Thursday, September 28, 2006

no classes today because of that storm Milenyo. =| the heck talaga!!! no long quiz in English, no reports in Physics and the submission of the Term Paper was moved because of that. lots of damages were made because of that d*mn Milenyo. trees were seen everywhere. how sad that there are so many people lost their houses coz of this. the nationwide brownout is still experienced by so many people in the Luzon region. we are just lucky coz we have electricity/power already. our Rizalian website is still underconstruction and we need to pass it by today. my goodness!!!

tomorrow will be another no class day as declared by the Manila Mayor Atienza. no quizzes in Database. i'm just worried coz we don't have any quizzes on that subject even one. and it is our major subject. plus, we haven't get our Exam Permit and the Final exam will be on Monday. i need to go to school early coz i know lots of students will be paying their accounts pa. and i know many students would still get their permit on that same day. hope i could get mine on time. i don't wanna be late on my first exam.

on saturday will be Cha's 18th Birthday and i still ain't sure if i could attend. my nephew will be celebrating her 1st birthday on that same day and same time. so, i'm still in the process of thinking. but if the rain will pour heavily on that day, i might go with my nephew's birthday.

i need to cut this off. i still need to finish our website. my friends is still experiencing the nationwide brownout eh.