Friday, February 16, 2007

i was a bit late kanina. our calltime is 7:30am but i came at 8:00am. haha :P sorry for that. before we watch the game, i first, borrowed the book about Photoshop CS2 in the library. only Eunice and i were there. Dyei and Joanne were nowhere to find. haha :p

a bit sad actually coz the PE4-E boys lost on their first game which eliminated them. but they did a good job, it was just that their opponents are too big. hehe :P they played well, actually.

after the game, Eunice and i went to my crib to start the Chapters 3 and 4 of our Thesis. good thing, we finished doing the diagrams except for the Use Case and we will let Sir Gee check it first before we do it through Visio. but it wasn't finished yet, okay. but just a little more. hehe :p

need to do some school stuffs again by tomorrow. actually, i'm a bit lazy right now. geez. :D