Sunday, September 3, 2006

as part of the plan, we went to Mall of Asia again and by this time, i was with my mom, bro, tito, tita and cousins. actually, i just encouraged them to accompany me to MOA so that i could buy the Havaianas i want as my birthday gift for myself. when we arrived, we were surprised to see lots of people there. indeed, MOA is really huge but you know, the people still manage to occupy it, as in jam-packed. hehe. =D with a mall as huge as that, you'll get dizzy talaga especially with lots of people around you. so, we first went to my destination. since, i didn't know where i could find All Flip-Flops, we just asked the guard. when we arrived there, i saw the Havaianas i want but sadly, no size for me and that made me sad. i just chose another and i like it too but i like the first one more than this. we just stroll around the mall and then, to the department store. before we ate our snacks at Max's, my tita bought me a blouse courtesy of Bayo as a gift for my upcoming birthday. thank you Mommy Jov. =D i really like the blouse. after eating, we went home already.

here's the pic of the pair of Havaianas i bought.


All Flip-Flops