Wednesday, September 13, 2006

we all thought that there will be no Recollection at all because according to Fr. Palma, all the students who came last Thursday will be exempted in the Reco but our PE prof informed us yesterday that there will be a Reco today. all of us were surprised about it. and also, we are required to wear blue/red shirt.

when i arrived at the arc near Letran. i saw my classmates Marco, Rex ang Gian who were waiting for Arnie to arrive. when he arrived, we went inside already and went up but we just found a close Mabini Hall that's why we decided to stay on our room. they started to came one by one and we went to the Hall. we were all shocked when they told us that they were all glad that we were there though we are exempted already. hehe. =D very annoying huh?! but still, i feel glad that my spirit had cleansed. i confessed my sins kanina and i feel so blessed.

the class was cut off at 2.00pm. Dyei, Eunice, Joanne, Kath and Cha didn't get te chance to buy tickets at Letran coz the cashier was closed already. kinda disappointing coz the price of tickets in Araneta Coliseum is higher than in Letran. i was lucky coz i bought the ticket given to Rex for just 80php while them, 100php in Araneta.

we were really unlucky coz Dolphins ousted the Knights again and that makes me upset. = knowing that Kerby Raymundo of Purefoods was there watching. actually, he is a former Letranite. well, on my opinion, season 82 is meant for the Red Lions. =D good luck Lions. beat the Dolphins!!! hehe. =P

i'm in the cramming mode right now coz i need to finish the chapter two of our term paper coz it will be passed on Friday.