Monday, November 5, 2007

I never regret the fact that I fell in love with you. But I do regret the fact that I never did anything to make you feel the same way.

This is my first ever post for the month of November. I have been out of the blogging world for one week, I guess. My DSL connection suddenly sucked that’s why I was not able to stay online for a long time. For that one week, I have been using Kuya Ojie’s computer and since, it wasn’t mine and I was not in my room then, I was not able to make any sensible posts plus the fact that I have some audiences on my back. I so missed blogging.

I am kinda pissed with PLDT because from the time that our internet connection got a problem, we immediately called them and told us that they are going to report it to the server and they will call us later. We were waiting for their call but they didn’t. The next morning, we called again and the same things happened. We have been calling them so many times but no responses at all.

Anyway, I really had a busy week. After failing the first take of the MCP Exams wherein I only need 49 points (equivalent to one question only) to pass, I started reviewing again. And by this time, I became so serious and eager because I really wanna pass. I don’t want to fail for the second time. I admit, I didn’t review that much that’s why I failed. I was so lazy to review and I didn’t allot much time in studying that’s why this time, I made it sure that I’m gonna learn. I studied really well and I am now pretty much confident with the knowledge I acquired.

We went to the cemetery to visit some of our relatives who are now in heaven. First, we went to Manila Memorial Park after staying at Ate Malou’s house in Laguna. My mom didn’t allow me to accompany her to the North cemetery because of the huge number of people there. And I saw it on TV also and good thing, I wasn’t there. We also went to Eternal Garden with the Medina clan and stayed there for a long time. In our house, we prayed, of course.

Yesterday, we went to Kuya Jett’s house at Las Pinas because it was his birthday and at the same time, a baby shower for his upcoming baby girl. There were lots of yummy and delicious foods. But I just ate a little because I am watching my diet. Haha ;D We stayed there for a little while, chit-chatting with my aunties and cousins. Then we went to Mama Lolly’s house located in Las Pinas also to visit Inang. I have some fun moments with Reina, Kuya Chet and Ate Chari. We didn’t stay that long and then we went back to Kuya Jett’s crib. After some time, we went home.

Two days from now and the Second Semester will officially begin at Letran. I’m quite nervous because I haven’t adjusted the subjects that I need to adjust. I’ll be doing it tomorrow with some of my friends. Plus this semester will be a lot difficult since we will be having our Thesis already. It is not just any other research works that we had before because by this time, it is a real Thesis and there will no postponing of defense (title defense and final defense). Hopefully, I could get through this semester and pass all my subjects.