Tuesday, February 27, 2007

waaaaah. i have lots of school stuffs to finish. i'm pressured actually. :C this isn't good, you know. our Final Examinations is fast approaching. it will be less than two weeks from now. waaaaah. i can't breathe. haha ;P jowk.

anywei, i will be very very BUSY until next week. tomorrow, we'll be having 2 sets of Quiz. one in Theo and another in Hum. then, i'll be having a Reporting in IRM. i just hope they would listen on the non-sense things i'm going to say.

we were informed this afternoon that our D-Day meaning, Defense will be next week particularly Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. our Thesis isn't done yet that's why we need to finish that before Monday comes. cramming again. haaaayz. i'm starting to feel the nerves. amf!!! :'C