Saturday, September 2, 2006

i woke up late kanina. haha. =D i'm suppose to wake at 9am coz i need to finish my assignments but unfortunately, i woke up at 10am. after taking my breakfast, i opened my laptop immediately to accomplish my assignments. =D then, i formatted my PC already. yehey!!! its working well na and i'm happy. thanks to PAPA BEAR for lending his XP CD. tenkyu!!! =p i installed all the softwares needed and un na, its okei na. hehe. =D the only problem is the sound card coz it is already wrecked and i need to replace it ASAP. good thing, my tito has but i dunno how to install it eh. hehe. =D

i'm done with my PHYSICS and THEO assignments. i haven't review for my HISTO quiz on monday and for sure, we will have a quiz on LOGIC. on tuesday, there will be a quiz on our BOWLING class. good luck na lang. hehe. =D

i had my hair cut kanina. hehe. =D hope my friends will like it. =D i just wish matuloy ang malling namin tomorrow at MOA. i need to buy a flip-flop xe eh as a birthday gift for myself. =D

i guess, i should end this na. nothing productive happened today eh. hehe. =D