be having failing remarks on Project, Practical Exam and a Quiz. this is not good eversince. just wish us the best of luck. actually, we're not expecting for anything, i mean, awards, but a good execution of steps and a nice performance. wag lang talagang mapahiya at pagtawanan ng audience. solve na kami dun.

still, the Defense isn't finished. we will be having our Defense on Tuesday and as of the moment, i'm nervous. i'm afraid that i might not remove the errors in my codes. in addition, the results of the Practical Exam in Networking will be known tomorrow and i guess, i got failing remarks on that. but i hope, my vibes are wrong. i want to pass it. i really want to. it's one of the Major Subjects and failing it would be another disappointment for me.

guys, just wish us LUCK on our Defense on Tuesday and of course, on our PERFORMANCE on Friday.