Tuesday, September 26, 2006

we didn't have English class today but our prof was there in the room for consultation. Dyei, Eunice and Joanne decided to do our Rizalian website and the Term Paper. but since, the computer shop we used to go was still closed, that's why we searched for other shops. till we reached the shops near Mapua. hehe =D we rented computers there and though, my right arm was still aching, i typed pa din. we need to finish the site xe eh. my friends still need to do their Physics take home quiz and that's the time we went to the shop near Letran. we found some of our guy blockmates there, doing their quiz also. hehe =D

they were all pressured coz they haven't done their quiz yet. Dyei was still editing her quiz while Joanne and Cha still doing theirs and Eunice, she almost lost her flash disk. hehe =D i saw in her eyes that she was so worried about it because lots of files are saved there. i was the one who edited her assignment while she was looking for her flash disk. it was already time when Dyei got a problem with her quiz. she couldn't print it and she clicked the OK button for how many times because we all thought that it was not printing. hehe =D till Eunice find her flash disk, it just fell while Dyei, she got lots of printout of her quiz. hehe =D we went upstairs thinking that we were already late but we were not. we were all surprised when our Pysics prof told us that there will be a Practical Test which is supposed to be on Thursday. well, no preparations at all. i hope i pass it. =

just another activity during our Rizal and then, Bowling na. i, together with Eunice and Dyei with some of my guy blockmates rode in just one jeep. hehe =D and we were all gulo. they were so noisy but fun. lot of jokes were thrown and we find ourselves laughing. i couldn't help but laugh coz they were all funny. so, we had our last Bowling class kanina and i was satisified with the score i got though it was not 100. =D

tomorrow will be another busy day for me i guess.