Sunday, September 10, 2006

today is sunday and as usual, i attended mass with my mom and brother. after that, i visited my grandma who came out of the hospital three weeks ago. she's okay right now and i hope she could recover immediately. =D i studied Philo and Logic coz we will be having quiz on those subjects. i was kinda annoyed with my Philo because of the so many words needed to be memorized. gosh!!! kinda hard huh?! i wish to pass the quizzes for tomorrow. =p i haven't started reading my report in Theo on wednesday and that makes my nerves go wild. hehe. =P i only have little time to finish those things needed to be done and i'm scared that i can't complete those. i still need to finish the assignment in Database which will be pass on saturday and the lab report in Physics to be passed on tuesday and at the same time, we will be having a quiz there.

anywei, i'm so glad that my favorite female tennis player Maria Sharapova grabbed her second grand slam title as she defeated Justin Henin-Hardene at the US Open. =D i didn't get the chance to watch but i felt gladness when i found out that she won on the internet. =D she's my favorite that's why i'm so happy. =p she deserves the title after defeating the numbers one Amelie Mauresmo and two. this is the second time she won a grand slam title after Wimbledon 2004.


Go Maria!!!

Maria Sharapova

on the men's division, two of my favorite male tennis players will be battling out for the title in the US Open too. they are number one Roger Federer and number 10 Andy Roddick. i love them both coz they play so good in the court.