Friday, December 21, 2007

You know you're in love when you can't fall asleep because reality is finally better than dreams. ~Dr. Seuss

The Letran community had our very own Christmas Party last night. But we don't call it as Christmas Party but we fondly called it as Arriba Fest. It is actually an annual event but that was my first time to attend because the band who performed were really great. Liquors and cigarettes were all over the campus but they were very strict when it comes to dress code.

I arrived there earlier than the others because I had to meet Kath at the Colegio. Since it was still early, Kath, Ian and I decided to drop by SM Manila and eat because we believe that we couldn't eat once the show starts. At around 6pm when we went back at the Colegio and waited for our friends to arrive.

We entered the Colegio at around 7pm and looked for a good place. Fortunately, we found seats in front so we could easily see the performers for the night. It was the best event I had ever attended in Letran. Well, guess who came there to perform. They were none other than Hilera, Sugarfree, Sandwich and of course, Parokya ni Edgar. They really rocked Letran as they had their own performances.

I so love the night. The fact that I have seen Raymund Marasigan makes me wanna scream out loud. I just love him. haha :P My friends made a way so we could stay in front to vividly see the bands. Luckily, we were always in front so I was able to see how good they were and how good looking Ivan, Chris, Raymund, Vinci and Buwi are. haha :D I've gotten the chance to take pictures and videos, as well.

Though we were tired, we didn't mind it. What matter is we've got the chance to see them closely. I love all of their performances. They really did great. I'm looking forward to another one. I enjoyed the night so much. It was a blast, superb indeed.

I didn't want to end the night but I know we have to. After the show, that was the time I felt tired, as in. I had some body aches because I was being bumped for so many times. We didn't mind the persons behind us because what matters to us were the bands who performed.

Before we went home, we took a rest for a little while and had some picture-taking. When we felt the urge of going home, we finally decided to go out of Letran. Yet, we stayed at the gate for a couple of minutes. When Daddy Carlo texted me that he was there already, they walked me to where the car was and I said goodbye to them. Well, they went to Ian's crib and had an overnight there. How I wish I was there as well.

Pictures and videos are now uploaded in my Multiply.