Saturday, September 16, 2006

supposedly, we have classes today but since our professor have classes today on other school, he just decided to cancel it out. =D good for us coz the submission of the assignment is moved for the second time. hehe. =p

today is the Card Day of my former school MCS. i went there with my mom and my brother coz my mom took my cousins' card. i saw Dugs, Kuya Ken, Sir Barbs, Mrs. Jordan, Ms. Tabora, Ms. Pelayo, Mrs. Miranda, Mr. Maur and a lot more. =D lots changes happened in that school huh?! i was surprised to see the new look. the kiosk was still there but ala na ung inuupuan namin before and the walls were painted already. they now have student lounge and some of the tables in the canteen were transferred outside, beside the H.E room before. after the Orientation in the gym, everyone went in the room to get the cards. i saw my former teachers but unfortunately, i didn't see my former adviser, Mrs. Yape. i wanna see her coz its been 2 years since i last talked to her eh.

i made the Chapter 2 of our Term Paper. it is not yet done but i'm still waiting for Kath's work. =D i started doing our project in Logic and i made only 3 numbers. hehe. =D then, i'm still working with the report in Theo. haaaay. = i'm worn-out na.