Thursday, September 28, 2006

no classes today because of that storm Milenyo. =| the heck talaga!!! no long quiz in English, no reports in Physics and the submission of the Term Paper was moved because of that. lots of damages were made because of that d*mn Milenyo. trees were seen everywhere. how sad that there are so many people lost their houses coz of this. the nationwide brownout is still experienced by so many people in the Luzon region. we are just lucky coz we have electricity/power already. our Rizalian website is still underconstruction and we need to pass it by today. my goodness!!!

tomorrow will be another no class day as declared by the Manila Mayor Atienza. no quizzes in Database. i'm just worried coz we don't have any quizzes on that subject even one. and it is our major subject. plus, we haven't get our Exam Permit and the Final exam will be on Monday. i need to go to school early coz i know lots of students will be paying their accounts pa. and i know many students would still get their permit on that same day. hope i could get mine on time. i don't wanna be late on my first exam.

on saturday will be Cha's 18th Birthday and i still ain't sure if i could attend. my nephew will be celebrating her 1st birthday on that same day and same time. so, i'm still in the process of thinking. but if the rain will pour heavily on that day, i might go with my nephew's birthday.

i need to cut this off. i still need to finish our website. my friends is still experiencing the nationwide brownout eh.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

we didn't have English class today but our prof was there in the room for consultation. Dyei, Eunice and Joanne decided to do our Rizalian website and the Term Paper. but since, the computer shop we used to go was still closed, that's why we searched for other shops. till we reached the shops near Mapua. hehe =D we rented computers there and though, my right arm was still aching, i typed pa din. we need to finish the site xe eh. my friends still need to do their Physics take home quiz and that's the time we went to the shop near Letran. we found some of our guy blockmates there, doing their quiz also. hehe =D

they were all pressured coz they haven't done their quiz yet. Dyei was still editing her quiz while Joanne and Cha still doing theirs and Eunice, she almost lost her flash disk. hehe =D i saw in her eyes that she was so worried about it because lots of files are saved there. i was the one who edited her assignment while she was looking for her flash disk. it was already time when Dyei got a problem with her quiz. she couldn't print it and she clicked the OK button for how many times because we all thought that it was not printing. hehe =D till Eunice find her flash disk, it just fell while Dyei, she got lots of printout of her quiz. hehe =D we went upstairs thinking that we were already late but we were not. we were all surprised when our Pysics prof told us that there will be a Practical Test which is supposed to be on Thursday. well, no preparations at all. i hope i pass it. =

just another activity during our Rizal and then, Bowling na. i, together with Eunice and Dyei with some of my guy blockmates rode in just one jeep. hehe =D and we were all gulo. they were so noisy but fun. lot of jokes were thrown and we find ourselves laughing. i couldn't help but laugh coz they were all funny. so, we had our last Bowling class kanina and i was satisified with the score i got though it was not 100. =D

tomorrow will be another busy day for me i guess.

Monday, September 25, 2006

oh my, can't believe this. Kath and i were done with our Term Paper. yehey!!! hehe =D it was printed kanina in the computer shop near Letran. know what, i'm so happy that after how many weeks, we finished it. =D

i was really surprised when my Theo prof told the class that all the reporters will be having a debate instead of reporting to minimize the time. well, i wasn't ready, i mean all of us in my group were not ready coz all of us knew that our report will be on wednesday. but a total relief when it was finished. you just have to defend why your model is better than the other. good thing, it was just short.

a surprise encounter with Arianne, my former blockmate happened on our dismissal. because Sir Gee was absent, we were dismissed early. we stayed first at the MLQ Garden to answer the survey of Dyei. i asked Eunice to accompany me to the CR and to our surprise, we saw Arianne and of course, we hugged her. we missed her a lot, as in super duper. =D and un, she told us about the cellfone banning and she will be transferring to UE and she will be taking Engineering. we had picture-taking kanina. hehe =D

i wish my right arm will be okay by tomorrow coz i have my last Bowling class eh. i'm afraid that i might deliver the ball the right way. my goodness!!!

Saturday, September 23, 2006

i slept late last night, around 12am, i guess coz i made the Chapter 4 of that d*mn term paper in English. the sad part was i haven't finished it yet. gosh!!! supposedly, Kath and i will finish the term paper yesterday but because it was so traffic yesterday, we arrived late. she first summarized the survey and i was adding some words to the Chapter 1 to make it 12 pages. hehe. =D but since, Kath will be going back to Bataan pa, i decided to let her go na xe late na. i told that i'm going to text her today so that she can OL. then, i typed some informations about Jose Rizal for the website that we are doing as part of the requirement in our Rizal subject.

i woke up early to finish our Chapter 4 and i asked Kath to make Chapter 5 and i'm going to do, as well and then, we'll just combine our ideas. =D hopefully, we could finish this by the end of the day. i still have report in Theo on wednesday and i take home quiz in Physics. good thing, i finished my assignment in Philo. =D haaaay!!! i'm so worn out. i need some rest. my right arm is aching already coz i've been typing and typing since yesterday and until now, maybe till mamaya pa to. waaah =

since Dyei was asking about the gift they gave me on my last birthday. she haven't seen it pa xe eh. the name of it is Juliana because they use to tease me using that name. hehe. =D so i decided to take a picture of it using my digicam. here are the pics. just click the image to enlarge it.



tomorrow will be Dyei's birthday. she will be turning seventeen. =D "dyei, can you please take a picture of that dog you are talking about in your new blog. i wanna see it." advance happy birthday Dyei.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

the day started out good. hehe. =D there was a reporting in our Theo class by Eunice and Joanne's group. the funny thing was, there was an Earthquake Drill kaninag 9am and we have to wait for the bell to start ringing as a signal of the start of the drill. hehe =D when the bell rang, we were all excited. haha =D it seems that it was just a game or something. =p we were asked to go under the desk to protect our heads and guess what, we really did that. we were all laughing coz we looked stupid that time. haha =D i enjoyed it, though. the laughters were really loud, just like we were playing games. but the yucky part there was about our desk. we found out that there were lots of chewing gums under our desk. haha =D it was funny.

we had a quiz in Histo and Philo. =D and we also had a surprise quiz in Logic. the heck!!! = i find the quiz kinda easy coz you just have to find out the output of the program. it was Set A and Set B. the sad thing was, almost all of us were wrong because of that d*mnsh*t row column thingy. =D i was really upset. haaaay. = well, it was ten or nothing and that means i woulnd't get any score at all. = i got the right answer naman but we were all confused about that row column. kainis!!!

cramming mode talaga ako. lots of school stuffs to accomplish and to sum it all:
Theo ~ report [wednesday]
Database ~ assignment + quiz [friday]
Logic ~ project 4-6 [monday]
Rizal ~ website
Philo ~ examples of fllacy [monday]
Physics ~ practical test [tomorrow]
Physics ~ take home quiz [tuesday]
English ~ term paper [thursday]

oh my goodness!!! i need lots of energy to accomplish all of these.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

i'm already done with that d*mn chapter two of our Term Paper. hehe. =D i'm really happy for that. =p next in line are chapters 3, 4 and 5. waaaah = the most difficult chapters of our term paper. lots of things to do pa rin though i accomplished some. hectic sked. grabe!!! hehe =D there are still requirements needed to be done as soon as possible like the project in Logic, then the final Term Paper, the Rizalian Website, Theo report and the Database assignment. my goodness!!! once this sem is finally over, i will be relieved. haha =D i want to have some rest.

just yesterday, there was this text message roaming around the campus. it was about what Vic Sotto told during the portion of Laban o Bawi. it was about the Letran Knights, particularly Boyet Bautista and Aaron Aban, those key players of Letran who had been drafted last PBA Rookie Draft. Vic was really annoyed siguro because he was expecting that the Finals will be between the Knights and the Lions but unfortunately, Dolphins ousted the Knights. and it was really disappointing. =D to quote what he really said: "san beda-pcu.. dapat letran-san beda un eh kaya lang talo sunud-sunod. na-draft lang, ayaw na maglaro. magaling nga players ng letran pero na-draft lang, umalalay na." and at the end of the text, there was a message there telling us to pass that to all the Letranites until it reaches to Boyet, Aaron and even Coach Alas. at first, i don't want to believe because i didn't watch the show that time in the first place but when i asked my mom about it, she said that it was true.

gotta end this up na. =D time's running so fast and i still need to attend my Physics class at 10:30am

Saturday, September 16, 2006

supposedly, we have classes today but since our professor have classes today on other school, he just decided to cancel it out. =D good for us coz the submission of the assignment is moved for the second time. hehe. =p

today is the Card Day of my former school MCS. i went there with my mom and my brother coz my mom took my cousins' card. i saw Dugs, Kuya Ken, Sir Barbs, Mrs. Jordan, Ms. Tabora, Ms. Pelayo, Mrs. Miranda, Mr. Maur and a lot more. =D lots changes happened in that school huh?! i was surprised to see the new look. the kiosk was still there but ala na ung inuupuan namin before and the walls were painted already. they now have student lounge and some of the tables in the canteen were transferred outside, beside the H.E room before. after the Orientation in the gym, everyone went in the room to get the cards. i saw my former teachers but unfortunately, i didn't see my former adviser, Mrs. Yape. i wanna see her coz its been 2 years since i last talked to her eh.

i made the Chapter 2 of our Term Paper. it is not yet done but i'm still waiting for Kath's work. =D i started doing our project in Logic and i made only 3 numbers. hehe. =D then, i'm still working with the report in Theo. haaaay. = i'm worn-out na.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

i was really sleepy when i entered the classroom. hehe. =D i slept late last night coz i help my cousin to do his powerpoint presentation in Theo. actually, he's so funny coz he's an IT student but he don't know how to make a PPT presentation. haha. =D patawa.

our English prof gave us time to research in the Library and in the Thesis Section for the Chapter 2 of our term paper. it was kinda annoying because i didn't find any materials related about my topic on the Thesis Section. = so, Kath and i just decided to go to the Lib and search there. luckily, we found related materials there. haaaay. = i'm so happy that our prof moved the submission to Tuesday. hehe. =D if approve, we are planning to go through the Library of different colleges and universities to find more sources. we just had a discussion on our Physics and a quiz on our Rizal.

tomorrow, we will be following the Thursday sched and we will be having classes on Saturday.

"THINE ICED will always be THINE ICED: no more, no less"

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

we all thought that there will be no Recollection at all because according to Fr. Palma, all the students who came last Thursday will be exempted in the Reco but our PE prof informed us yesterday that there will be a Reco today. all of us were surprised about it. and also, we are required to wear blue/red shirt.

when i arrived at the arc near Letran. i saw my classmates Marco, Rex ang Gian who were waiting for Arnie to arrive. when he arrived, we went inside already and went up but we just found a close Mabini Hall that's why we decided to stay on our room. they started to came one by one and we went to the Hall. we were all shocked when they told us that they were all glad that we were there though we are exempted already. hehe. =D very annoying huh?! but still, i feel glad that my spirit had cleansed. i confessed my sins kanina and i feel so blessed.

the class was cut off at 2.00pm. Dyei, Eunice, Joanne, Kath and Cha didn't get te chance to buy tickets at Letran coz the cashier was closed already. kinda disappointing coz the price of tickets in Araneta Coliseum is higher than in Letran. i was lucky coz i bought the ticket given to Rex for just 80php while them, 100php in Araneta.

we were really unlucky coz Dolphins ousted the Knights again and that makes me upset. = knowing that Kerby Raymundo of Purefoods was there watching. actually, he is a former Letranite. well, on my opinion, season 82 is meant for the Red Lions. =D good luck Lions. beat the Dolphins!!! hehe. =P

i'm in the cramming mode right now coz i need to finish the chapter two of our term paper coz it will be passed on Friday.

Sunday, September 10, 2006

today is sunday and as usual, i attended mass with my mom and brother. after that, i visited my grandma who came out of the hospital three weeks ago. she's okay right now and i hope she could recover immediately. =D i studied Philo and Logic coz we will be having quiz on those subjects. i was kinda annoyed with my Philo because of the so many words needed to be memorized. gosh!!! kinda hard huh?! i wish to pass the quizzes for tomorrow. =p i haven't started reading my report in Theo on wednesday and that makes my nerves go wild. hehe. =P i only have little time to finish those things needed to be done and i'm scared that i can't complete those. i still need to finish the assignment in Database which will be pass on saturday and the lab report in Physics to be passed on tuesday and at the same time, we will be having a quiz there.

anywei, i'm so glad that my favorite female tennis player Maria Sharapova grabbed her second grand slam title as she defeated Justin Henin-Hardene at the US Open. =D i didn't get the chance to watch but i felt gladness when i found out that she won on the internet. =D she's my favorite that's why i'm so happy. =p she deserves the title after defeating the numbers one Amelie Mauresmo and two. this is the second time she won a grand slam title after Wimbledon 2004.


Go Maria!!!

Maria Sharapova

on the men's division, two of my favorite male tennis players will be battling out for the title in the US Open too. they are number one Roger Federer and number 10 Andy Roddick. i love them both coz they play so good in the court.

Saturday, September 9, 2006

i, together with my blockmates and other Letranites went to the CCP to watch the play Godot: Where is You? we are required to watch that play. it was worth 250php and held at the Tanghalang Huseng Batute. i, together with Dyei, Joanne, Kath, Cha and Gian went to the venue at the same time. Our meeting place was in Letran. When we arrived there, we saw our Theo prof and told us that we have to go to the theater coz the play will start in just a few minutes. we hurriedly went there and we saw our other blockmates. the venue was really small but it can occupy all of us. no stage actually. then, the play started. as a critique, i can say that the play was really great. it made us all laugh because of the sense of humor the characters' had. i really enjoyed the play plus they really portrayed a good character. they were all good, they acted so right and they were all funny. hehe. =D compared to the past play that we had watched, i can say that this one is much better, i mean, a lot better. on my part, my money was not wasted for some non-sense because the play is really worth watching.

after the play, we all decided to go to Mall of Asia to have some snacks since all of us were hungry. hehe. =D we walked really long. we went to the foodcourt and ate there. =D after that, we went home na.

i want to thank my FNETS family coz they remembered my birthday. i want to thank those people who greeted me like: 3x'Haust3Doc, 'bluesmine', bheibycoh, KrÂȘyZIE™, dominicuz, bratinela, -JaJa-, w@tt@men, Animayari. also, i want to thank then for these gifts:

Free Image Hosting at

Free Image Hosting at

Free Image Hosting at

Friday, September 8, 2006

today is my 17th Birthday. haha. =D i really enjoy this day coz my friends went here at my house. i don't have any party, just a simple celebration. actually, my friends in Letran were my guests eh. =D they were only 10 i guess. thanks for those people who greeted me kanina. i want you to know that i really appreciate it. this is the summary:

those who called on the phone:
mommy jovie, nong celso, daddy cesar, tita purita, ate alex, kuya jen, serj and tatay robert

those who made a testi for me and sent me message:
ate melay, jen, camille, marenza, just-pure and riz

those who texted me:
tita emily, karen, kuya paulo, kath, eunice, mama lolly, ate maritess, gian, julius, jl, niko, marco, arnie, ian, rex, tita evelyn, dyei, ninang carina, reina, joanne, rey, kelvin and mamay

those who came over:
eunice, joanne, cha, niko, marco, ian, jl, arnie and jeq

i was kinda sad coz four of those people i invited weren't able to come. the three had their valid reasons but the other one didn't explain and he just greeted me. anywei, i enjoyed it also coz ang gulo sa bahay. they stayed at about 3 hours or more. thanks for coming. next time uli. =D my mom really enjoyed your stay here.

so, here are some of the pics taken kanina. just click on the image to enlarge it.

Free Image Hosting at

Free Image Hosting at

Free Image Hosting at

Free Image Hosting at

Free Image Hosting at

Free Image Hosting at

while they were here, we watched the NCAA Cheerdancing Competition. we were all happy with the performance of the Letran Cheering Squad. they all did great and everything's wonderful. though, they had shown an enormous performance but still, they ended up as 1st Runner-up. after that, the games begin. it was between Letran and PCU, and unfortunately, we lose again and i hate that. they have to do better in the next two games.

after they left the house, i attended the mass with my mom. the rain poured heavily and i am very thankful that GOD answered my prayers. Happy Birthday Mama Mary!!!

Thursday, September 7, 2006

supposedly we have a Recollection today as part of the requirment in our Theo subject but luckily, it was postponed or rather say, all of us who went there will not be having any recollection at all. in short, we were all exempted. hehe. =D because there were three sections required to attend that said Recollection but only few were there that morning, 38 i guess, that's why, the head of the LYC decided to cancel it na lang.

before that, i woke up early coz our prof told us that we have to be there at 7.00am. around 6.15am, my classmate Rex texted me and told me that he was there already and i was surprised to know that he was an early bird. haha. =D because he used to be a late-comer. hehe. =D nywei, i wasn't suppose to leave the house early but because he forced me to go to school na, i left already. when i arrived there, i saw him with my other two classmates, Marco and Gian. we were waiting for Kuya Niko so that we could go inside na.

since, we didn't want to go home pa, we all decided to go to SM Manila first. we ate at Mcdo, as usual and then, stroll for a while then went home.

tomorrow, i will be celebrating my 17th Birthday and i'm expecting to see my friends' presence tomorrow at 2.00pm. i invited them to go here at my crib. it will not be a big celebration coz i invited only few coz i will be celebrating my debut next year. and also, i will be watching a concert tomorrow with my mom and her friends. i don't have any idea about it, all i know is that my ticket is free. hehe. =D but, if my friends wanted to stay here pa till night, i will not watch the concert na lang. by the way, it will be held at St. Paul University-Manila.

Monday, September 4, 2006

i forgot to tell you before that i had my hair cut last saturday at Going Straight. i want a new style xe eh and i was satisfied with the haircut he made. hehe. =D actually, i didn't say to him what kind of style i want, i just told him that its up to him. basta, not too short. hehe. =D un nga, most of my classmates were surprised with my haircut coz they used to see me in long hair eh. hehe. =D

anywei, additional school works were given to us. in Theo, there will be a reporting and we need to research about our topic. good thing, my group is the last group who will be presenting and we still have time to fix everything. my groupmates are Marco and Jeq. we had a surprise quiz kanina during our Philo class. i wasn't expecting that there will be. i was surprised when my blockmate asked me to pay him 1.00php for the photocopy of the quiz. i immediately opened my book and read. haha. =D fortunately, we didn't have quiz in our Logic. yehey!!! the quiz was moved to monday and no meeting on wednesday coz of the game.

tomorrow is bowling again. hehe. =D hopefully, i could get 100+ point there. how i wish din that it will not rain on friday. =D

Sunday, September 3, 2006

as part of the plan, we went to Mall of Asia again and by this time, i was with my mom, bro, tito, tita and cousins. actually, i just encouraged them to accompany me to MOA so that i could buy the Havaianas i want as my birthday gift for myself. when we arrived, we were surprised to see lots of people there. indeed, MOA is really huge but you know, the people still manage to occupy it, as in jam-packed. hehe. =D with a mall as huge as that, you'll get dizzy talaga especially with lots of people around you. so, we first went to my destination. since, i didn't know where i could find All Flip-Flops, we just asked the guard. when we arrived there, i saw the Havaianas i want but sadly, no size for me and that made me sad. i just chose another and i like it too but i like the first one more than this. we just stroll around the mall and then, to the department store. before we ate our snacks at Max's, my tita bought me a blouse courtesy of Bayo as a gift for my upcoming birthday. thank you Mommy Jov. =D i really like the blouse. after eating, we went home already.

here's the pic of the pair of Havaianas i bought.


All Flip-Flops

Saturday, September 2, 2006

i woke up late kanina. haha. =D i'm suppose to wake at 9am coz i need to finish my assignments but unfortunately, i woke up at 10am. after taking my breakfast, i opened my laptop immediately to accomplish my assignments. =D then, i formatted my PC already. yehey!!! its working well na and i'm happy. thanks to PAPA BEAR for lending his XP CD. tenkyu!!! =p i installed all the softwares needed and un na, its okei na. hehe. =D the only problem is the sound card coz it is already wrecked and i need to replace it ASAP. good thing, my tito has but i dunno how to install it eh. hehe. =D

i'm done with my PHYSICS and THEO assignments. i haven't review for my HISTO quiz on monday and for sure, we will have a quiz on LOGIC. on tuesday, there will be a quiz on our BOWLING class. good luck na lang. hehe. =D

i had my hair cut kanina. hehe. =D hope my friends will like it. =D i just wish matuloy ang malling namin tomorrow at MOA. i need to buy a flip-flop xe eh as a birthday gift for myself. =D

i guess, i should end this na. nothing productive happened today eh. hehe. =D

Friday, September 1, 2006


i went to the colegio not so early. the usual time is 12.00 and i arrived at around 11.30 and no one's there except for ARNIE. he borrowed my phone and texted NIKO whose been in the ITC with the rest of the boys. i didn't come with him not knowing that DYEI and EUNICE were there. i wasn't informed AGAIN that the boys will be playing that morning. well, if i knew naman, i will not watch pa din naman eh. haha. =D i waited there for about 15 minutes till KATH came and followed by the others. our prof came already but the door was locked that's why he left us again and find the guard but fortunately, the key was missing. hehe. =D so, meaning, no classes and he just gave us an assignment to be passed on monday. he just checked the attendance.

no plans of going to MALL OF ASIA talaga. but then, the block decided to go there. i, together with DYEI, EUNICE, KATH, JOANNE, CHA, GIAN, REX, IAN, JL, MARCO and ARNIE went there. NIKO and JEQ weren't able to come with us for no reason. anywei, un nga, we just walked and walked and then ate at MCDO. =D we wasted so much time there. we just talked and of course, picture-taking. hehe. =D after nun, we went out coz the guys decided to buy first CD at CD-R KING.

then, the girls decided to go home. hinatid kami ng mga guys sa sakayan and we left the guys there. they wanted to stay there for a while pa eh. =D so tiring but fun. i really enjoyed it. =D