Friday, December 7, 2007

It's hard to believe that a man is telling the truth when you know that you would lie if you were in his place. ~Henry Louis Mencken

I have spent the entire day facing my laptop because I have to accomplish my assignments due next week. I'm very busy. Early morning after taking my breakfast, I opened my laptop and tried to do my first assignment in IT Elective. Well, I know I've accomplished something but a little only. I was just too lazy. Because whenever I face my laptop, I have been always tempted to go online. So, that entire morning, I was just browsing the internet.

Later this afternoon, I have decided to go malling. I was bored. Camille, my oh so maldita cousin and I went to SM San Lazaro. Well, that mall is just one jeep away from us so I can get there whenever I want by spending only 15 pesos, take note, that's back and forth already. I went there with of course, money in my pocket because the day before, I was planning to buy new outfit for Christmas. I'm really excited about it as if I'm still a 5-year old kid waiting for the gift from Santa Claus.

Anyway, we strolled and went inside every stall we passed by trying to look for a nice, cute and simple outfit. I couldn't find a good one but I was eyeing for something already. And after an hour of walking and still couldn't find something to buy, I settled down with a cute jumper dress I saw at Plains and Prints. And since it is a jumper, I have to look for something that I could wear inside of it. We were walking for some minutes, looking for a white top since the color of the jumper dress is a combination of blue and white. It was really difficult huh?! But it was a cool thing. And finally, I have found the perfect partner for it at Folded and Hung and I didn't hesitate to buy it.

After grabbing all the things that I need, we decided to try designing a mini cake at Goldilocks as a gift for my brother because tomorrow is his birthday. We tried our best and exerted a lot of efforts for that mini cake to look good but I guess, it wasn't good enough. But hey, for first timers like us, it was good already. After finishing the cake designing, we went home.

Finally, I'm done with my assignment in IT Elective and with the researching for the project in our Comp108. I just need to practice Macromedia Flash MX Professional so that I could catch up with the next things that we will going to do.