Thursday, November 29, 2007

For most of the time, you won't remember the last time you kissed the person you love. That's because you never thought it would be the last time. ~Grey's Anatomy

I thought the classes will be cut because of the bad weather but I was wrong. But it is good also that we have classes today though I was not able to see the person I want to see. But nevertheless, I enjoyed this day.

I left the house 45 minutes before my first class because I was expecting that the rain will stop but it didn't. I rode an LRT going to school and good thing, it wasn't jam packed as I expected it would be. I thought I was late but I arrived 15 minutes before the time. And as I entered the room, there were just two students there. So meaning, most of my classmates were stuck because of traffic and perhaps because of the flood.

It was already time yet we were like ten students there. We just waited for our classmates to come. And by the way, today is also the submission of our thesis proposal. We had some problems with the approval sheet but we were able to pass it on time. But most of my friends were not yet done that's why they did it using Kath's new laptop. And they even cut the next class just to finish the proposal. Hey, that was just a proposal, what more if that would be the thesis itself, we might absent ourselves for the entire day. I'm expecting that I will learn to cut the class just to finish our thesis. haha :P

Anyway, until our last subject, only few attended the class. Oh my! It was freezing cold. I was wearing a jacket already yet I was feeling the coldness of the aircon, how much more my classmates who were not able to bring theirs. And as we went out of the Colegio, the coldness was still there and we really can't help it. So, Joanne and I hurriedly went to the LRT station because we really wanna go home that time.

I was just so sad with what had happened this afternoon wherein Senator Trillanes just made a noise resulting to a worse scenario. What is happening now is just so saddening. And now, a curfew has been implemented and we all don't know up to when. We have to limit our night outs now. All of us should be on our respective houses once the clock strikes to 12. But I'm hoping that everything will be alright. I don't want to see this country under the Martial Law for the second time.

I was being played again. I don't know why it happened all of a sudden. I know I don't have to be affected but it is really hard to pretend that I am not affected. All the things that had happened really driving me insane until now. I'm still asking why. It is really annoying, you know. If you were just in my place, you will feel the same way also.

Well, tomorrow, we will have a family dinner at Bulacan. Tomorrow is the first year death anniversary of Kuya Ryan and Ate Janis' son. A mass will be celebrated on the cemetery, I guess followed by a dinner to the restobar owned by Ate Janis' parents in Bulacan.