Tuesday, September 19, 2006

i'm already done with that d*mn chapter two of our Term Paper. hehe. =D i'm really happy for that. =p next in line are chapters 3, 4 and 5. waaaah = the most difficult chapters of our term paper. lots of things to do pa rin though i accomplished some. hectic sked. grabe!!! hehe =D there are still requirements needed to be done as soon as possible like the project in Logic, then the final Term Paper, the Rizalian Website, Theo report and the Database assignment. my goodness!!! once this sem is finally over, i will be relieved. haha =D i want to have some rest.

just yesterday, there was this text message roaming around the campus. it was about what Vic Sotto told during the portion of Laban o Bawi. it was about the Letran Knights, particularly Boyet Bautista and Aaron Aban, those key players of Letran who had been drafted last PBA Rookie Draft. Vic was really annoyed siguro because he was expecting that the Finals will be between the Knights and the Lions but unfortunately, Dolphins ousted the Knights. and it was really disappointing. =D to quote what he really said: "san beda-pcu.. dapat letran-san beda un eh kaya lang talo sunud-sunod. na-draft lang, ayaw na maglaro. magaling nga players ng letran pero na-draft lang, umalalay na." and at the end of the text, there was a message there telling us to pass that to all the Letranites until it reaches to Boyet, Aaron and even Coach Alas. at first, i don't want to believe because i didn't watch the show that time in the first place but when i asked my mom about it, she said that it was true.

gotta end this up na. =D time's running so fast and i still need to attend my Physics class at 10:30am