Saturday, December 1, 2007

A broken heart doesn't need someone who is willing to make it whole again. Rather, it needs someone who can make it realize that it never really got broken at all.

I woke up early in the morning and received a message from Daddy Cesar that I need to go there already so we can stroll around Trinoma. I quite panicked because I haven't taken my breakfast and I haven't taken a bath. My brother as well was not yet ready. It was around 10.30am when we left the house and went to Caloocan.

Daddy Cesar, Mommy Jov, Camille and Cha were waiting for us. As soon as we arrived in their house, we sat for a little while and off we went. We rode a cab going to the place. Our first stop was Landmark. According to Daddy Cesar, it was newly-opened. Good thing, there were only few people shopping. We strolled around and had some picture taking. While we were looking for something to buy, we saw Ate Alex. I walked towards her and kissed her. Kuya Jen, Zachee and Yipee were there also.

After buying all the things we need, we went to Trinoma. We strolled around and had some picture taking again. We looked for somewhere to eat because our tummies were producing unwanted sounds already. At first, we were undecided but after a little walk, we settled down at Max's Restaurant. We had eaten yummy foods again. Of course, picture taking. After eating, we strolled around Trinoma again but we didn't buy anything.

Next, we went to SM North thru The Block. It was like any typical SM Malls. There were so many people shopping most especially, in the Department Store. I really can't help it. It was jampacked. Who would say that Filipinos don't have money? We went to Worlds of Fun to play. Yey! Then we exchanged all the tickets that we have collected to a car and a glow in the dark thingy. After that, we decided to go home.

But before we separated ways, we ate at KFC-Monumento. Then they walked us to the LRT Station. Then we finally reached home.

Here are some pics. But if you want to view all our pictures, just visit my Multiply.

December 1 - Happy Cakeday Anje!