Thursday, September 7, 2006

supposedly we have a Recollection today as part of the requirment in our Theo subject but luckily, it was postponed or rather say, all of us who went there will not be having any recollection at all. in short, we were all exempted. hehe. =D because there were three sections required to attend that said Recollection but only few were there that morning, 38 i guess, that's why, the head of the LYC decided to cancel it na lang.

before that, i woke up early coz our prof told us that we have to be there at 7.00am. around 6.15am, my classmate Rex texted me and told me that he was there already and i was surprised to know that he was an early bird. haha. =D because he used to be a late-comer. hehe. =D nywei, i wasn't suppose to leave the house early but because he forced me to go to school na, i left already. when i arrived there, i saw him with my other two classmates, Marco and Gian. we were waiting for Kuya Niko so that we could go inside na.

since, we didn't want to go home pa, we all decided to go to SM Manila first. we ate at Mcdo, as usual and then, stroll for a while then went home.

tomorrow, i will be celebrating my 17th Birthday and i'm expecting to see my friends' presence tomorrow at 2.00pm. i invited them to go here at my crib. it will not be a big celebration coz i invited only few coz i will be celebrating my debut next year. and also, i will be watching a concert tomorrow with my mom and her friends. i don't have any idea about it, all i know is that my ticket is free. hehe. =D but, if my friends wanted to stay here pa till night, i will not watch the concert na lang. by the way, it will be held at St. Paul University-Manila.