Thursday, November 29, 2007

For most of the time, you won't remember the last time you kissed the person you love. That's because you never thought it would be the last time. ~Grey's Anatomy

I thought the classes will be cut because of the bad weather but I was wrong. But it is good also that we have classes today though I was not able to see the person I want to see. But nevertheless, I enjoyed this day.

I left the house 45 minutes before my first class because I was expecting that the rain will stop but it didn't. I rode an LRT going to school and good thing, it wasn't jam packed as I expected it would be. I thought I was late but I arrived 15 minutes before the time. And as I entered the room, there were just two students there. So meaning, most of my classmates were stuck because of traffic and perhaps because of the flood.

It was already time yet we were like ten students there. We just waited for our classmates to come. And by the way, today is also the submission of our thesis proposal. We had some problems with the approval sheet but we were able to pass it on time. But most of my friends were not yet done that's why they did it using Kath's new laptop. And they even cut the next class just to finish the proposal. Hey, that was just a proposal, what more if that would be the thesis itself, we might absent ourselves for the entire day. I'm expecting that I will learn to cut the class just to finish our thesis. haha :P

Anyway, until our last subject, only few attended the class. Oh my! It was freezing cold. I was wearing a jacket already yet I was feeling the coldness of the aircon, how much more my classmates who were not able to bring theirs. And as we went out of the Colegio, the coldness was still there and we really can't help it. So, Joanne and I hurriedly went to the LRT station because we really wanna go home that time.

I was just so sad with what had happened this afternoon wherein Senator Trillanes just made a noise resulting to a worse scenario. What is happening now is just so saddening. And now, a curfew has been implemented and we all don't know up to when. We have to limit our night outs now. All of us should be on our respective houses once the clock strikes to 12. But I'm hoping that everything will be alright. I don't want to see this country under the Martial Law for the second time.

I was being played again. I don't know why it happened all of a sudden. I know I don't have to be affected but it is really hard to pretend that I am not affected. All the things that had happened really driving me insane until now. I'm still asking why. It is really annoying, you know. If you were just in my place, you will feel the same way also.

Well, tomorrow, we will have a family dinner at Bulacan. Tomorrow is the first year death anniversary of Kuya Ryan and Ate Janis' son. A mass will be celebrated on the cemetery, I guess followed by a dinner to the restobar owned by Ate Janis' parents in Bulacan.

Monday, November 26, 2007

It takes time to forget someone very special to you, but sometimes we really have to move on and face the fact that certain chapters in our lives should really be closed forever.

So many things had happened on me for these past few days. I have been absent in the blogging world for how many days. I missed blogging, posting my everyday routines and activities but I know I have to manage my time correctly. Thus, I was not able to post for quite a long time.

And again, our professors started to give us work loads and everyday, it continues to grow in numbers. Our thesis proposal is not yet done. Supposedly, the submission of it would be tomorrow but because some requested, it was moved to Thursday. It is such a good news to us. Because until now, we haven't have any topic in mind. We only have one and we still need two. Good thing, my thesismates are very cooperative except to one. Hopefully, everything will be alright.

Lots of assignments were also given plus sets of quizzes. Reporting was also assigned to us on our Theo. My groupmates are my co-IT students. The topic is kinda difficult but I know we can manage it. Our report is scheduled next week.

Ever since, I really don't like my professor in NOS and I want him to be replaced. Well, I am not the only one who feels this way but most of my classmates also and some of them even reported him to the head of the IIT. As a response, he told us that he will talk to the head of the IT so that they can make proper decision on it. I'm really hoping that he will be replaced because I really can't understand all the things he is saying. He is such an airhead, as if he knows everything. And he even make pahiya those students who can't answer his questions correctly.

As of the moment, I'm starting to love this semester because I am able to bond with my classmates whom I am not close with. I am able to talk to them and share stories with them. We even say hi whenever we see each other unlike before, we just treated each other as plain classmates but now, we're some sort of friends already. It is quite good that we are able to experience free sectioning because we got the chance to meet new people from different courses. I think that's good.

Hey, I want to share something. Presently, I love Tuesday and Thursday for one main reason. It is because I've got to see my new crush. haha :P He is a classmate of mine in one subject which is World Lit. He's a 3rd year, Management student and I guess, he is an athlete. Well, the first time I saw him during our first meeting, I was starstrucked already. I was attracted to him. Our eyes met and I felt kilig. haha :P Here I am again. He is so cute and this time, the guy has small eyes yet he is still have fair complexion. Just before I went home, I was able to see him and our eyes met again. I can't help but to smile.

I have a good news for you, guys. I passed the Microsoft Certified Professional Exams last Friday and I am super happy about it. I thought I'm going to fail but God didn't let that to happen. I want to thank all of you who prayed for me. It helped me a lot. The night before the exams, I was so nervous that I really can't sleep but I tried to cheer myself up. And while I was taking the exams, my hands were really cold until I clicked the mouse for the last time and saw my score. I was so happy and the smile on my face didn't fade away. As I went out of the room, I told to my friends the good news. We were so happy because all of us passed except for our five friends. With that, I want to thank all of you for giving the confidence, letting me know that I can do it and for the prayers. Thank you so much! I owe you a lot. I am just waiting for the real certificate and the ID.

Oh yeah! Today is Walking Doll's Second Anniversary. Oh my! I'm so happy because my blog is able to stand still after two years. It's Dyei who introduced this cyber stuff to me. Before, I didn't have any idea of what it is but because of Dyei, I became fond of it. I'm so grateful and thankful for having this blog. Why? It is because through this I can freely show my emotions and feelings. This help me a lot. Those things that I can't personally tell to anyone else, I can write it here. This blog is not just any ordinary blog, it is somehow a friend to me. I treat this blog as a treasure because for the past two years, it was able to see and monitor how I grow into a mature person as I am. Funny as it may seem but this blog is such a best friend to me. It knows most of the things about me. Walking Doll is always ready to listen, from my ever happy moments up to the sad ones. It may not give any advices but still, the willingness to listen is such a good thing. And I'm hoping that Walking Doll will last longer that I expected.

Christmas is just 29 days away and I'm really excited. I have received the best gift ever and that is to pass the MCP exams.

Greetings Galore!
Nov. 23 - Belated Happy Birthday Marco
Nov. 25 - Belated Happy Birthday Jam
Nov. 26 - Happy Anniversary Walking Doll

Sunday, November 18, 2007

The greatest revenge to a girl who steals your man is to let her have him because a truly good man can never be stolen.

Since I don't have anything to share right now about my everyday activities because I did nothing this weekend but to create layouts for my accounts in Multiply and Friendster, I'll just share something about myself. I don't know if my layouts are good enough because I don't want to judge my so-called artworks. But I want you to be my judge. So, just feel free to visit my pages and be the judge. Also, I spent my weekend trying to focus and concentrate on reviewing my lessons last week and the reviewer for my upcoming re-take of the MCP exams.

I'll stop blabbing about what I just did for the past two days but I want to share to you what are my feelings and emotions as of press time. You know, I couldn't have one feeling for a day, I mean, everyday of my life, I have mixed emotions and I do believe that everyone is experiencing that.

We all know that being a teenager is tough. During this time, you will be experiencing changes and actually, this stage is the most delicate yet the most fun stage of one's life. Being a teenager is fun, you are free to do what you want, go out with your friends, drink till you get tipsy, have fun, barhopping and such. And for me, it is good for us to do those things but with limitations, of course because once you get old, you will never experience that. Why? Because once you start a family, all of your concentrations and concerns will be on them only. You will barely go out because you have kids to take good care of.

Well, in my case, I admit, I rarely go out because I am not allowed to. Yeah, I'm of legal age since I turned 18 last September yet my mom is just so strict about me. She used to allow me at times but I have a curfew. I am not against it because I know she is just so concern about me but I do believe that I have the right to do those kind of things. I want to experience going home late at night, barhopping, drinking with my friends and the like. And I'm wishing that my mom will realize that I'm grown up already and I'm responsible enough for my actions and that she can give me her 100% trust.

Anyway, ever since the second semester started, I'm very much nervous with how the second shot of the MCP exam will turn out. I am very much afraid that I might not pass the exam for the second time. I don't want that to happen. I studied really hard for the re-take. I prepared a lot and I'm pretty much confident with the knowledge I have now. And hopefully, I could pass it now. How I wish that the entire Chillax Crew will pass the second shot. Guys, I'm really asking for your help. Please pray for all of us, especially me, that we will be able to pass the MCP exams. Advance thank you to all.

I'm also nervous because of the thesis that we will be working with. The proposal isn't approved yet and the fear that our professor might not be satisfied with our topic is driving me insane. Why do they need to experiment? I mean, before, the set-up of the thesis was not like this and we were all surprised that they suddenly changed it. This pain in the ass stuff is the scariest of all. Plus the defense, you know, it is really scary. Every college student is afraid of this what we call Final Defense because it holds our future. Just wish us luck that we could get through this one.

But there is still an excitement running through me since Christmas is just few weeks from now. Celebrating it with your family is one of the best things life can offer though I must admit that I'm quite sad because for the nth time, my dad will not be with us as we celebrate the coming of Christ. But I know I should be happy because this is a celebration that we shouldn't miss. This is the most important event of all, the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ.

I feel so accomplished because I think I am succeeding with my mission of 'Giving Up'. Doing this thing is such a difficult job and I bet most of you will agree with me. Giving up someone is a hard decision because you know, it will change your life forever. And in my case, I'm so glad because I think I'm doing the right thing. The feeling that the sense of accomplishment brings is really different. Honestly, there is still a bit of feelings for him but I'm working it out. I'm so happy because I'm getting used to this set-up. The feeling of awkwardness is slowly fading away and I do believe that I'm now comfortable whenever he is around. I can now look at him straight to the eyes and even talk to him without any feeling of hesitation. Now, I'm just waiting for the time that I could finally say, "I'm over him."

I think I have to end this up. And again, I’m asking for your prayers. You know that we really need it so badly. Thank You!

Thursday, November 15, 2007

A "goodbye" can hurt but not as much an "I love you" that can't be proven.

I can now feel that Christmas is just a month away from now because of the over cold wind. Throughout this day, we were able to experience a very cold and rainy atmosphere. Many schools have been suspended because of the flood. But we were just unfortunate because the classes on the Tertiary level were not cut.

All my professors for this day were present that's why we were not able to eat because I don't have any break during Tuesday and Thursday. First subject was okay though I was late because I waited for Niko. I and my thesis groupmates are kinda problematic because it is really hard to think of a good topic for our thesis. We find it really difficult but hopefully we could think of a good thesis proposal.

I enjoyed my Comp108 class because we just did a freehand drawing using MS Paint. hehe :P We were like elementary students drawing our favorite cartoon characters. I drew Spongebob and Hello Kitty. I know my drawing was not that good but I am satisfied with it. It was cute, though.

Our supposed quiz on IT Elect was moved to Tuesday and we just had some discussion. It was really cold in our laboratory a while ago and good thing, I brought my jacket. I pity those who were not able to bring theirs because they were like frozen delights there.

By the way, last night, we had a dinner at Kamayan because Kuya Karl will be flying back to New York today. I did enjoy the night. There were lots of yummy foods to choose from.


More pics in my Multiply.

Monday, November 12, 2007

While I always do pray for someone to be happy, I forgot that it's me who needs it badly.

This day is so good, not so tiring. Our professor in Theology is new again because of some changes. But I am happy with my professor now because he is way better than the first one. I so love his humor and his way of explaining things. Just now, I really have this interest about the subject.

I was over bored during our break time because we did nothing. We killed the time by staying at the canteen. But then, after some time, we decided to go to the catwalk to meet up with my friends. And there, I was able to bond with Dyei and shared my ever funny dream last night. When the bell rang, we all decided to go up and attend our next subject.

I am starting to love my Math subject. Oh yeah! The professor is just so great. He maybe fast in terms of teaching and explaining our lesson and yet, I could cope up with it and I can really understand it so much. I just don't know but I do love my Math120 now. I just realized that in loving a Math subject because everyone seems to hate it, a teacher or professor is one big factor. And in my case, my professor is just so amazing that's why I love Math now.

Our Discrete Math professor was absent and so, her time became a vacant for us. But before that, we waited for her until Dr. Hilario came. She asked for our attendance and then, she dismissed us. We stayed in the Internet Lab until 4.30pm. We did nothing during our NOS class because most of our time were eaten by installing the NetMeeting on each computer. But then, we were able to discuss some.

Last night, I had the funniest and the craziest dream I could ever have. I know I have to feel pissed about it but for me, it was so funny. I asked you now, what if you would hear someone telling this to another person and yet, is pertaining to you: "Di ba hindi ko naman talaga yan pinapansin. Kinakausap ko lang yan kasi matalino yan. Pero hindi naman talaga ako interesado dyan." How would you react? In my dream if I could still remember, I was super mad with the person who said that who is apparently the person I am giving up right now, my crush. When I woke up and I was trying to remember everything, I just said to myself: "Sh*t! Bad trip yung panaginip na yun ah." But you know, I find it so funny and I just laughed at it. But if ever it happens in real life, I would be really really mad on that person.

Nothing much happened today. We will have two sets of quizzes on Wednesday as announced by my professors in two different subjects. I'm just getting ready for tomorrow because I really wanna concentrate with the discussion proper.

Thursday, November 8, 2007

I would rather be physically hurt than emotionally, because you can put a band aid on your finger but you can't put one on your heart.

The first two days of class were pretty much okay. I have already met all my professors except for World Literature. I have a different schedule as compared to my close friends yet we were able to see each other in a number of subjects.

And also, we already formed a group for our thesis this semester. My groupmates are Ian, Ryan and Jeff. It is very obvious that I am the muse of the group and the youngest, as well. We also formulated three possible topics and chose three possible advisers. We have no professor in World Lit yet I was able to bond with my ever loyal utol, Dyei. We just stayed in the canteen.

Anyway, last night, I had some bonding time with my oh so adorable cousin, Cha-cha. All pictures are already uploaded in my Multiply. Here are some pics:

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

The glass breaks because it fell and nobody caught it. Just like the heart, it breaks because it keeps on falling for someone wo doesn't catch it.

The second semester finally begins in Letran today. I went to the Colegio and was shocked with the huge number of students falling in line to the Cashier, ITC and the Dean's Office. Until now, they were not yet done with the adjustment thingy. Even my friends were not yet done but they were able to fix their schedules yesterday.

Anyway, I didn't enjoy this day as much as I enjoyed the first day of my first semester. But I know that as this semester goes along, I will learn to love it. I spent this day with some of my friends though I know I'm going to miss our bonding time during lunch break since we have different schedules now and probably, we will not be able to see each other that often.

All of my professors were present and some started the discussion already. I still have no problem regarding them since they seem so nice and approachable. But hopefully, we could learn a lot from them. By the way, I have two Math subjects now and I'm pretty much confident that our professors will be able to deliver the lessons well.

And because today is just our first day, we were dismissed early but went home late because of the traffic jam. Tomorrow will be another busy day.

Monday, November 5, 2007

I never regret the fact that I fell in love with you. But I do regret the fact that I never did anything to make you feel the same way.

This is my first ever post for the month of November. I have been out of the blogging world for one week, I guess. My DSL connection suddenly sucked that’s why I was not able to stay online for a long time. For that one week, I have been using Kuya Ojie’s computer and since, it wasn’t mine and I was not in my room then, I was not able to make any sensible posts plus the fact that I have some audiences on my back. I so missed blogging.

I am kinda pissed with PLDT because from the time that our internet connection got a problem, we immediately called them and told us that they are going to report it to the server and they will call us later. We were waiting for their call but they didn’t. The next morning, we called again and the same things happened. We have been calling them so many times but no responses at all.

Anyway, I really had a busy week. After failing the first take of the MCP Exams wherein I only need 49 points (equivalent to one question only) to pass, I started reviewing again. And by this time, I became so serious and eager because I really wanna pass. I don’t want to fail for the second time. I admit, I didn’t review that much that’s why I failed. I was so lazy to review and I didn’t allot much time in studying that’s why this time, I made it sure that I’m gonna learn. I studied really well and I am now pretty much confident with the knowledge I acquired.

We went to the cemetery to visit some of our relatives who are now in heaven. First, we went to Manila Memorial Park after staying at Ate Malou’s house in Laguna. My mom didn’t allow me to accompany her to the North cemetery because of the huge number of people there. And I saw it on TV also and good thing, I wasn’t there. We also went to Eternal Garden with the Medina clan and stayed there for a long time. In our house, we prayed, of course.

Yesterday, we went to Kuya Jett’s house at Las Pinas because it was his birthday and at the same time, a baby shower for his upcoming baby girl. There were lots of yummy and delicious foods. But I just ate a little because I am watching my diet. Haha ;D We stayed there for a little while, chit-chatting with my aunties and cousins. Then we went to Mama Lolly’s house located in Las Pinas also to visit Inang. I have some fun moments with Reina, Kuya Chet and Ate Chari. We didn’t stay that long and then we went back to Kuya Jett’s crib. After some time, we went home.

Two days from now and the Second Semester will officially begin at Letran. I’m quite nervous because I haven’t adjusted the subjects that I need to adjust. I’ll be doing it tomorrow with some of my friends. Plus this semester will be a lot difficult since we will be having our Thesis already. It is not just any other research works that we had before because by this time, it is a real Thesis and there will no postponing of defense (title defense and final defense). Hopefully, I could get through this semester and pass all my subjects.