Monday, September 4, 2006

i forgot to tell you before that i had my hair cut last saturday at Going Straight. i want a new style xe eh and i was satisfied with the haircut he made. hehe. =D actually, i didn't say to him what kind of style i want, i just told him that its up to him. basta, not too short. hehe. =D un nga, most of my classmates were surprised with my haircut coz they used to see me in long hair eh. hehe. =D

anywei, additional school works were given to us. in Theo, there will be a reporting and we need to research about our topic. good thing, my group is the last group who will be presenting and we still have time to fix everything. my groupmates are Marco and Jeq. we had a surprise quiz kanina during our Philo class. i wasn't expecting that there will be. i was surprised when my blockmate asked me to pay him 1.00php for the photocopy of the quiz. i immediately opened my book and read. haha. =D fortunately, we didn't have quiz in our Logic. yehey!!! the quiz was moved to monday and no meeting on wednesday coz of the game.

tomorrow is bowling again. hehe. =D hopefully, i could get 100+ point there. how i wish din that it will not rain on friday. =D