Friday, February 9, 2007

wooooh. after a week of practices, now its over. and that's good. today's the competition. i left the house at 6am and arrived at 6.30am. i saw some of my classmates. went to the Soccer field to practice. stretching first. my gosh!!! my body was aching that time, actually, until now. as in my entire body is aching. it's hard for me to make movements because it hurts. but anyway, when all of us were there already, we decided to go to the Gym for Registration. but it wasn't started yet thus we practiced first. we saw another group practicing also. actually, they've been practicing since 5am. well, from the very start, i'm expecting them to win. hello??! their choreographer is the Letran's Cheerleader, the head of the Pep Squad.

the program started and we were all feeling the nerves. we couldn't explain the feeling. we were not expecting anything because we only practiced for two days and we were just praying that we could execute the steps, liftings and everything well. FORTUNATELY, we performed better than expected. many cheered for us especially our very supportive guy classmates. we didn't know that they were that supportive. because before we performed, a guy classmate of ours who is also a part of the basketball team of our section told us that: "Classmates, galingan nyo ah. Di namin alam may pambato pala kami." of course, we were touched by that. now we know that they are all nice. and in return, we'll be watching them play next week. we will cheer for them. hehe :P

when we were performing on the center, our classmates were really cheering for us. as in, shouting to the highest level. hehe :D from the very start of our performance, they were cheering us until the end they still did. they were so consistent. actually, not just them, but also most of the students watching were also cheering for us because of our moves and steps and so, we were too happy that they appreciated our performance. of course, they have to because we sacrificed three subjects for that including our two majors wherein we missed a quiz on one of it.

we ended up Second. :D though we didn't win, still, we're all happy. Thanks to the Mapuans who choreographed us. they're really part of our victory. :D