Sunday, November 18, 2007

The greatest revenge to a girl who steals your man is to let her have him because a truly good man can never be stolen.

Since I don't have anything to share right now about my everyday activities because I did nothing this weekend but to create layouts for my accounts in Multiply and Friendster, I'll just share something about myself. I don't know if my layouts are good enough because I don't want to judge my so-called artworks. But I want you to be my judge. So, just feel free to visit my pages and be the judge. Also, I spent my weekend trying to focus and concentrate on reviewing my lessons last week and the reviewer for my upcoming re-take of the MCP exams.

I'll stop blabbing about what I just did for the past two days but I want to share to you what are my feelings and emotions as of press time. You know, I couldn't have one feeling for a day, I mean, everyday of my life, I have mixed emotions and I do believe that everyone is experiencing that.

We all know that being a teenager is tough. During this time, you will be experiencing changes and actually, this stage is the most delicate yet the most fun stage of one's life. Being a teenager is fun, you are free to do what you want, go out with your friends, drink till you get tipsy, have fun, barhopping and such. And for me, it is good for us to do those things but with limitations, of course because once you get old, you will never experience that. Why? Because once you start a family, all of your concentrations and concerns will be on them only. You will barely go out because you have kids to take good care of.

Well, in my case, I admit, I rarely go out because I am not allowed to. Yeah, I'm of legal age since I turned 18 last September yet my mom is just so strict about me. She used to allow me at times but I have a curfew. I am not against it because I know she is just so concern about me but I do believe that I have the right to do those kind of things. I want to experience going home late at night, barhopping, drinking with my friends and the like. And I'm wishing that my mom will realize that I'm grown up already and I'm responsible enough for my actions and that she can give me her 100% trust.

Anyway, ever since the second semester started, I'm very much nervous with how the second shot of the MCP exam will turn out. I am very much afraid that I might not pass the exam for the second time. I don't want that to happen. I studied really hard for the re-take. I prepared a lot and I'm pretty much confident with the knowledge I have now. And hopefully, I could pass it now. How I wish that the entire Chillax Crew will pass the second shot. Guys, I'm really asking for your help. Please pray for all of us, especially me, that we will be able to pass the MCP exams. Advance thank you to all.

I'm also nervous because of the thesis that we will be working with. The proposal isn't approved yet and the fear that our professor might not be satisfied with our topic is driving me insane. Why do they need to experiment? I mean, before, the set-up of the thesis was not like this and we were all surprised that they suddenly changed it. This pain in the ass stuff is the scariest of all. Plus the defense, you know, it is really scary. Every college student is afraid of this what we call Final Defense because it holds our future. Just wish us luck that we could get through this one.

But there is still an excitement running through me since Christmas is just few weeks from now. Celebrating it with your family is one of the best things life can offer though I must admit that I'm quite sad because for the nth time, my dad will not be with us as we celebrate the coming of Christ. But I know I should be happy because this is a celebration that we shouldn't miss. This is the most important event of all, the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ.

I feel so accomplished because I think I am succeeding with my mission of 'Giving Up'. Doing this thing is such a difficult job and I bet most of you will agree with me. Giving up someone is a hard decision because you know, it will change your life forever. And in my case, I'm so glad because I think I'm doing the right thing. The feeling that the sense of accomplishment brings is really different. Honestly, there is still a bit of feelings for him but I'm working it out. I'm so happy because I'm getting used to this set-up. The feeling of awkwardness is slowly fading away and I do believe that I'm now comfortable whenever he is around. I can now look at him straight to the eyes and even talk to him without any feeling of hesitation. Now, I'm just waiting for the time that I could finally say, "I'm over him."

I think I have to end this up. And again, I’m asking for your prayers. You know that we really need it so badly. Thank You!